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Sunday, June 23, 2013

*Insert Title Here*

So I've been having a rather difficult time as of late when it comes to blogging. I'll start a post, then hit "Save" and then never publish it. It's like my brain is like, "Here! Post THIS!" And then is like, "Wait, what was I doing?"

Totally annoying.

I was wondering to myself today (and lots of days other than today too...) what exactly my issue is. I love blogging. I love the connections I've made, friendships that have formed, and all the other fun stuff that's happened because I started blogging.

It struck me today that part of my "problem" is that I've been doing a lot of self maintenance. A lot of soul searching. A lot of reforming myself, my ideas, my beliefs about myself, etc. I've been very introspective so far this year, even more-so than I usually am.

Since January I've been working with Pixie Campbell and all the wonderfully awesome women who are also participating in SouLodge. I'd started back in January a post about Wild women, Wise women and how things kind of smacked me in the face & then fell into place... but never finished writing it, let alone posted it.

Sometimes it feels like my thoughts are the oak leaves the Sibyl writes on, but when I try to gather them up, they blow away in the breeze, get jumbled & mixed up, and I can't sort them out again. So I leave them in a heap, a pile in the corner of my mind, and hope that maybe I'll get them straightened out someday.

Since maybe May, Britt & I have been doing a lot of talking about, reading about, etc. body image. Self love, fat acceptance, Health at Every Size, and all sorts of things that fall in with those.

The Militant Baker has been a favorite blog for a while, and now her skyrocket to the forefront of public awareness has launched a national attention shift to size, weight, self love, self acceptance...

Speaking of the utter fabulousness that IS Jes of TMB, take a few moments to read the article I've linked to below. No matter your size, weight or level of self love, read it. And love your amazing self some more. ^-^

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls... So I Will.

Okay. Awesome, right? Yep.

So perhaps it's been my hang up on writing... I don't really know.

I do know that I'd like to get back on my own little blogging wagon, simply because it makes ME happy. And that's why I started this whole shebang to begin with. ^-^

So yeah... that's kind of where I'm currently at. Slightly absent minded & obsessed with loving myself and everyone else exactly as they are, because we're all fucking gorgeous.

Hope to see you soon... XOXO

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  1. You've been missed. And yes, "we're all fucking gorgeous." I say it to the mirror often, and it smiles back at me every time ;-D


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