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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Airport Rambles

Good morning, my lovelies...

I'm writing to you this morning from gate N14 at the airport in Seattle. My plane leaves at 10:30, but since I had a choice of shuttle times from Bellingham that got me here at either 06:45 or 08:45, I erred on the side of caution & caught the earlier bus. 

So now I'm sitting at my gate with about an hour & 45 minutes until I can board, so I figured I'd get started with the first of many blog posts on this trip. 

My lady love specifically requested that I post lots of posts... one a day, to be precise. I'm aiming for that, but we'll have to see how successful this erratic blogger is. ^-^

Britt isn't able to come with me to Iowa, as her job couldn't let her leave for two weeks... they simply don't have the necessary staff. They work short most days anyways, so they told her they really couldn't let her have two weeks off... le sigh. 

So I'm traveling by myself to Omaha, Nebraska... where by younger brother now lives. He got a nifty promotion at work (go Tim!!!), so he moved last week or the week before. If I'm feeling nice (which I'm sure I will be...), I'll help him finish unpacking. ^-^

I should get there about 17:30 this evening & we'll spend the night at his place. He mentioned something about going out to sushi for dinner... Mmmmmmm... sushi.... *drools*

Then tomorrow we'll hop in his car & head to my parents' house in Britt, Iowa. I think it's about a four and a half hour drive, give or take. 

Speaking of the town my folks live in, when we were there last (for my sister's wedding), Britt & I ran all over the place taking pictures of her with the various signs with the town name on it... lolz...

After all, how often do you go to visit a place with the same name you have? If I can find some of those pics,  I'll have to post them. We had a blast. ^-^

Well then... I think I'm done rambling here.

Now to finish my coffee & do some knitting. ^-^


Monday, November 05, 2012

Someone grab an Ark...

Soooooo... this morning we got up, made coffee & breakfast & were getting ready to head to Seattle with Britt's folks to hit up the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Pacific Science Center... (more on this later.)

I went to empty the dish water out of the sink.

(yes, I was washing dishes by hand... and enjoying it. I have indeed lost it completely)

But instead of hearing the nice water-going-down-the-pipes sound, all I heard was


I shoved the drain plug back in & started swearing even more than usual, as from behind the cupboard doors beneath my sink gushed the dish water. Out onto my rug & the kitchen floor and my poor little feet. Ugh. Wet socks... wet rug... wet floor... o_O

I ran & grabbed towels, Britt brought me more & we got the cleaning stuff we keep locked under there out & everything dried off.

I stuck my head under the sink & swore some more as I saw THIS...

Aaaaaaaand a close up...

Aside from nasty gunk hanging out of my pipe, the only problem is that the pipe is no longer connected to the sink drain.

Wait, what? @___@

I am reticent to call our maintenance guy, as we called about our bathroom sink once before (it was leaking), he came & "fixed" it, and now I've got the hot water tap turned off (because it still wouldn't stop running.) And neither does the cold water... it drip, drip, drips...

I've been trying to figure out how to fix that one on my own as well. My dad was going to help when he was here, but we got busy & forgot. Oops.

So tomorrow I'm going to bury myself in the interwebs & see if I can figure out a relatively not too difficult way to fix my damn kitchen sink, so I may wash dishes... and if not, then I'll be calling our property management company.

I suppose that the bonus of living in an apartment without any owner/manager supervision on-sight is great most of the time, except times like this... Actually, our entire 12 apartment complex is falling apart... le sigh...

I'm hoping that I can figure out an easy way to fix this myself (and my bathroom sink too...)

Anyone who knows anything about plumbing, either shoot me an email to

or leave a comment... ^____^

Any advice is welcome, even if it's along the lines of, "Dude, suck it up & call your maintenance guy."


Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, Saturday, November 03, 2012

Outside my window...

It is windy & rainy. The plants on the porch rustle in the wind. Some, mostly the herbs, are still green, while most have turned brown & withered in the cold. The harvest was small, but we still got tomatoes which were delicious. 

I am thinking...

About my cat, Kyo. I'm always teary right around Halloween & Dia de los Muertos, as I tend to miss him especially much around this time. He was very much a Halloween kitty... Bright orange & fluffy... when he sat propped up against the couch or wall or whatever, his pluffy tummy could have been a pumpkin. ^-^

I am thankful...

To have spent the past nine years with the same wonderful womyn. Britt & I celebrated our 9th anniversary on Halloween. ^-^ It seems like we've been together forever, like there was nothing before her, yet it also seems like no time has passed at all. We've got tentative plans to have a wedding-ish ceremony on our 13th anniversary... but no concrete plans yet. ^-^

In the kitchen...

Sit the roses I got for Britt on the stove top. The last of the tomatoes sit in a dish next to them. They are so good, those home grown tomatoes. Nothing beats tomatoes you've grown yourself since Spring. I think that next year I'll get a couple more tomato plants so I'll have enough to make & can some spaghetti sauce.

I am wearing...

 Jeans & a stripped shirt. And the fuzzy Halloween slipper socks that I wear around the house. ^-^ I will never have enough Halloween socks... or undies for that matter. I figure if I buy several pairs of Halloween undies every year, in a few years I'll have enough to wear ONLY Halloween panties every day of the year... I find this prospect exciting.=P

I am creating...

A few things... I'm knitting a scarf for Britt. It's insanely bright & awesome. ^-^ I'm also finishing up a painting of a sugar skull... as soon as I finish the marigolds & give it a clear coat, it will be done. Yay! Soon I hope... I have the on-going yarn I'm spinning with my drop spindle as well.

