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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Oh my... somehow a week flew right by when I blinked.

Joining today with Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for her Gratitude Sunday. If you'd like to join in, or just read other participants' posts, please click on the link at the bottom of my post to be taken to her wonderful blog. ^_^

This past week I have been grateful for:

*Lhu and Phiphi starting to feel better. Hopefully we've found the right kitty antibiotics to kick the nasty bug that's taken up residence in their lungs. Pseudomonas' eviction notice has been served!


*The cleaning and organizing we've been doing around the house. It's slowly restoring my sanity.

*Kitty snuggles when I really need them. I swear my cats are psychic. They're also incredibly tolerant should I ever need to cry into their fur.

*The warm weather the past few days. Even though it was raining, it has been wonderfully warm. It finally feels like Spring. I want to go roll around in the grass and kiss the buds on every tree and flower I see.

*The flowers I picked up from the store to plant on our porch. Flowers and any other living plant, really, make me happy on a level I can't explain. I feel off-balance if I don't have any green leafy growing things to love on. I'm especially in love with the hydra-like daffodil. Daffohydra? Hydradil? Whatever... she makes me smile.


 And the daffodils...

Hyacinth on the left, chibi Irises on the right. 

*The fun cook book my mom sent me for Christmas this past year. I'm baking my second attempt at a birthday cake from this book, since last weekend it dumped snow and we had to reschedule birthday dinner to this weekend. Which was good, since both my cake and my frosting I tried to make last weekend sucked ass. My baking pride took a kick to the teeth, so I'm hoping to restore my faith in my ability to bake an edible cake. "Delicious cake" would be preferable, but for the moment, I'll just settle for "Edible". ^_~

Alice's Tea Cup recipes by Haley & Lauren Fox.

*Tea (marshmallow & spearmint) to soothe my heart burn.

*And a super cute tea pot to drink it out of. ^___^ My Mother-in-law learned that I'd like to start collecting tea pots (my mom collects them and I've been in love since I was a little kid). So every year for either Christmas or my birthday (last year for both... lolz) she's started getting me tea pots. ^__^

*Speaking of mother-in-laws... My in-laws. I'm lucky to have Britt's family that's loving and accepting. Their love and care and family-ness over the past several years has been precious to me. Even though we don't all always get along, and there has been some completely insane shit that's gone on, Britt's family has made me part of an extended family - something I've never experienced before, and for that I will always love them (no matter what shit they may pull, and no matter if I don't always like some of them.) I especially love (and like) her folks, who love me more than I could ever have hoped. They add love and laughter to my life that gives it a richness, a fullness, my life would otherwise lack.

*And lastly, I am grateful for the little things that crop up when least expected. Like words of wisdom from my tea bag. So often it seems an impossible task to change our world for the better. But one small action, one smile, one helping hand at a time... and it will happen.

Take a moment to hop on over to Taryn's blog... and if you have two moments, why not check out the Etsy shops she and her husband run? They make some incredibly cool stuff! 

Gratitude Sunday

Have a lovely week this week! 



  1. Love your list and LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that teapot!! I collect them too; most of them were my mom's that she gave me when she moved in to a smaller space and some have been gifted to me.

    We'd have one hell of a tea party! :) xox

    1. Oh, my... we *would* have quite the tea party. ^_^
      I thought of you when I was making tea in that particular tea pot... ^___^

  2. Great list! I love all your flowers! They are gorgeous. Family is the greatest gift and the biggest pain in the ass! Sometimes all within the same minute! Glad you found your place to belong. Have a great week.

  3. Thanks, Robbie! =D
    And yes, that pretty much sums up family... Lolz...


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