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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Some days are just irritating

Today is just one of those irritating, rather frustrating days.

So I'm trying to find little ways to not let shit get to me.

The coffee I'm drinking is helping... even though there's no Bailey's in it. ^_~

I discovered yesterday when I went to put something in my trunk that the bottle of engine oil I keep in there (just in case...) had somehow come open and spilled... all over... omg. Our tent is in the trunk and has some of the oil on it, but I'm hoping that since it's only on the bottom of the tent (it's rolled up...) that I'll be able to scrub it with dish soap and save the tent...

On the bright side, once I clean all the crap out of my car's trunk, we will be that much closer to trading our car in... It has served us well, but was kind of lemon-ish when we got it. Not totally, but there was quite a bit wrong with it that the *fabulous*, ahem, sales-lady failed to mention...

My driver's side headlight went out, and it's not the bulb or the fuse... which leaves the socket, the wiring and a handful of other things that will be a pain in my ass to fix... but hopefully we'll get this car traded in within the week, so I won't have to worry about it. *fingers crossed*

The biggest frustration today, however, came from Mt. Hood Community College in Portland. Britt had her application for their part-time RN program almost ready to go... we were going to mail it off Monday, after triple-checking that everything was filled out right. There was one more piece of paper she needed to fill out, and when she got online this afternoon to re-print the page, she found an announcement on the MHCC website saying that effective immediately they would no longer be offering a part-time program.


Well fuck... now what?

On the bright side, at least we hadn't sent her application (along with $75 non-refundable fee) in yet. So we still have all her official transcript copies and what-not for wherever she ends up applying instead. But since MHCC was the only college in Oregon that offered a part-time RN program, we may start looking for somewhere else to go to school... Perhaps northern California? Le sigh...

Anywhom. I'm off to clean out my car trunk, which really needed to be cleaned a long time ago. It still has crap stored in it from when we cleared out our storage unit last July... mostly because we had nowhere else to store our camping gear. Ah well. Better now than never, I suppose...

Looking forward especially much to sitting down and writing my Gratitude Sunday post tomorrow... Click HERE if you'd like to join in too. ^_^


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