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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Midnight Wanderings & The Bitter End Coffeehouse

Tonight I am on a solo adventure, in a city I’ve never been able to muck about in by myself before.

Last Wednesday, I flew from Seattle, WA to Minneapolis, MN. My folks picked me up and we drove the two hours to their house in Britt, IA. The next morning, my mom, my sister, my niece and I left Britt before the sun came up and drove the ten hours to Grand Rapids, MI.

Grand Rapids is where my mom, myself and both my siblings were born. She lived here her entire life (until she married my dad) and I lived here on and off until I was about four. I’ve visited a handful of times, but each time I’ve been tied to my family and unable to go off on my own.

We're staying with my mom's sister, her husband and their two kids. Since everyone there is in bed, but I’m so not even close to being tired (my brain is still on Seattle time...), I decided to go to the 24 hour coffee shop I saw yesterday when we were driving home from visiting my grandma.

So here I sit, at The Bitter End Coffeehouse, sipping my coffee and eating my neon pink raspberry scone, blissfully happy at finally having some time to myself.

I’ve had a wonderful time with my aunts, uncles and cousins so far, but I’m in need of some time to myself to recharge my socializing batteries... lolz.

So I grabbed my laptop, my notebook and pen, stuck my debit card in my pocket and drove myself to The Bitter End. I drove around the block a few times, looking for parking and scoping out the place... it was packed... I parked across the street, sat in my car and stared for a few minutes, then grabbed my stuff & went inside. Take that, social anxiety! ^_~

And now I’m sitting at the long table along the wall, next to a college student who's working on her math homework.

I’d only planned to be gone for an hour or so, but I think I could happily stay here and drink coffee and type all night... but I won't, or my mom will worry. ^_^

I love wandering around places I’ve never been before, especially if I have several hours in which to do so. If it wasn't so late at night, I’d wander up and down the block as well, but since I don't know the neighborhood (and I’m by myself), I’ll pass on that this time. Safety first, and all that. ^_^

I really wish Britt had been able to come out with me... she would still be awake with me, and we could have wandered with impunity. But alas, she couldn't get the time off of work and school starts for her on Tuesday... and she can't miss her first day of class. And even though I’m really enjoying my visit with my family, I miss her and my kitties (and my bed) so much. I’ll be home in five days, though, so I’ll get to see them soon. ^_^

I bought Britt a Petosky stone as a souvenir... And since I know she doesn't read my blog, I can tell y'all about it. ^___^ Petosky stones are really neat. They're fossilized coral from the inland sea that used to cover Michigan in prehistoric times. Petosky stones are only found in Michigan, apparently, and are getting more and more rare. Britt has a love for anthropology and archeology that is possibly even greater than mine, and she also loves cool rocks... so I can't wait to get home and give her this stone. ^___^

Well... between my strangely tall chair an the strangely low table against the wall, my legs are falling asleep... so I think I’ll finish my coffee and head back to my aunt & uncle's place, and maybe even try to go to sleep. Or maybe I’ll just move to that empty table over there and do some writing... I think I’ll try that first.

Wherever you are, I hope you're having a lovely weekend! The Autumn Equinox is almost here (YAY!!!) and then October and Halloweeny goodness descends... I simply can't wait.

Until next time...


Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm sitting at my desk, in my office at the hospital, sipping coffee and reading blogs. My staffing for 19:00 is finished, and miraculously, we're not short-staffed.

The coffee isn't fabulous, but I dumped a package of hot cocoa mix into it... poor woman's mocha? Why, yes, please, thanks. ^_~

I've been cleaning my house, messing it back up and then cleaning it some more... I've made four batches of jam so far this summer. One and a half of those batches will be going to my mom, because blackberry jam is her favorite. ^_^

I've been going through boxes still, left over from last Fall, after we cleared out our storage unit. We've donated, sold, given away or thrown out so much crap, I don't know how we still have stuff to get rid of. I also don't know how the heck we accumulated so much STUFF?!? Holy wow...

Most of what's left for me to sort through are books and magazines and craft stuff. I've decided to implement a new rule for myself in regards to crafting supplies... If I don't use it within a year of purchasing/finding it, I'm going to give it away or otherwise get rid of it. I've been carting around some of my junk since high school. I graduated in 2003, so, um, yeah. I'm probably not going to use it.

The best thing I found the other day, however, was a sheet of stick-on earrings that I've probably had in my possession since I was 8 or so... that's 21 years. How the hell have I not thrown those out or given them to some other little kid by now??? Good grief. I got a good laugh about them, and put them in the "To Donate" pile. Who knows, I may make some kid's day. ^_^

Even harder than craft stuff for me to get rid of, however, are things like books and magazines. Fortunately I don't read many magazines, but the ones I do read, I tend to keep. I've sorted through about half of the foot-high stack I have, and have recycled most of them.

 Books are the hardest thing for me to part with. I love books with a fierce love I find difficult to put into words. Reading has always been one of my most favorite things to do, and while I love my Kindle app on my iPod (since I can make the font bigger and the colors sepia... yay, no headaches!), it will never replace the pleasure I get from holding a physical book, smelling the paper, feeling the pages between my fingers... I want to cry when I donate my books... because to me it's like parting with old friends. There are quite a few books I'll never get rid of, because they're special as more than just a story, but I also have a bad habit of buying everything that catches my interest, and then keeping the books even if I know I'll never read them again (because I might want to... someday... maybe? And text books... I can't get rid of my chemistry book!!! I might need to look up how to convert something into Moles someday!!! Probably I won't, but you get my drift.) So I've been trying to clear my shelves of those kinds of books... so that I can keep the ones I've read so many times that they're worn at the edges. ^_^

Anyways... this blog post has now spanned almost my entire shift. I now have the staffing done for 23:00, and am off to start working on getting everything ready for tomorrow's day shift.

I'm looking forward to getting off tonight at 01:30, so that I can go home and do some more cleaning and de-cluttering... slowly but surely, I'm getting my apartment back to the way I like it; slightly messy, yet clean and uncluttered.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, whatever you've been up to!