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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live Wild

Veronica Varlow is one woman I admire so very much. She is cute, quirky, smart, talented and funny. She's as comfortable in sequins as she is in the gutter.

She inspires me with almost every blog post she writes. One of the things she inspires me to do most is to not let my fears control my life. 

Caution can be good, thinking things through can also be good, but when I let my brain "What if" myself to death, it's too much of a good thing. 

I also find Veronica inspiring because she's doing what she loves to do, and is able to make a living doing it. Proof that if I work hard enough, I can potentially do the same. ^-^

One of her biggest dreams is to make a movie with her hubby, the incredibly talented photographer, Burke Heffner.

This October, they're doing a Kickstarter to make that movie dream come true. And I am excited. =D

Bank heists, true love, get away cars, a cross country road trip... fabulousness all the way. ^-^

Wanna see the teaser trailer they made a while back? Of course you do. So here it is:


Do what you love, love what you do, take chances, live life NOW.

I'm trying to do this every day. I'm making an effort to make a tiny bit of adventure, take a chance, do something fun, something daring, something silly, something magical, something terrifying, something scandalous, something sweet, something new, or just something every day.

Even if this is sometimes just getting out of bed, slapping on some eyeliner/warpaint & facing my day head on... it's better than staying hidden beneath my covers. ^-^

So do something today. Do something that will be a good story to tell later. Do  something that you'll want to tell your grandkids (or someone else's) about.

Do something that you'll want to remember tomorrow, in a year and ten years from now.


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  1. I like VV... her excited about life is contagious. What's one of your biggest dreams?


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