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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 5 & 6

More catchin up... ^-^

Day 5 asks about our favorite kitchen task and Day 6 asked about our least favorite. 

I'd have to say that my favorite task is baking, but my favorite thing to bake is bread. 

To me, bread is pure magic. Even the simplest loaf... beautiful, beautiful magic. Just thinking about baking bread makes me all happy & warm & fluffy feeling. 

I love the smells, the textures, the taste of bread, still a bit warm from the oven, but after it's set for a while. Ahhhhhhhh...

I don't even mind getting dough under my fingernails & stuck around my cuticles. I always manage to get a dab of flour somewhere I don't see it, usually on my face, and walk around all day with it sitting there until Britt sees it & wipes it off. ^-^

I love to knead bread... I love that all I need to make bread is the ingredients, a bowl & my hands. 

I love mixing with my hands. ^-^

So baking bread is my all time, ultimate favorite thing to do in the kitchen. <3 div="">

If I happen to be cooking up a big ass pot of soup to go with it, all the better. 

*dreamy, happy sigh*

Now for my least favorite task... this one's very specific. I don't mind doing dishes. I don't mind loading or unloading the dishwasher. Dishes aren't my favorite thing in the world to do, but I don't mind doing them. 

The one thing I absolutely hate, loathe, despise & makes my head want to spin off is when dishes get stacked in the sink UN-RINSED, especially if they're stacked in dish water & left there. 

Oh. My. Gods. 

Especially, especially, if someone stacks them in there with food stuff on them & they sit for a few days, because in all honesty, I so don't do dishes as often as I ought to. But they'd just sit there rinsed-yet-unwashed, but otherwise ok if they were just rinsed.

Many a domestic squabble has ensued in my house due to un-rinsed dishes... lolz... ick.

Britt was raised in a household that did not EVER rinse their dishes. Seriously. Ever. They'd put some water & dish soap in the sink, stack the dirty dishes, still covered in food remnants, in said dish water. And then they'd sit for several hours or a day or two until someone absolutely had to wash them. 

Britt, however, has gotten much better about rinsing dishes. ^-^ She saw the error of her ways, and now strives to leave her dishes rinsed & ready to be put in the dishwasher. She is a good woman. ^___^

I'll admit it... sometimes I'll forget to rinse a dish too... and then I feel the need to do some sort of penance or something... but mostly I'll just mentally kick myself for making an icky mess that I now have to clean up. Bleh...

My computer's battery is about to die, so I suppose I'd better post this & go in search of a power outlet. I'm at Starbucks. It is in Lynden, but you'd still think they'd have a power outlet handy somewhere in the building... o_O


30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Catch up ^-^

So I, too, have been busy with work & house cleaning in preparation for my dad's visit. Now that he's here, we've been going nonstop since his arrival. Omg... I'm so not used to being out & about so much... @_@

But we've had lots of fun & he replaced the faucet in our bathroom... so now we can brush our teeth in the bathroom again. Brushing them at the kitchen sink still gets them clean, but just feels weird to me... o_O

Anywho... I have a *few* days to catch up on, so I figured now's a good time to start.

Day 4's question was what our favorite tools are. I don't have too many snazzy kitchen implements, mostly because I don't see the point in owning something that will take up space if it can only be used for one task. Since space is at such a premium in my house, I'd rather have something that's multi-use.

A good example of this is the egg boiler that Britt bought a while back... lolz... It is quite nifty, I won't deny it, but it only boils eggs. Nothing else. So I think it's silly for it to be taking up space in my cupboard, but I do use it. I don't know... I like it, but feel kind of silly having one, because a nice, simple sauce pan would also boil eggs... and anything else I might want to put in it.

My current favorite tool is my electric mixer. I finally bought one the other day, as I was going to make a cheesecake from scratch, and the thought of beating cream cheese & butter & sugar together by hand until it was all nice & smooth & perfectly combined made me want to cry... and was therefore the perfect excuse to allow myself to buy one. ^-^

I'll also be more easily able to make meringue now... YAY!

I suppose another favorite tool is a nice, big, heavy mixing bowl... even though I don't own one. I'm still looking for the perfect heavy duty bowl for this... And I'm really partial to a nice, study mixing spoon... even though I usually end up using my hands to mix doughs & crusts & things like that... they just work better. ^______^

So yeah... I can't really pick just one favorite. But there are definitely a few things I enjoy using on a regular basis. ^-^

Alrighty... I'd best be off to collect my dad from his coffee date with his cousin (who is also a pastor... it's gotta be something in his & my mom's family's genes, to have so many clergy on both sides of the family... XD)

Have a wonderful day my sweets! The sun is shining here, and I think I'm going to take the dad for a jog at the lake later. ^-^ It's so nice outside!!! =D


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 3

What doesn't make a Kitchen Witch?

So yesterday I espoused my grand ideas of what I feel makes moi a Kitchen Witch.

