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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Catch up ^-^

So I, too, have been busy with work & house cleaning in preparation for my dad's visit. Now that he's here, we've been going nonstop since his arrival. Omg... I'm so not used to being out & about so much... @_@

But we've had lots of fun & he replaced the faucet in our bathroom... so now we can brush our teeth in the bathroom again. Brushing them at the kitchen sink still gets them clean, but just feels weird to me... o_O

Anywho... I have a *few* days to catch up on, so I figured now's a good time to start.

Day 4's question was what our favorite tools are. I don't have too many snazzy kitchen implements, mostly because I don't see the point in owning something that will take up space if it can only be used for one task. Since space is at such a premium in my house, I'd rather have something that's multi-use.

A good example of this is the egg boiler that Britt bought a while back... lolz... It is quite nifty, I won't deny it, but it only boils eggs. Nothing else. So I think it's silly for it to be taking up space in my cupboard, but I do use it. I don't know... I like it, but feel kind of silly having one, because a nice, simple sauce pan would also boil eggs... and anything else I might want to put in it.

My current favorite tool is my electric mixer. I finally bought one the other day, as I was going to make a cheesecake from scratch, and the thought of beating cream cheese & butter & sugar together by hand until it was all nice & smooth & perfectly combined made me want to cry... and was therefore the perfect excuse to allow myself to buy one. ^-^

I'll also be more easily able to make meringue now... YAY!

I suppose another favorite tool is a nice, big, heavy mixing bowl... even though I don't own one. I'm still looking for the perfect heavy duty bowl for this... And I'm really partial to a nice, study mixing spoon... even though I usually end up using my hands to mix doughs & crusts & things like that... they just work better. ^______^

So yeah... I can't really pick just one favorite. But there are definitely a few things I enjoy using on a regular basis. ^-^

Alrighty... I'd best be off to collect my dad from his coffee date with his cousin (who is also a pastor... it's gotta be something in his & my mom's family's genes, to have so many clergy on both sides of the family... XD)

Have a wonderful day my sweets! The sun is shining here, and I think I'm going to take the dad for a jog at the lake later. ^-^ It's so nice outside!!! =D


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