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Friday, June 07, 2013

The much anticipated asparagus cake!

I meant to get this post out a while ago... but, um, yeah... I never seemed to be able to find the time. Until now, at 2:56 in the morning, as I begin. There's lots & lots of pictures for this post, so I'm sorry if it takes a bit to load... ^_~

First off, I'm a huge admirer of Rosie who writes & shares her amazing concoctions over at Sweetapolita.

She makes some of the most amazing cakes, cookies... and any and everything sweet & sugary that you could imagine. And she has tons of recipes & snazzy tutorials. If you've never been over there for a visit, I highly recommend stopping over to say hi. ^-^

One of her most amazing (and in my humble opinion, insane) confections is her asparagus cake... and HERE's the tutorial on how to make one of your very own, should you feel so inclined. Or possessed... probably by some kind of strange spirit... but I digress...

Alrighty, folks... that's the first little 'ol spear I made. ^-^

But why would I want to make a cake that looks like asparagus, you ask? Well, I shall tell you...

Britt's birthday was back at the beginning of May, well, I suppose it's really closer to the middle, but whatever...

And I had been bugging her for a month or two about what kind of cake she wanted. She didn't know. So during one of my perusals of Rosie's blog, I ran across her amazing asparagus cake. Yes, all eight layers of a full sized, 8-inch cake. The woman is mad, I tell you, but in a good way.

And I fell completely in love. And instantly knew what cake I was going to make Britt, who harbors a vast love for asparagus. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite veggie... ^-^
So we bought some white fondant from the craft/hobbie supply store & set to work dyeing it green. Thank the gods for latex gloves...

I'd never actually used fondant before this cake, but I'd heard many a horror story... lolz... but it seemed to pretty much do what I wanted it to, so I was pleasantly surprised. ^-^
My only concern was as to how I was going to shade the little things... since Rosie had suggested using petal dust, and I couldn't find any. Then I remembered to check Michael's, and was rewarded with every color of petal dust I could ever want. But I was good & only bought purple & brown. ^-^

Each of the "leaves" are made by making tiny snips with embroidery scissors in the fondant... which is a time consuming task. But I had a blast, snipping away while Britt rolled out, measured & cut the fondant into the sizes I needed. 

I did the shading with the dust via paint brush. It took me seven hours to shade them all. I shaded them all in one go, taking a brief break after about three hours to go buy a soda. ^-^

I think there were like 26 or so full spears, and about four or five times as many tips.

Crumb-coating the cake... I got two awesome little 4-inch spring form pans that I used to make two little cakes. I then cut those two cakes in half so that we'd have a four layer cake.

The full spears went around the outside of the cake, while the tips went on top. 

And there we go! A nice little bunch of asparagus that even the most vegetable-hating child would love to eat. ^-^

I had waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun making this cake... ^-^

Here's a close-up of the spear tips... 

Cake time! =D
We'd waited for a day and a half for the fondant to dry before we could bake the cake... but it was so worth it. ^-^ 

Britt wanted a purple, vanilla flavored cake, so that's exactly what she got. ^-^
Besides, everything tastes better when it's a fun color. 

And here ends my asparagus cake tale... Needless to say, the fondant is not delicious (at least not the store bought kind), so the spears themselves didn't get eaten. As I handed Britt her piece of cake, she wanted to know what to do with the spears... and her eyes bugged out of her head when I told her to toss them in the trash. She was like, "Oh my god. You just spent like three days making these, and now you want me to just throw them away?!?!?"

And yes, we did throw them away, because really, what would I otherwise do with them? o_O

Anywhom... I had such a good time baking this cake, and everything went well from start to finish. The next round of goodies I'm going to be baking is for my friend Jae's baby shower... So depending on what exactly I decide to make, perhaps I'll have something else fascinating to show all y'all. ^-^

I hope you're having a lovely week so far, and if it's your Friday, yay! If it's not your Friday, then you and I can pout together... it's not my Friday either. ^-^



  1. Seriously, this is the coolest cake I have ever even KNOWN anyone to actually make:)


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