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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday

 Lately, when I feel suddenly prompted to do something, go somewhere, etc. I always manage to find a reason to talk myself out of it. I don't know why. Usually it's something like, “I have house cleaning to do,” or, “I have to sleep before work,” or, “I really shouldn't waste gas by driving to (insert desired destination here).”

Today my wanderlust wanted/demanded to go to the beach, and for once, I listened.

Wheel gulls, spin & glide...

This morning I was feeling really down. After dropping Britt off at work, as I was driving home, dreading getting there, I suddenly thought, “I'd like to go to the beach.”

And so I went.

Rain boots... not just for rain.

Fortunately, I’d pulled on my (technically rain) boots before I left the house, so I was well prepared to go mucking about on the rocky, sea weedy beach.

We have anti-sand beaches...

There's a beach we stumbled across a few months ago while on a lunch break. It's down by the cold storage warehouses and near the train tracks.

It's not the most visually stunning beach I could have gone to, but it's still pretty and unexplored (to me), so I drove down, past the docks, past the cold storage, past the train tracks and parked my car.

I got out, rolled up my pant legs and headed out onto the rocks. I tried searching for baby crabs underneath some rocks, but I only found one... I guess all the babies from Spring probably aren't so tiny anymore... ^-^

I walked and walked, stopping to watch the seagulls glide on the wind. There was no one there but me & the gulls, and an occasional crow. It was blissful, and just what I needed.

The wind was blowing like mad, churning up waves on the bay. The water was brown and cloudy, instead of it's usual greenish-blue, due to all the sand and silt getting stirred up. 

One of the islands.

 As I walked, I thought I started to recognize where I was heading, and indeed, it was the beach Britt and I had found to have the most sea glass yet. My new beach connected to a previously explored beach, and suddenly the coast line seemed much smaller... lolz...

Cool pile of driftwood.

Regardless, it's one of the best places Britt and I have found to hunt for sea glass... one of our favorite pastimes. We can stare at the ground, searching for bits of glass, for hours.

I didn't find a lot of glass today, but I found some cool pieces. ^-^ 

Bottom of a brown bottle & piece of blue ceramic.

When I was thinking about where I wanted to go for today's post, none of my previous ideas for places to visit seemed like the place to go... I just wanted to stay at the beach all day. The beaches as familiar to me as an old friend.

I have a strange fondness for barnacles, after studying them for a science project in middle school...

And I realized that my wanderlust won't be satiated only by far away and exotic locations. Sometimes it needs what's right in my back yard. It exists as part of my spirit, and sometimes that same spirit just needs to be soothed by wind and sand and waves.

So that's my lesson for the day; sometimes the break I feel like I need from life, the vacation I so desperately long for, can be gotten by going to the places I've begun to take for granted. And also that I should not take these places for granted. So in the next few weeks, I’m going to make a point to visit the beaches I love best, the giant rocks I love to sit on and let the wind and waves wear away my stress, like they do the giant rocks. 

Happy Annalee.

 Where are the places you love best? The places that refuel your spirit and help you feel like you can take on the world again? Tell me, tell me, because I would love to know. ^-^

From a rocky beach in Washington,


PS... Sorry the pics are so tiny! I guess my iPod takes wee pics... lolz. 

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