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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring!

And today, it even looks like Spring here. ^-^

Yesterday, we had a windstorm. And rain. And steel grey skies. It so did NOT feel like the first day of Spring...

But today is, so far, making up for it. =D

It's gorgeous outside, so as soon as I finish my breakfast, I'm off to play, erm, clean & clear off, my porch & get it ready for planting. ^-^

My fabulous (
They bitch when our porch isn't clean, they bitch while we clean it, they bitch when I water my plants & accidentally spill a bit that falls through the cracks onto their porch... and then sit outside all day & night & smoke bad smelling weed.

I have nothing against people smoking pot, but their shit smells foul... Like a cat pissed in it right before they rolled it. Yeesh.

Oh well. I know that I try to be really careful while watering so as not to drip on them. They can deal. Hmph.

Back to happy things... ^_~

I think the kitties are better from the pneumonia... yay!!! Lhu & Phiphi don't sound all cruddy anymore. Their lungs sound good & their sniffles have mostly subsided. Except when Lhu snores while he sleeps... then he sounds a little stuffed up. Hmmmm... maybe one more round of antibiotics. Poor cats... At least we finally found a good vet. ^___^

Alrighty. I'm off to annoy my neighbors - uh, clean my porch. ^-^

I hope all y'all are having a fabulous second day of Spring, and get a chance to go outside & play! =D


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  1. Glad that spring is finally there for y'all. It's been here for about a month so far. It's been in the 70's in the mornings and 90's in the evenings. But that's Texas for ya.


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