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Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday Night Beef Stew

The wind is howling and gusting about. It's 25 degrees according to the weather website, but with the wind it feels like 12 degrees. BRRRRRRRRR... @_@

Tonight is the gallery walk, followed by a visit to Barnes & Noble. Britt and I like to go to Barnes & Noble to peruse the books and magazines... and we occasionally even buy something. When don't buy something, we sit in the cafe and sip tea or a Starbucks Refresher (which we somehow started calling Refreshenators... I have no idea...) and page through magazines we want to read but don't want to own or nursing books that are too big or too expensive (or both) for us to get. And I read cookbooks and make lists on my iPod of all the cookbooks I simply must have or I shall die.

But back to the stew.

Days like today make me want to curl up in fluffy pj pants and a hoodie and cook tasty things in large stock pots on the stove for hours on end. And bake bread while I'm at it. Mmmmmmmmm...

So tonight I'll be making Sunday Night Stew, with a big "THANK YOU" to Ree over at The Pioneer Woman who posted her recipe. I'm not going to make the mashed potatoes that she has in the recipe because I'm the only one who will eat them (the texture makes Britt gag...) and I so do NOT need to eat a whole bunch of mashed potatoes all to myself. No matter how much I may want to...

However! The next time I do make mashed potatoes for a family dinner with her folks, I am so making them the way she suggests. She puts cream cheese in her potatoes... AND butter. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

But since she insists that this stew can only be made on Sunday if you are going to call it "Sunday Night Stew", I'm making Friday Night Stew because it's freaking cold today and I don't want to wait until Sunday. So. Anyways.

I've got the stew meat thawing in the fridge, and I'll be heading to the store as soon as I'm done typing this to get some turnips and beef stock. And I need more coffee creamer... we're almost out, and then what would I do? It would be terrible...

I have absolutely no plans for this weekend, and I'm thrilled. Britt has to work tomorrow, so I might do some baking. I had wanted to make banketstaaf (everyone I know calls it just "Banket") with my mom and sister when I went for a visit back in November, but as per usual, we had more things we needed/wanted to do than time to do them. Next time I suppose.

But I do want to learn to make this and make it well, so I can make a bunch for the holidays for family (both biological and chosen). ^-^

And since I'll have my kitchen to myself (mostly... if you don't count the cats...) tomorrow, it might be the perfect time to play with my almond  paste and see what I can come up with. =D

Are there any foods that you love to make for the holidays/just because? Do you have old family recipes that are dear to you? I love stuff like this, so let me know! ^-^



  1. Finally got around to your blog, dear. Sorry for the long wait. I had to add cream cheese to mashed potatoes one night because I didn't have milk. Sour cream is good too.

  2. There is one thing, it's a type of bar, with coconut in the middle and chocolate on top, ,I think it's a mixture of nuts and graham cracker on the bottom, but I'm not sure. I don't have the recipe and I desperately want it because they are so good...however if i have it I will make it and it's not something that I need.

  3. I hope you enjoy your stew! Those mashed potatoes sounds divine. I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of a giveaway at my blog :

    I couldn't find an email address to contact you - could you please contact me so I can send you the altar tile? My email is

    Thank you! :)


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