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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art Journaling, Tea and Flowers

Yesterday evening I mentioned that I'd been working in one of my art journals again. And I'd meant to include pictures, but forgot. I'm going to blame it on the stuffed up head... 

I've been swilling tea and water (and a cup of coffee... I won't lie...) for the past several hours now, and took a Sudafed... so now I feel less stuffed up and kind of like my eyes are bugging out of my head. However, since I can now breathe again, I'm not going to complain. Sudafed does make me feel rather... AWAKE. @_@

I also mentioned that the Missus had brought me home some flowers yesterday evening. They're bright and fun, and I absolutely love them...

They're vivid orange Sun Stars... the buds on the stalk tips (before they bloom) look like asparagus... 


 Here's the first art journal page I did the other night. I had no idea what I was going to paint. I just grabbed the colors that jumped out at me & started painting. It was refreshing and relaxing... better than a yoga class. ^_~

This is the page I started last night. It has a really fun texture to it... and I am now in love with texturing everything. 

Since I don't have any gel medium, I've been giving my journal pages a base coat in this strange beige color we have a huge tub of... After the first beige layer dried, I slapped on some globs of beige here and there, then dragged a pick comb through the wet paint. After that layer dried (with the help of my trusty hair dryer...), I used different blues, light gold and black to paint over everything. After I'd add some color, I'd rub off the excess with a paper towel. There are a lot of layers of paint on this puppy... 

I ended up stopping work on this last night and going to bed because I was feeling stressed (because Britt was stressed about school and I have a difficult time not borrowing her strong emotions) and I couldn't chill out. I was getting grouchy because of this, and having a hard time focusing on the process of painting (instead of what I was painting). So I took some NyQuil so I could sleep without waking myself up by coughing... and woke up feeling awful... lolz.

But I've been up for several hours now, and while I'm still coughing & feeling stuffed up, the tea and decongestants seem to be helping. ^_^ 

So now I'm off to paint some more, and hopefully finish up this page. Then I'm going to take some time and glue every other page of my art journal together (it's just a cheap sketchbook...) so that hopefully the pages will take to being painted with less complaining, rolling of edges, etc. ^_~

Next time I buy a book for an art journal, it's going to have some heavy duty paper in it. But when I got this book, I had no idea I'd be painting in it... so it's working nicely, all things considered. ^_^

As a side note, I've been trying to figure out a way to post pics onto Instagram when I haven't taken the photo with my iPod... since my iPod's camera sucks... I tried emailing myself the pics I took with my camera and then saving them to my iPod's photos, but whenever I try to open them in Instagram (or Picfx for that matter...) the apps just crash. Meh. If you know how to do this some other way, let me know pretty please? Thanks! ^___^


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Rambles

Today is cold, windy and rainy... and I'm sick with a head and chest cold.

I got up this afternoon, only to crawl right back into bed and sleep another hour and a half, until the Missus came home, bringing me flowers. ^-^

So now I'm up, eating some strange veggie-noodle soup I found in a can at the back of our cupboard and drinking coffee. The coffee is fabulous, the soup is okay. It was decidedly not okay until after I'd dumped some granulated onion and garlic, black pepper and paprika (a lot if it...) into the pot. Now it has a smoky flavor, thanks to the wee bit of smoked paprika I added on top of the regular paprika.

What can I say... I love paprika. In large amounts. On (just about) everything. ^-^

I've been working in my art journal again, practicing painting FEARLESS. I've never enjoyed working in my journal as much before. No stress. No trying to get anything to "look just right", no expectations of what things are "supposed" to look like.

Since I'm enjoying my art journaling so much, I'm planning to take one of Connie's online workshops (BIG) in the next few months.

If you've never checked out her site, go HERE, (seriously, like, right now...) and check it out. She's amazing. She has several different workshops she offers throughout the year.

One I really would like to take is Painting the Feminine. The next go of this workshop starts in June, and registration opens at the end of April. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to register. ^___^

If you're looking for a free workshop, she also offers FEARLESS Painting for Art Journaling and Total Alignment. Both are online, via her website.

