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Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday Night Beef Stew

The wind is howling and gusting about. It's 25 degrees according to the weather website, but with the wind it feels like 12 degrees. BRRRRRRRRR... @_@

Tonight is the gallery walk, followed by a visit to Barnes & Noble. Britt and I like to go to Barnes & Noble to peruse the books and magazines... and we occasionally even buy something. When don't buy something, we sit in the cafe and sip tea or a Starbucks Refresher (which we somehow started calling Refreshenators... I have no idea...) and page through magazines we want to read but don't want to own or nursing books that are too big or too expensive (or both) for us to get. And I read cookbooks and make lists on my iPod of all the cookbooks I simply must have or I shall die.

But back to the stew.

Days like today make me want to curl up in fluffy pj pants and a hoodie and cook tasty things in large stock pots on the stove for hours on end. And bake bread while I'm at it. Mmmmmmmmm...

So tonight I'll be making Sunday Night Stew, with a big "THANK YOU" to Ree over at The Pioneer Woman who posted her recipe. I'm not going to make the mashed potatoes that she has in the recipe because I'm the only one who will eat them (the texture makes Britt gag...) and I so do NOT need to eat a whole bunch of mashed potatoes all to myself. No matter how much I may want to...

However! The next time I do make mashed potatoes for a family dinner with her folks, I am so making them the way she suggests. She puts cream cheese in her potatoes... AND butter. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

But since she insists that this stew can only be made on Sunday if you are going to call it "Sunday Night Stew", I'm making Friday Night Stew because it's freaking cold today and I don't want to wait until Sunday. So. Anyways.

I've got the stew meat thawing in the fridge, and I'll be heading to the store as soon as I'm done typing this to get some turnips and beef stock. And I need more coffee creamer... we're almost out, and then what would I do? It would be terrible...

I have absolutely no plans for this weekend, and I'm thrilled. Britt has to work tomorrow, so I might do some baking. I had wanted to make banketstaaf (everyone I know calls it just "Banket") with my mom and sister when I went for a visit back in November, but as per usual, we had more things we needed/wanted to do than time to do them. Next time I suppose.

But I do want to learn to make this and make it well, so I can make a bunch for the holidays for family (both biological and chosen). ^-^

And since I'll have my kitchen to myself (mostly... if you don't count the cats...) tomorrow, it might be the perfect time to play with my almond  paste and see what I can come up with. =D

Are there any foods that you love to make for the holidays/just because? Do you have old family recipes that are dear to you? I love stuff like this, so let me know! ^-^


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Today has been one of those days where nothing is going as planned. I thought I had until today to pay my rent, but apparently it was yesterday. You'd think that after living here for almost three years I’d know this by now... but apparently not. So one late fee later, at least my rent is paid.

I also forgot to pull out what I was going to make for dinner. More precisely, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of getting stuff into the crock pot before I head to work in the morning, or better yet before I go to bed at night, so that it'll be ready to go when I need it. This whole cooking dinner on days I get off at 1730 (instead of starting my work day about that time) is still taking some getting used to. I’ve been at it for exactly a month now, and it is getting easier... but I’m terribly glad it's only temporary and that I can go back to my usual “Creature of the Night” status as soon as my coworker gets back from maternity leave.

So for dinner tonight I looked in my freezer and around my kitchen for something that would be quick to make... and found the sack of potatoes and some frozen links of turkey sausage. So I opened up Google and typed in, “Recipes sausage potatoes” and got a nifty recipe for sausage potato bake. I even had all the ingredients and didn't have to resort to substitution... for once. Lolz...

So my sausage & potato bake is in the oven. And I just realized I forgot to put the timer on. Sigh.

I’m going to guess that it took me about 15 minutes to grab my laptop, pour myself a big glass of wine and type what I’ve got so far... so 20 more minutes until dinner.

I still haven't managed to figure out how to work time for the things I need/want to do into my new schedule. It seems like I come home, cook dinner, clean/do dishes and maybe shower, and then it's time for me to go to bed so I can be at work at 0700. I feel pretty sure that there are at least 30 minutes in there somewhere that I can devote to myself, I just can't seem to find them at the moment.

The past few days have been COLD. At least for Bellingham. Today the thermometer at the bank read 27 degrees... add to that the crazy wind and it is so, so cold... colder than usual for this time of year. It makes me wonder if all the people that have been predicting “The Worst Winter We've Had In Years” might actually be right this winter. I mean, if they say it every year, they'll eventually be right, right? Sure.

Anywhom... if you're interested at all in what I’m baking for dinner, I found the recipe here, and they, I do believe, got it from here. For some reason, mine isn't quite as pretty as their pictures... o_O

I’m off to drink more wine and maybe play with some of my art supplies. I hope everyone is staying warm!!!


Sunday, December 01, 2013

Morning Mumblings

It's chilly and rainy this morning. I’m not fully convinced I really want to be up and out of bed yet, but in an effort to sleep only what I need to and not waste so much time in bed, I am indeed up.

Work has been so stressful lately that I haven't been coping very well with anything outside of work. I’m trying to make sure I have time for myself, for my home, for my wife (we got hitched, but that's another post. With pics.)... I’ve done some cooking and baking the past few days, and that has helped me feel more grounded. I made a big-ass pot of chicken soup, and for all the ills eating it might cure, just making it made me feel better. ^_^

I’ve delved back into the book I picked up months ago and then put down, Mrs. B's Guide to HouseholdWitchery by Kris Bradley.

I love reading about how people add a bit of magic to things required to care for your home. I find it super interesting. ^_^

We went to Britt's parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner, and I indulged in my love for really bad 80's/90's action movies after we'd eaten. I rarely watch TV shows or movies, but I felt like my brain needed a day to just check out. And so I did. Demolition Man, Robocop, Predator and Action Jackson (which I’d never seen before). Britt's dad and I share a love for bad movies and even worse sci-fi, so we happily vegged out on the couch.

One of the really nice things about my temporary schedule at work is that I get the weekends off, along with either Thursday or Friday. Working ten hour days staring/glaring at my computer isn't always fabulous, but I’m so busy trying to keep up with shit that the time flies by.

So today, being my last day off of this weekend, I’m going to be canning the apple pie filling I made and possibly making some onion marmalade... if I can find enough screw bands for my canning jars... a number of which seem to have wandered off... o.O

I’d also like to do some knitting today, since I’m hoping to get the scarves I’m making for my folks done in time for the holidays... but if they're late, oh well. I had to unravel about a foot of scarf that I’d knitted for my mom's because I somehow managed to not only add stitches, but to flip my knitting so the knits and purls were off. And I had no idea what row I was on. Oh well. I think the needle gauge that I was using was too big anyways, and my mom is a super petite person, so the scarf at the width it was originally would have been like a short wrap... lolz... so it's probably good that I had to rip it out, since now I can use a smaller needle gauge.

Anyways... I’ve gotten that pesky “I haven't blogged in eons and don't know what to say” post out of my way. Yet again. And I’m sure this one won't be the last. ^_^

I’ve got a post I’d like to make that will be showing up sometime in the future. No promises on when... lolz... Like I said earlier, Britt & I got married. Nothing big/fancy, just signed the legal paperwork. But there' some fun pics with the awesome folks who came with us that I’d like to share.

I’m off now to drink my coffee so I can function and then do some housework and canning. I hope this first day of December finds you well, and I’ll hopefully be able to find some time to reconnect with all the lovelies I’ve fallen out of contact with online. Have a fabulous Sunday! ^___^