I am going...

To Nebraska & Iowa in less than two weeks! My younger sister is having her first baby (the first baby on our side of the family), and she asked me to be her doula. Her super awesome hubby will be her main support (Josh gets a gold star from me for this...^_~) and I'll get to be the support for them both. I am really excited & feel very honored to be able to support them in one of the most special events in life.

I'll also be there over Thanksgiving, which will be the first with my family since they moved to Iowa from Washington in 2003. I'm thrilled to be able to cook for them... I hope they bring their second and third stomachs to dinner... they're going to need them. =D

I am wondering...

If anyone has any good ideas of how to get rid of fruit flies. The little bastards came to visit on some fruit I brought home from the store about a week ago... and even thought the fruit's gone, they're still hanging out. Gaaaaaaahhhhhh...

I am reading...

A Game of Thrones, Violin, Women Who Run With the Wolves, Herstory, & one of my doula books.

Usually I stick to one book at a time, but for some reason I've found myself neck deep in books. ^-^
I'm not complaining...

I am hoping...

That the muscle in my back that is giving me such grief starts feeling better soon. I must be sleeping funny, but this stupid muscle now feels like it's pinching a nerve that leads down my arm & another one that goes up my neck. Gah. Britt said she'd put some Tiger Balm on it tonight. I am leaning toward carving it out with a spoon, but I suppose I'll try her way first... o_O

I am looking forward to...

Going to the King Tut exhibit tomorrow! =D

We're taking Britt's parents to Seattle with us for her Dad's birthday. He loves anything that has to do with archaeology, Egypt, mummies, etc., so we figured this would be the perfect gift. ^-^
Plus it will get her parent's out of their house for a while. They're even more reclusive that we are... lolz...

I am learning...

How to knit! I've got the basics (knit & purl (perl?)) down, so I'm excited to learn some other stitches. ^-^

Now that I've got the hang of using two needles at a time, I feel very accomplished. I still find crocheting easier, but knitting is no longer something to be feared... XD

Around the house...

My lazy cats are sleeping & at least one of them is snoring... I love kitty snores... they're so cute. =3

I am pondering...

The rest of my dishes. I have almost all of them washed. I know, please don't have a heart attack. I'm too poor to pay your ER bill. But between my dishwasher & washing them by hand (plus having de-cluttered a bunch of them), I think I'm getting ahead of things.

A favorite quote for today...

"Clear the mechanism." Snagged from Kirsten over at One Tough Mother's post that quoted For the Love of the Game. I think that it's a perfect quote for someone like me who needs to occasionally just chill the fuck out & ground & center myself.

One of my favorite things...

Is spaghetti squash. Is is silly to be over the moon about a squash? I don't think so. Especially since it's given Britt & I an uber healthy alternative to pasta. Woo & hoo. =D

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Work, finish cleaning my apartment, get my bedroom cleaned & organized (a task that will probably take much longer than cleaning the rest of my apartment... @_@), get ready to head to Iowa for two weeks. 

A peek into my day...

Halloween slipper socks of awesome miichyness. 

Be sure to visit to see all the other participants or to drop a note to our lovely hostess, Peggy. 


Friday, November 02, 2012


I can't believe another month has ended... and my favorite month at that.

Speaking of the end of October, sorry to anyone who was looking for a Halloween Party Post from me for Vanessa's 5th annual party. Life happened, as it occasionally does, and required my attentions elsewhere. Bleh.

But the good news is that Vash is feeling better, I'm feeling better & I think that Britt avoided getting sick as well. ^-^

I'm bummed I didn't get to show off the snazzy hat & shoes I've been working on, but I can always post a picture later. ^-^

I made some sugar skulls earlier in the night for my Dia de los Muertos celebration today. I ended up taking the ingredients from two different recipes, changing the amounts & then winging it... so we'll see how they turn out. ^-^

At the very least I'll take a few pictures after I decorate them, but before I try to move them. That way, if they crumble, I'll at least have some nice pictures. =P

It's always today that makes me regret the most how far flung my family is. How much of our history never got passed on to my parents' generation, and how even less has been passed on to mine.

I'm excited to hopefully get my photo album back from my mom when I go to visit in two weeks... She sent it to me, then needed to borrow it so she could make two more (one for each of my siblings) without having to try & remember who was who in all the photos... XD

I adore my mom. ^-^

I can't wait to see my family! I can't believe I'll be gone for two weeks though... and over Thanksgiving! This will be the first holiday I've spent with them in almost a decade... so I can't wait to cook for them. I'm gonna knock their socks off! =D

I only wish that Britt was able to come with me... but there was no way her job was going to give her two weeks (or even one...) off to come with. Sigh. And I think it would have been great for her to come, as I'm going because my little sister is having her first baby. It would have been really wonderful to have Britt there with me.

The last time I was gone for even almost this long was right after my family moved in 2003. I went to visit them for 12 days, over Christmas & New Year's. Britt & I had only been together for a little over two months. It was the worst 12 days possibly ever. I was so homesick, I cried every night. And since I hadn't come out to my family yet, I couldn't tell them why I was so homesick, when they thought I was "home" with them.


Fortunately, things aren't like that anymore. ^-^ I'm sure I'll have a good time with my family, and I won't forget to bring my cell phone charger with me this time... so I'll be able to call & text Britt whenever. ^-^

Anywho... I'm rambling on (and on) when I really need to get to bed so I can get up & get to the graveyard at a decent time tomorrow. ^-^

I'll be bringing Auntie Mel a sugar skull made especially for her. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Until next time...