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Sunday, February 03, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 1

Why Kitchen Witchery?

Well... I don't solely classify myself as a Kitchen Witch. I think if I were to try & fit myself beneath any kind of labels, they would include Kitchen Witch, but also Hearth Witch, Hedge Witch, Wise Woman, Wild Woman, Green Witch... nothing fits quite perfectly, but there are bits & pieces of all of those & more in me. ^-^

I do, however, love to cook & more specifically bake, and frequently do "Kitchen Witchy" things, according to Britt. ^_~

I think cooking has by & large become a task, a chore, an inconvenience, to many people. In our culture of NOWs & FASTs & INSTANTs, taking the time & effort to prepare food has fallen by the wayside of "convenient" things, like boxed or frozen dinners & fast food. Not that I'm not up for ordering a pizza once in a while, or I always feel like cooking, but I think that much of what was once a central part of life has become an afterthought.

And I think this is a shame. Cooking or baking for people is a way to show them you care for them/about them and love them. Ask me if I'd rather go out to eat or get together & cook a meal with you & the restaurant can go take a hike most days.

And I love to cook. I stayed up until about 6 am this morning finishing the pot of chicken soup I had been working on all night. That, my dears, is love... a big ass pot of home made chicken soup. Nothing will fill you up, warm your spirit & make you happy & healthy feeling the way home made chicken soup will. ^-^

Add to that some freshly baked bread & you have in your home a piece of heaven. Pure bliss...

But why do I practice kitchen witchery? Because everything we eat or drink becomes part of us. What better way to make magic part of my & my family's lives than to incorporate it into what sustains us?

When I hold my hand(s) over my pot of soup and fill it with energies of love & happiness & joy & mirth & health & comfort, I am weaving a spell that will become quite literally part of me & Britt. When I add my energies & intentions to the energies of the veggies in my pot, wonderful things can happen.

I rarely will perform a spell or a ritual in the sense many think of when hearing those words. But every time I cook or bake or clean my kitchen, I am doing so with intent. With purpose. With love & light. I do it with the knowledge that the food that passes through my hands and then into our mouths has the ability to nourish not only our bodies, but our spirits as well.

In the end, I practice kitchen witchery because like everything else I incorporate into my practices, it just feels right, it just fits. It's one piece in the great puzzle that makes up who I am, and it makes me happy to make others happy by cooking & baking for them.



  1. I lost my way for awhile being in the present moment with a lot of things including cooking. Just turning on water and listening to it hit the tea kettle can be amazingly grounding. Now get your sweet ass over here with that soup and bread!

  2. Really well said, love! Excellent post. Thank you for participating! xxxx


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