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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring (Blog) Cleaning

I've been kicking around the idea for a few months of re-naming my blog or starting a new one and changing the layout, colors, etc. I don't have a new name picked, however, which is why I'm still blogging here.

When I first started blogging in mid-October of 2009, I had no idea exactly what I was going to blog about (I still mostly don't...), I just wanted a place to write that couldn't get lost in my messy room... like almost every physical journal I've ever had. It never occurred to me, starting out, that anyone would ever read or want to read what I rambled about. I had no idea the vast web of women (and a handful of men, too) that I would become a part of. I found online the community I so desperately desired, but couldn't seem to physically locate.

I still don't feel like I have specific topics I write about regularly, but I've discovered through blogging these past few years that there are certain things I tend to blog about more than others... even though my frequency of blogging has dropped significantly since I started.

I think that part of this drop in frequency is that I don't really connect with my blog idea behind Absynthe & Arsenic anymore. I didn't really have a fully formed idea of what I wanted when I started, but I had a kind of feeling I was following. But now I feel like the feeling behind my blogging has changed... grown & branched off... headed in a new direction. And so I'm ready to change and evolve with it.

I've come to realize that this growth and evolution is a good thing. I am a rather different person now that when I was 24.

I still don't have a specific thing I want to blog about (hey, why limit myself?), but I'm thinking that my blog changing is kind of like how my clothing style has changed. I still love my black eyeliner and combat boots, but I've stopped wearing Hot Topic bondage pants... lolz.

I've also discovered in the past few years that I don't have to choose between being badass and being whimsical. I don't have to choose between my tendency toward wearing black clothing or wearing colors (or my sparkly fairy wings). I don't have to choose between loving martial arts and action movies (with well choreographed fight sequences) and my love for magic tea parties and cute, fluffy stories or movies that make me all smiley... I can have it all. All at once. I can embrace my seeming contradictions and run with them.

I've also discovered, perhaps most importantly, that it's okay for me to be happy and that I don't need to feel guilty when I am happy or when people notice that I'm happy. And that I even, *gasp* like being happy. Strange, I know... ^_~

So in the next few months I'll be changing things to reflect what I'd currently like to see when I log into my blog to write... whatever it is I'm going to be writing about that day.

I'm going to change it to reflect the person I am now, instead of the person I started blogging as four and half years ago. I anticipate that this will be the first, but probably not the last evolution of my blog.

I'm hoping that all the wonderful people I've met and friends I've made will follow me on over to my new space. You have all enriched my life more than I can say. I love you all muchly. ^_^

So as soon as I've settled on a name and gotten things in order, I'll let y'all know. Until then, I'll be posting here. It's kind of like moving house... Once my new place is ready, I'll move in.

 Until then, you know where to find me... Just look for the chick with a mug of coffee, wearing glittery wings and a pair of Docs.




  1. That comment, about not having to choose between being badass and whimsical, that really speaks to me and crystallizes how I've felt for a while. It's unsettling, having to settle for one thing, and it feels a little one-dimensional to be the same kind of person, all the time. I think you've grasped something important here and I applaud your clear-eyed view of it. I'll be back to see the changes!

    1. Thank you so much, Rhissanna! I look forward to seeing you around! ^_^


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