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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Morning Mumblings

It's chilly and rainy this morning. I’m not fully convinced I really want to be up and out of bed yet, but in an effort to sleep only what I need to and not waste so much time in bed, I am indeed up.

Work has been so stressful lately that I haven't been coping very well with anything outside of work. I’m trying to make sure I have time for myself, for my home, for my wife (we got hitched, but that's another post. With pics.)... I’ve done some cooking and baking the past few days, and that has helped me feel more grounded. I made a big-ass pot of chicken soup, and for all the ills eating it might cure, just making it made me feel better. ^_^

I’ve delved back into the book I picked up months ago and then put down, Mrs. B's Guide to HouseholdWitchery by Kris Bradley.

I love reading about how people add a bit of magic to things required to care for your home. I find it super interesting. ^_^

We went to Britt's parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner, and I indulged in my love for really bad 80's/90's action movies after we'd eaten. I rarely watch TV shows or movies, but I felt like my brain needed a day to just check out. And so I did. Demolition Man, Robocop, Predator and Action Jackson (which I’d never seen before). Britt's dad and I share a love for bad movies and even worse sci-fi, so we happily vegged out on the couch.

One of the really nice things about my temporary schedule at work is that I get the weekends off, along with either Thursday or Friday. Working ten hour days staring/glaring at my computer isn't always fabulous, but I’m so busy trying to keep up with shit that the time flies by.

So today, being my last day off of this weekend, I’m going to be canning the apple pie filling I made and possibly making some onion marmalade... if I can find enough screw bands for my canning jars... a number of which seem to have wandered off... o.O

I’d also like to do some knitting today, since I’m hoping to get the scarves I’m making for my folks done in time for the holidays... but if they're late, oh well. I had to unravel about a foot of scarf that I’d knitted for my mom's because I somehow managed to not only add stitches, but to flip my knitting so the knits and purls were off. And I had no idea what row I was on. Oh well. I think the needle gauge that I was using was too big anyways, and my mom is a super petite person, so the scarf at the width it was originally would have been like a short wrap... lolz... so it's probably good that I had to rip it out, since now I can use a smaller needle gauge.

Anyways... I’ve gotten that pesky “I haven't blogged in eons and don't know what to say” post out of my way. Yet again. And I’m sure this one won't be the last. ^_^

I’ve got a post I’d like to make that will be showing up sometime in the future. No promises on when... lolz... Like I said earlier, Britt & I got married. Nothing big/fancy, just signed the legal paperwork. But there' some fun pics with the awesome folks who came with us that I’d like to share.

I’m off now to drink my coffee so I can function and then do some housework and canning. I hope this first day of December finds you well, and I’ll hopefully be able to find some time to reconnect with all the lovelies I’ve fallen out of contact with online. Have a fabulous Sunday! ^___^



  1. wait a minute.... HITCHED?!? I demand pictures! But in the meantime, *throws cyber rice and flower petals* Congratulations!!!!

    1. You'll get pics!!! I promise! =D

      I think I got some cyber rice in my eye... lolz



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