FYI, Total Alignment is also the name of her FEARLESS painting retreat, which you can find more about here.

Well then... I'm off to go play in my art journal some more. Hope your week is going well!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots, and numerous other bloggers, in Gratitude Sunday...

...even though it's now technically Monday. As a night owl, since I haven't been to bed yet, it's still my Sunday. ^__~

This week I have been thankful for...

*The blue skies and sunshine!!!
*Going for walks by the bay at Boulevard Park.
*Having an impromptu dinner date with the missus on my lunch break from work... and going to our favorite sweets shop to get cake for dinner.
*Chocolate Stout cake with Irish Cream frosting.
*Giving myself time to art journal.
*Sipping coffee on the porch with my cat (she gets water, not coffee...), while a squirrel chatters/shouts at us from a nearby tree.
*Getting the trunk of our car cleaned out so I can now shampoo the inside, and having way less oil damage than I originally thought. ^_^
*That it's now SPRING!!!
*Taking the dorky Winter 2014 challenge that was going around Facebook like a bad chain letter... Britt and I had way too much fun jumping into Lake Whatcom.

The Missus & I after our... bracing... jumps into the lake on 3/19...

Please make sure to take a moment to visit Wooly Moss Roots and the other wonderful bloggers participating in Gratitude Sunday by clicking the image below. 

Gratitude Sunday

I hope we all have a great week this coming week! Brace yourselves for Monday with many strong cups of coffee... I know that's what I'll be doing... 


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Some days are just irritating

Today is just one of those irritating, rather frustrating days.

So I'm trying to find little ways to not let shit get to me.

The coffee I'm drinking is helping... even though there's no Bailey's in it. ^_~

I discovered yesterday when I went to put something in my trunk that the bottle of engine oil I keep in there (just in case...) had somehow come open and spilled... all over... omg. Our tent is in the trunk and has some of the oil on it, but I'm hoping that since it's only on the bottom of the tent (it's rolled up...) that I'll be able to scrub it with dish soap and save the tent...

On the bright side, once I clean all the crap out of my car's trunk, we will be that much closer to trading our car in... It has served us well, but was kind of lemon-ish when we got it. Not totally, but there was quite a bit wrong with it that the *fabulous*, ahem, sales-lady failed to mention...

My driver's side headlight went out, and it's not the bulb or the fuse... which leaves the socket, the wiring and a handful of other things that will be a pain in my ass to fix... but hopefully we'll get this car traded in within the week, so I won't have to worry about it. *fingers crossed*

The biggest frustration today, however, came from Mt. Hood Community College in Portland. Britt had her application for their part-time RN program almost ready to go... we were going to mail it off Monday, after triple-checking that everything was filled out right. There was one more piece of paper she needed to fill out, and when she got online this afternoon to re-print the page, she found an announcement on the MHCC website saying that effective immediately they would no longer be offering a part-time program.


Well fuck... now what?

On the bright side, at least we hadn't sent her application (along with $75 non-refundable fee) in yet. So we still have all her official transcript copies and what-not for wherever she ends up applying instead. But since MHCC was the only college in Oregon that offered a part-time RN program, we may start looking for somewhere else to go to school... Perhaps northern California? Le sigh...

Anywhom. I'm off to clean out my car trunk, which really needed to be cleaned a long time ago. It still has crap stored in it from when we cleared out our storage unit last July... mostly because we had nowhere else to store our camping gear. Ah well. Better now than never, I suppose...

Looking forward especially much to sitting down and writing my Gratitude Sunday post tomorrow... Click HERE if you'd like to join in too. ^_^


Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Oh my... somehow a week flew right by when I blinked.

Joining today with Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for her Gratitude Sunday. If you'd like to join in, or just read other participants' posts, please click on the link at the bottom of my post to be taken to her wonderful blog. ^_^

This past week I have been grateful for:

*Lhu and Phiphi starting to feel better. Hopefully we've found the right kitty antibiotics to kick the nasty bug that's taken up residence in their lungs. Pseudomonas' eviction notice has been served!


*The cleaning and organizing we've been doing around the house. It's slowly restoring my sanity.

