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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 3

What doesn't make a Kitchen Witch?

So yesterday I espoused my grand ideas of what I feel makes moi a Kitchen Witch.

Today's question kind of threw me though... How am I supposed to know what doesn't make someone something? o_O

I have no idea... and I'm not really all that comfy with the whole notion of coming up with things/reasons that a person isn't something. I'll leave that for others to do, methinks... ^_~

I'm happier with just trying to keep track of myself... I have enough trouble with that, let alone keeping track of everyone else too. ^-^


Be what you want, don't be what you don't want to be, and let's all just be happy together. Sound ok to you? Sounds fabulous to me. ^-^



  1. The older I get the more I can't stand labels. The quickest way to stunt Spiritual growth is to slap a hat on.

    Be who you are when you are why you are and fuck those who don't care for who you are.


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