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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ask and you shall receive...

Today is cloudy and chilly. The birds are out in full force, searching out bugs and seeds... and bits of fluff to add into their nests. There were several of them on the porch a bit ago, and Vash was convinced that their sole purpose was to taunt him. He crouched in the living room window, making those kitty bird-hunting noises... and was thoroughly ignored by his would-be prey. Now he's asleep, snuggled to the sliding glass door that leads out to our porch. And he's snoring... 

But about asking and receiving. As I've mentioned before, I am generally horrible at asking for help with things... I'd rather flounder along and try to figure it out myself... but I'm working on it. ^-^

There are times, however, when I don't hesitate to ask a question... and this is when I rescue a spider and place her outside (instead of killing her... bad luck, killing spiders...) I can't remember where I read it, but somewhere I read that when you rescue a spider and place her safely outside of your home, you get to ask her a question. And she will show you an answer, but it might not be right away or quite what you thought the answer might be.

So today, when I was packing Britt's lunch before I dropped her off for work, I noticed a tiny speck dangling from the light above my stove... almost in the salad I was preparing. 

"Gah!!! A Fruit Fly!!! GAAAAAAHHH!!!"

But then I noticed the "Fruit Fly" was just kind of sitting still in mid-air. Okay. Not a fruit fly, but the tiniest, cutest little spider I've ever seen. ^-^ She actually looked like a smaller version of the spider I was letting live by my sink faucet last year (year before?)... until Britt made me put my little buddy outside on the porch. Why wouldn't you want a nice, polite, tiny spider in the kitchen to take care of the wee bugs that sometimes get in? She was a very polite spider... never crawled anywhere startling, kept my plants on the kitchen windowsill bug free... I loved her. ^-^

But I digress... 

So I gently grabbed the web this tiny weaver was dangling from and placed her in my hand. Then out the front door I went, to the place on the stairs where I can reach the roof of the single story apartment in our complex. And then I asked her my question: What are ways in which I can become a better story teller? A better word weaver? A better spinner of tales? And then I wished her good luck and placed her on the roof, near the eaves, so she could get to making a web in a better place than above my stove.

I didn't expect an answer today... most of the answers to the questions I ask spiders take a little while to manifest... except for today. Today, I opened up Veronica Varlow's blog to find her How To Tuesday post was on getting rid of writers' block... which I experience both in my writing and my crafting, too (crafters' block?). I suppose just a general blockage of creativity... 

Anywhom... Quite frequently, I have an idea (or many, many ideas) rolling around in my head, but I can't seem to manifest them... whether in words or paint or clay or whatever. I feel blocked, stuck and not quite sure how to get from Point A (my idea) to Point B (the idea's physical manifestation).

There are a few things I've tried in the past with varying degrees of success. Veronica gives six good (and quite probably fun!) ideas for giving your creative block the smack-down, so you can get on with your creativity. Sooooo... why not pop over and give her blog a look-see? It's full of ideas and magic and fun... just to name a few of the kinds of things you'll find there. 

But she doesn't call herself the Danger Dame for nothing... her posts are filled with absolutely fabulous va-VA-VOOM! ^___^

Be ready to fall in love with her... ^-^

Have a wonderfully creative day, my dearies... and I will do the same. ^-^



  1. O, what a tangled and lovely web we weave ...

  2. I've never heard about asking a Spider a question. I'll have to do that the next time I'm running to my back door with one in a paper cup.


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