Today's question kind of threw me though... How am I supposed to know what doesn't make someone something? o_O

I have no idea... and I'm not really all that comfy with the whole notion of coming up with things/reasons that a person isn't something. I'll leave that for others to do, methinks... ^_~

I'm happier with just trying to keep track of myself... I have enough trouble with that, let alone keeping track of everyone else too. ^-^


Be what you want, don't be what you don't want to be, and let's all just be happy together. Sound ok to you? Sounds fabulous to me. ^-^


Monday, February 04, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 2

What makes a Kitchen Witch?

Ask 13 Witches what makes a Witch, and you'll get at least 13 different answers back. ^-^

That being said, I think that it's my intention, my mindfulness & my conscious awareness of what I'm doing & when, and also of what's going on around me that makes me a Kitchen Witch.

When I cook or bake, I'm not just combining ingredients together. I'm adding in intentions or energy for what I'm wanting that particular food to accomplish. I am fully aware in those moments, that whatever emotions and energy I'm putting out have the potential to influence those that consume the food I prepare.

So I'll find myself occasionally putting on the brakes if I'm cooking & not in a good frame of mind. I try and make sure that I'm not putting out anything that I wouldn't want to get from someone else. ^-^

I take a minute, re-frame, chill out, zen, whatever I need to do, so that when I go back, I'm adding positive things to my food.

Sometimes, though, I'll find myself in a less than pleasant mood & find that the very act of baking lifts my spirits. I also find that my bread or whatever I was making seems to taste extra good when I'm done. ^_~

In a nutshell, I think that when a person cooks or bakes with intent & purpose, they are, if they so choose to be called, a Kitchen Witch.


Sunday, February 03, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery - Day 1

Why Kitchen Witchery?

Well... I don't solely classify myself as a Kitchen Witch. I think if I were to try & fit myself beneath any kind of labels, they would include Kitchen Witch, but also Hearth Witch, Hedge Witch, Wise Woman, Wild Woman, Green Witch... nothing fits quite perfectly, but there are bits & pieces of all of those & more in me. ^-^

I do, however, love to cook & more specifically bake, and frequently do "Kitchen Witchy" things, according to Britt. ^_~

I think cooking has by & large become a task, a chore, an inconvenience, to many people. In our culture of NOWs & FASTs & INSTANTs, taking the time & effort to prepare food has fallen by the wayside of "convenient" things, like boxed or frozen dinners & fast food. Not that I'm not up for ordering a pizza once in a while, or I always feel like cooking, but I think that much of what was once a central part of life has become an afterthought.

And I think this is a shame. Cooking or baking for people is a way to show them you care for them/about them and love them. Ask me if I'd rather go out to eat or get together & cook a meal with you & the restaurant can go take a hike most days.

And I love to cook. I stayed up until about 6 am this morning finishing the pot of chicken soup I had been working on all night. That, my dears, is love... a big ass pot of home made chicken soup. Nothing will fill you up, warm your spirit & make you happy & healthy feeling the way home made chicken soup will. ^-^

Add to that some freshly baked bread & you have in your home a piece of heaven. Pure bliss...

But why do I practice kitchen witchery? Because everything we eat or drink becomes part of us. What better way to make magic part of my & my family's lives than to incorporate it into what sustains us?

When I hold my hand(s) over my pot of soup and fill it with energies of love & happiness & joy & mirth & health & comfort, I am weaving a spell that will become quite literally part of me & Britt. When I add my energies & intentions to the energies of the veggies in my pot, wonderful things can happen.

I rarely will perform a spell or a ritual in the sense many think of when hearing those words. But every time I cook or bake or clean my kitchen, I am doing so with intent. With purpose. With love & light. I do it with the knowledge that the food that passes through my hands and then into our mouths has the ability to nourish not only our bodies, but our spirits as well.

In the end, I practice kitchen witchery because like everything else I incorporate into my practices, it just feels right, it just fits. It's one piece in the great puzzle that makes up who I am, and it makes me happy to make others happy by cooking & baking for them.


Gratitude Sunday

Firstly, I'm grateful to Taryn over at Wooly Moss Roots for hosting Gratitude Sundays. She and her family have a wonderful blog & two great Etsy shops, Wooly Moss Roots & Mystic Orb. Check them out!

Over the past week, I've been grateful for many things. ^-^ Some of the most notable ones...

I'm grateful Britt & I were able to go on a hike on Saturday. It was the most beautiful day we've had in months.

For staying up late, late, late last night (ok, early this morning) and making a big pot of chicken soup.

For all the love & snuggles my kitties give me.

For getting better quickly from my cold.

For finding my love for blogging again (I have missed it!)

And for being found by an old friend, who's been on my mind off & on for the past few months. ^____^

Right now, I feel so wonderful. So full. So happy. I am grateful for feeling like this. Feeling at peace with myself and my surroundings is kind of a new thing for me... and so I am filled to overflowing with gratitude for the simple thing of being truly happy in this moment.