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Friday, May 03, 2013

Happy Friday, and a post of random thoughts.

Today, my mind is a bit of a jumble. ^-^

I've got all sorts of things running amok up here... Plants to transplant outside... baby shower invites to make... a coffee meeting this afternoon with my friend (the one who's having the baby) to get her invite list... and all the usual things that need to be attended to... mostly my dishes. ^-^

But even the fact that I have a mountain of dishes to do isn't bugging me today... I have all day to do all the things I need to... and then some.

As far as getting things done, I absolutely LOVE being able to pay my bills online. It's fabulous. For a long time I resisted, because I'm just a wee tiny bit paranoid of sending my financial info out into the aether... but I finally caved, and it's just nifty. Besides... I figure that since I don't have millions to steal, if someone wants to clear out my account, they'll get a few measly hundred bucks and that's it. So, um, yeah...

Also, being able to pay online saves me mucho dollars in both postage and gas. So it's a win.

Something else that's been knocking about in my head lately is this here little 'ol blog. I miss blogging like I used to... which now days means at all. But I feel like I've got blogger's block... o_O
I feel like I absolutely have nothing to write about... even though I'm writing for me. I can't even count the number of times in the past month or so that I've opened up a blank post to start typing and then nothing... nada. Zip, zero, zilch. No way, no how is my brain going to work with me here. And all I can think is, "What the fuck?" o_O

So I'm kicking around the idea of maybe doing a specific type of post on a specific day of the week... lots of lovely bloggers, whose blogs I love & adore, do this, and it seems to work pretty well for them... so I figure I might give it a go...

And now for something completely different. ^_~

Britt & I have been getting a lot, and I mean a lot, of flack from people about moving. And most of it comes our way in nasty little side-swipey comments like, "Are you guys actually still planning on moving?" or, "My god, it's been so long, I thought you would have just given up on the idea."

Um, well, no we haven't, and fuck you too.

Perhaps they're irritated with us because we've chosen NOT to give up on what we want, even though we've had set backs & it's taking us longer to get where we want to go? Who knows. I do know, however, that my stash of "Polite" on this topic is running low... and at the bottom of that barrel is a whole lot of Snark and Sarcasm, just waiting to come out & play.

Well then... I'm off to get my not so tiny little plant starts into their pots. ^_____^

I hope you're having a fabulous Friday, and if you have the weekend off, YAY! If not, I send you my condolences and will offer to drink a margarita or something in your name. ^-^

Have a good day, and hopefully your weather allows for playing outside. Unless you live in the Midwest... Then I will pity you (and the rest of my family), who got a shit ton of snow the other day. Boo!



  1. I've found people will often make snide comments about the aspirations of others after they've given up hope of ever achieving their own. Don't let it bring you down.

    I've been feeling the blogger block too. It happens. :) Have a lovely weekend, lady! *hugs*

  2. I sure hope your day has gotten better, dear. People can be dumb asses, so don't let it get to you.


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