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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I can feel it coming...

Autumn! I can feel it in the air... I had to pull out my coat this morning because it was so chilly. ^-^

I admit, as much as I love the summer and the heat, Autumn is my favorite season. I get lazy in the Summer, after that first burst of Springtime enthusiasm wanes. I feel as if my brain kind of goes to sleep or maybe into "Power-save mode" or something. Autumn is when I wake back up. I feel mentally sharper. More attuned to things in general.

My ears pricked up the other day when I felt the first hints of Fall in the air. Nothing too overt, just a slight change in the breeze, a slight change in the way the air smelled, a slight change in how the sunlight and sky look. I felt myself wake up, raise my head, open my eyes... uncurl my arms and legs, fingers and toes, throw back my head and laugh with sheer joy. My season is almost here... the season that fills my heart and soul to bursting.

I've been gone from my blog most of this year, and in some ways have missed it. I just haven't had much to say lately, so I just accepted it and occasionally posted here & there.

But now, now I feel awake and alive. I want to write and paint and create endlessly. I want to work on all the projects that have sat so long in various states of progress, but haven't been finished.

I'm currently dreaming of brewing a pot of tea when I get home this afternoon, cooking a tasty dinner, cleaning a bit and then painting the rest of the night. ^-^

The missus and I went on a wee camping trip this past weekend down the Oregon coast. We camped at Fort Stevens and then went to Seaside and Canon Beach the next day. We frolicked in the ocean (the REAL ocean! Like the one that touches other countries!) and laughed at how different it was from Puget Sound. Britt marveled at the waves, and I told her that someday I'd take her to Florida and we'd go play out in the water and body surf the waves back onto shore. I told her the story of when my siblings and I were playing in the water when we lived in Jacksonville and my brother got a fish caught in the netting of his swim trunks... we had a lovely trip, and I can't wait to have more time to go back. ^-^

I've been working in my art journal a bit, and have one page completed and two more partly done. I'm still working on my big (for me) painting/collage thing, but I plan to finish that up this weekend.

I went blackberry picking a few weeks ago at the cemetery and made two batches of just fabulous jam... perhaps this weekend I'll make some bread and open a jar. ^-^

Sooooooo... since I've been away so long, I've poked around a few blogs today to catch up, but what have you guys been up to?


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