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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots, and numerous other bloggers, in Gratitude Sunday...

...even though it's now technically Monday. As a night owl, since I haven't been to bed yet, it's still my Sunday. ^__~

This week I have been thankful for...

*The blue skies and sunshine!!!
*Going for walks by the bay at Boulevard Park.
*Having an impromptu dinner date with the missus on my lunch break from work... and going to our favorite sweets shop to get cake for dinner.
*Chocolate Stout cake with Irish Cream frosting.
*Giving myself time to art journal.
*Sipping coffee on the porch with my cat (she gets water, not coffee...), while a squirrel chatters/shouts at us from a nearby tree.
*Getting the trunk of our car cleaned out so I can now shampoo the inside, and having way less oil damage than I originally thought. ^_^
*That it's now SPRING!!!
*Taking the dorky Winter 2014 challenge that was going around Facebook like a bad chain letter... Britt and I had way too much fun jumping into Lake Whatcom.

The Missus & I after our... bracing... jumps into the lake on 3/19...

Please make sure to take a moment to visit Wooly Moss Roots and the other wonderful bloggers participating in Gratitude Sunday by clicking the image below. 

Gratitude Sunday

I hope we all have a great week this coming week! Brace yourselves for Monday with many strong cups of coffee... I know that's what I'll be doing... 



  1. I had to Google the Chocolate Stout Cake to find a recipe. WOW! It sounds DE-lish! Got to make it.
    Love the pic of you both. Was the lake icy cold? OY!!

    1. Oh. My. Gods. I have never felt anything so cold before... @__@ My nipples almost fell off... lolz
      And the cake is to DIE for... omg. I'm glad I don't have a recipe for it, or I'd eat nothing but chocolate stout cake for the rest of my life... lolz...


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