*Kitty snuggles when I really need them. I swear my cats are psychic. They're also incredibly tolerant should I ever need to cry into their fur.

*The warm weather the past few days. Even though it was raining, it has been wonderfully warm. It finally feels like Spring. I want to go roll around in the grass and kiss the buds on every tree and flower I see.

*The flowers I picked up from the store to plant on our porch. Flowers and any other living plant, really, make me happy on a level I can't explain. I feel off-balance if I don't have any green leafy growing things to love on. I'm especially in love with the hydra-like daffodil. Daffohydra? Hydradil? Whatever... she makes me smile.


 And the daffodils...

Hyacinth on the left, chibi Irises on the right. 

*The fun cook book my mom sent me for Christmas this past year. I'm baking my second attempt at a birthday cake from this book, since last weekend it dumped snow and we had to reschedule birthday dinner to this weekend. Which was good, since both my cake and my frosting I tried to make last weekend sucked ass. My baking pride took a kick to the teeth, so I'm hoping to restore my faith in my ability to bake an edible cake. "Delicious cake" would be preferable, but for the moment, I'll just settle for "Edible". ^_~

Alice's Tea Cup recipes by Haley & Lauren Fox.

*Tea (marshmallow & spearmint) to soothe my heart burn.

*And a super cute tea pot to drink it out of. ^___^ My Mother-in-law learned that I'd like to start collecting tea pots (my mom collects them and I've been in love since I was a little kid). So every year for either Christmas or my birthday (last year for both... lolz) she's started getting me tea pots. ^__^

*Speaking of mother-in-laws... My in-laws. I'm lucky to have Britt's family that's loving and accepting. Their love and care and family-ness over the past several years has been precious to me. Even though we don't all always get along, and there has been some completely insane shit that's gone on, Britt's family has made me part of an extended family - something I've never experienced before, and for that I will always love them (no matter what shit they may pull, and no matter if I don't always like some of them.) I especially love (and like) her folks, who love me more than I could ever have hoped. They add love and laughter to my life that gives it a richness, a fullness, my life would otherwise lack.

*And lastly, I am grateful for the little things that crop up when least expected. Like words of wisdom from my tea bag. So often it seems an impossible task to change our world for the better. But one small action, one smile, one helping hand at a time... and it will happen.

Take a moment to hop on over to Taryn's blog... and if you have two moments, why not check out the Etsy shops she and her husband run? They make some incredibly cool stuff! 

Gratitude Sunday

Have a lovely week this week! 


Sunday, March 02, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Joining with Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots in her Gratitude Sunday...

If you're interested in joining in, click the link at the end of this post to be taken to her lovely blog.

This past week has been filled with so many things I've had to do, so I'm happy to sit here for a moment with my cup of coffee and reflect back on what I'm grateful for.

This past week I've been grateful for:

*Our car that takes us where we need to go, especially to out of state interviews.

*That I celebrated another birthday yesterday.

* My cats, who alternately lounge all over the house and wreak tiny amounts of havoc all over the house. Especially Lhu, who is currently curled up by my feet, snoring.

*Our coffee pot. We haven't had one since November 2012... and we finally got a new one. No more having to make only one cup at a time. ^______^

*The snow last weekend... Britt and I went to the park and played in it for an hour or so. She made her first snow angel ever.

Britt, mid-snow angel making ^-^

*Two of my favorite authors, David Eddings and Neal Stephenson, for creating such wonderful worlds for me to visit (and revisit... numerous times...)

*For the plants in my house and the few herbs on my porch for giving me a wee bit of green while the snow keeps on coming.

*That my brother was safely able to move, despite awful snow and weather in the Midwest this past week.

*For our new(ish) camera, so Britt and I can once again take way too many pictures of things. Mostly of our cats... ^-^

Thank you for stopping by this afternoon. ^-^
If you'd like to join in, or just read the other posts for those participating in Gratitude Sunday, hop on over to Wooly Moss Roots by clicking on the link below:

Gratitude Sunday

Snowflakes taste like magic...
Have a wonderful week my loves! =D