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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Airport Rambles

Good morning, my lovelies...

I'm writing to you this morning from gate N14 at the airport in Seattle. My plane leaves at 10:30, but since I had a choice of shuttle times from Bellingham that got me here at either 06:45 or 08:45, I erred on the side of caution & caught the earlier bus. 

So now I'm sitting at my gate with about an hour & 45 minutes until I can board, so I figured I'd get started with the first of many blog posts on this trip. 

My lady love specifically requested that I post lots of posts... one a day, to be precise. I'm aiming for that, but we'll have to see how successful this erratic blogger is. ^-^

Britt isn't able to come with me to Iowa, as her job couldn't let her leave for two weeks... they simply don't have the necessary staff. They work short most days anyways, so they told her they really couldn't let her have two weeks off... le sigh. 

So I'm traveling by myself to Omaha, Nebraska... where by younger brother now lives. He got a nifty promotion at work (go Tim!!!), so he moved last week or the week before. If I'm feeling nice (which I'm sure I will be...), I'll help him finish unpacking. ^-^

I should get there about 17:30 this evening & we'll spend the night at his place. He mentioned something about going out to sushi for dinner... Mmmmmmm... sushi.... *drools*

Then tomorrow we'll hop in his car & head to my parents' house in Britt, Iowa. I think it's about a four and a half hour drive, give or take. 

Speaking of the town my folks live in, when we were there last (for my sister's wedding), Britt & I ran all over the place taking pictures of her with the various signs with the town name on it... lolz...

After all, how often do you go to visit a place with the same name you have? If I can find some of those pics,  I'll have to post them. We had a blast. ^-^

Well then... I think I'm done rambling here.

Now to finish my coffee & do some knitting. ^-^



  1. ummmm... when I think of sushi, Nebraska is NOT the first place that would pop into my brain. LOL.

    But, I have been to Nebraska and I liked it. I'm not sure what it was that appealed to this hilly Seattle native, but there it was. Have fun.

  2. I love that you are posting. It makes me feel like you're not that far away.


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