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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Vegas Dress!

So Britt and I are going to a friend's wedding weekend after next... in Las Vegas. =D

Neither of us have ever been, so we're both excited to go someplace new. ^-^

The requirements for the bachelorette party were that our outfits needed to be black, so that the bride (who'll be in a white dress) will stand out. Sooooo... Here's the dress I'm getting. Now all I have to do is make myself a head piece with the requisite veil, and I'll be set. ^-^

I wish I could wear the gloves, but since my crazy friend wants to get married in Vegas in AUGUST, gloves are out... (The woman is lucky I'm consenting to wear clothes...) lolz...

I think I'll wear the peep-toes that I have (like the chica in the pics), but mine are red, so it'll add some color. ^-^

They look kinda like this...
...except that they're not made by Christian Louboutin, no matter how much I wish they were. I am in love with him... and his shoes. <3 p="p">


  1. Oooh - love the dress - very chic! But Vegas in August? Ouch! I really enjoyed my time there. Just stay inside during the day and go out at night. Loved Freemont street and had a kick-ass lunch at both Margaritaville and Diablo's (both accessible off the street.) Enjoy yourself - and don't melt!

  2. long time no talk too! I made a new blog, my old one I hope to open later in the future. But right now, I am just focusing on art. I love the dress. Classy. Very classy. :) bringing it back :D

    _trish aka MANY STARS :3

  3. Oh, very cool!! That dress will look great on you. Have a lot of fun! Whose wedding is it? I guess you won't be able to make it to the Uncanny Dreams doll show, then. I'll try to take lots of photos for you.


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