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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 5 & 6

More catchin up... ^-^

Day 5 asks about our favorite kitchen task and Day 6 asked about our least favorite. 

I'd have to say that my favorite task is baking, but my favorite thing to bake is bread. 

To me, bread is pure magic. Even the simplest loaf... beautiful, beautiful magic. Just thinking about baking bread makes me all happy & warm & fluffy feeling. 

I love the smells, the textures, the taste of bread, still a bit warm from the oven, but after it's set for a while. Ahhhhhhhh...

I don't even mind getting dough under my fingernails & stuck around my cuticles. I always manage to get a dab of flour somewhere I don't see it, usually on my face, and walk around all day with it sitting there until Britt sees it & wipes it off. ^-^

I love to knead bread... I love that all I need to make bread is the ingredients, a bowl & my hands. 

I love mixing with my hands. ^-^

So baking bread is my all time, ultimate favorite thing to do in the kitchen. <3 div="">

If I happen to be cooking up a big ass pot of soup to go with it, all the better. 

*dreamy, happy sigh*

Now for my least favorite task... this one's very specific. I don't mind doing dishes. I don't mind loading or unloading the dishwasher. Dishes aren't my favorite thing in the world to do, but I don't mind doing them. 

The one thing I absolutely hate, loathe, despise & makes my head want to spin off is when dishes get stacked in the sink UN-RINSED, especially if they're stacked in dish water & left there. 

Oh. My. Gods. 

Especially, especially, if someone stacks them in there with food stuff on them & they sit for a few days, because in all honesty, I so don't do dishes as often as I ought to. But they'd just sit there rinsed-yet-unwashed, but otherwise ok if they were just rinsed.

Many a domestic squabble has ensued in my house due to un-rinsed dishes... lolz... ick.

Britt was raised in a household that did not EVER rinse their dishes. Seriously. Ever. They'd put some water & dish soap in the sink, stack the dirty dishes, still covered in food remnants, in said dish water. And then they'd sit for several hours or a day or two until someone absolutely had to wash them. 

Britt, however, has gotten much better about rinsing dishes. ^-^ She saw the error of her ways, and now strives to leave her dishes rinsed & ready to be put in the dishwasher. She is a good woman. ^___^

I'll admit it... sometimes I'll forget to rinse a dish too... and then I feel the need to do some sort of penance or something... but mostly I'll just mentally kick myself for making an icky mess that I now have to clean up. Bleh...

My computer's battery is about to die, so I suppose I'd better post this & go in search of a power outlet. I'm at Starbucks. It is in Lynden, but you'd still think they'd have a power outlet handy somewhere in the building... o_O



  1. I hate seeing dirty dishes that David leaves in the sink or on his desk. It drives me crazy.
    But your talking about the baking of fresh loaves of bread made me go look for my cookbook. I need to get back to baking again. Thanks g/f >^.,.^<

  2. We're so on the same page with a lot of our kitchen witchy things! BTW, I interviewed for a job in your lovely state and I really really really hope I get it. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe we can bake bread together one day! xxoo

  3. Making bread scares the shit out of me. Crazy right? I'm just afraid I'm gonna mess it up.

  4. Hello, just found you via catnip ... lovely blog you have here ... don't trust anyone, you hear ... blessed be ... cat.

  5. OMG your just TOO cute for words!! xoxo

  6. Darlin, go over to my blog and pick up your award that I nominated you for. Congrats!


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