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Saturday, February 01, 2014

About the day I ran away and joined the Circus

So last Sunday I ran away and joined the circus. Well, for a few hours I did.

I've been wanting to learn to spin (poi) for years. And years, and a few more years...

But I've always had excuses consisting of lack of time, money, someone to teach me, etc. On the 15th of this month, Britt and I went on a date to Vaudvillingham, and there on the table, next to the gigantic top hat where you put your admission donation, was a flyer for a poi workshop on the 26th.

I picked up a flyer and then watched the amazing show that night. I thought about how long I'd been wanting to learn to spin. About how the workshop was only $10. About how I always seem to find excuses for why I can't do the things that interest me...

So I committed to going, and I went. And I had the best three hours I've had in months. The instructor and his girlfriend/wife were amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to interact with all of the people who showed up, regardless of their experience level, and work with them on both existing and new skills.

Now, I am almost painfully socially awkward. I'm working on it, but I still don't fit into a crowd very well. ^_^

But I went anyways and found that everyone there was quite nice and very helpful. The idea with the workshop was that "Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student", and that was amazing. Everyone helped everyone, whether it was teaching a new move, help in mastering something or just offering encouragement. Simply telling someone that they're going to get it and encouraging them not to give up even though they're frustrated was wonderful to hear.

Most of the attendees had been spinning for at least a little while, and I was one of two or three people who were totally new.

Well, I'd been practicing a little bit in my kitchen, but when I arrived I still wasn't able to spin both poi at the same time without smacking myself with one of them. Luckily Britt had bought me some soft(ish) vinyl poi with LEDs inside, so even though it hurts when I smack myself in the face, it's not too terribly and my glasses don't break. ^____^

Everyone was wonderful and helpful and I learned a lot of stuff.

I am really glad I went, and rather proud too, since I've been known to wuss out at the last minute when it comes to doing things I've never done with people I don't know.

But I've decided that I'm sick of being lame, so I'm going to go places and do things and meet new people and, god forbid, I might even make some friends while I'm at it.

So... as another first for me, here's a video of me practicing in our apartment complex parking lot. Britt says that my expression is "constipated looking". I'm fairly certain that I look like I'm concentrating on not smacking myself in the face, but whatever...

Enjoy! =D


Eek! Sorry this is so dark! At least you can see the LEDs in my poi... lolz. Next time I'll have Britt help me take video while there's still some light outside... ^____^

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