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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Rambles

Good morning, my lovelies...

Very early morning... or late night. Whichever you prefer. ^-^

I'm sitting on the floor in my living room. All the lights are off except for the white lights on our tiny tree & the ones that we put up around the kitchen two years ago. We liked the lights around the kitchen ceiling so well that we decided to leave them up all year long. ^-^

The candles on my kitchen counter are lit too... the scent of apples & cinnamon swirls through my apartment.

Tomorrow is Cleaning Day 1 of 4. I'm going to tackle our bedroom... I want it to be a place that I like to be, instead of the place that we use for storage & occasionally sleep in. ^-^ I remember my room as a teenager as a place of refuge, safety & comfort. I loved to be in my room. It resembled a junk shop I suppose, with all the decorative boxes, knick knacks, candles, dried flowers & books, but I loved it. It felt like an extension of me. It was my place to go & just BE. To regroup, to zen, to relax, to read, to sleep, to do whatever... My room now is the antithesis of my former room. I'm striving to get my space back. ^-^

I got some great ideas from the fabulous Veronica Varlow... It was funny. I had been thinking about how to clean, arrange, decorate our room & then she goes & posts on her blog about cheap & easy ways to decorate a room. ^-^ I love when things like that happen.

One of my favorite things about the Winter holidays is... PEPPERMINT. At this very moment I'm happily nomming a candy cane. ^-^ And in the nifty shoulder bag my mom got for me there is a bag of Dove Peppermint Bark squares... Oh my holy holiday hallelujah... they are simply the best thing ever. I discovered them with my mom... and we were instantly hooked. Dark chocolaty peppermint addicts, I tell ya...

 Lhu apparently likes candy canes too... caught the little twit licking the candy cane that I'd set down. @_@
There is cat spit on my candy cane... o_O

I figure that tomorrow when I need a break from cleaning & rearranging our room, I can start making my wee Christmas village. ^-^ I've been meaning to make one for a few years... So now I'm going to.

I'm also working away at making holiday cards... so if you'd like one, email me your snail mail address to:

Or you can message me on facebook. ^-^

My goal is to get them mailed off by Monday at the latest, to everyone I've got addresses for. If you get me your address after Monday, that's totally fine too. ^-^ I'll just mail your card as soon as I get your address. ^-^

Alrighty... since I'm still very much awake, I think I'll go clean off my desk. It's buried under about two feet of books, notebooks, bottles of paint, knitting projects, etc... my poor desk...

Oh! And I almost forgot... I finally finished the sugar skull painting that I've been working on for forever. ^-^

I apologize for the iffy photo quality... my camera is AWOL at the moment, so I took the photo with my iPod...

I paper mached over a canvas, painted it & then painted & inked the rest. ^-^

Hopefully I'll find my camera soon so I can get a better photograph. My camera is probably buried on my desk... o_O

Well then... I'm off to find my desk! Wish me luck & hopefully I'll be back soon-ish. ^-^


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