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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Random Rambles

This evening finds me sitting in my office, wishing my desk faced the other direction so I could stare out the window.

The weather has been lovely here, these past several days. Lots of sunshine and time spent on the porch with my plants and cat.

I've been spending my Saturday mornings in The Parlour with Veronica Varlow and a contingent of energetic people, all learning/practicing reading tarot. I've really enjoyed the past five classes I've taken, and am super bummed that I won't be able to make it this week or next week.

Unfortunately, tuition is due two days before our next pay day, so the entire $600 or so plus text books is coming out of this paycheck. OUCH. But we have to get Britt into this class this Summer, or she won't be eligible to apply for any nursing programs this Fall... because two of her classes had credits that expired (so stupid...) this month, so she needs to re-take them in order to be able to count them toward a nursing prerequisite.

So we reworked our budget and tightened the belt a few notches. On the bright side, we now have the most detailed, comprehensive budget we've ever had, and I think it'll work well for us. We'll even be able to start paying off our mountain of debt (yay!!!), and working on staying out of more debt.

Having to choose to spend our money on what we need to instead of what we want to (at least when those two things don't coincide...) is difficult, but it's been rewarding so far. We're learning to take a long view on our finances and eradicate the short view/no view we've clung to so stubbornly in the past. It's also helped up set some goals as to where we want to be financially in the next several months and years.

We would like to expand our family in the next five or so years, but since that will be quite the financial investment, we need to be out of our current debt by then, have at least our basic schooling finished and have a good amount of savings stored away... just for starters.

I've changed what I want to go to school for so many times now, even I can't remember them all. I think I've finally settled on something in the vein of Computer Science... currently looking into Computer Forensics. I hope to have something at least somewhat resembling a plan by June 21st.

I'm also hoping to have my blog revamped by the end of July... I'm still not quite sure where exactly I'm wanting to go with it, but I'm getting there. ^-^

I hope that you're all having a supremely lovely day, and hopefully I'll make it back here sooner rather than later.



  1. Welcome to my world of the budget crunch. Yes, David and I have been doing the budget thingy ever since I quit working for health reasons. It's hard but if you stick to the budget you find that in time you learn that buying things out of necessity is better than buying things just because you can. Also, it's so much more rewarding to talk about budgeting with your significant other instead of fighting about frivolous spending.
    I can't wait to see your blog change.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I know that sticking to our budget will work wonders for our stress. Fortunately Britt & I don't really fight about money, but usually when we sit down to pay bills it throws us into a deep, dark pit of despair for several hours... which sucks.

      I'm looking forward to my blog changing too! I'm still hashing out what exactly I want, so I'm hoping by the end of July I'll have things up & running. ^___^



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