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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jam & Zucchini

Good morning! Afternoon, really, but I suppose it's all relative to when one gets up? I got to indulge my night owlishness last night and was up until a glorious 0430 planning jam and zucchini bread making for today. ^-^

The jam is, unfortunately, going to have to wait until tonight when we get home from the sis-in-law's house. We're headed that way in about an hour to help her bake zucchini bread. ^-^ She's not much of a baker, but grew a few humongous zucchinis this year & asked us to come over & teach her how to bake bread with it.

Later this evening she & her hubby have tickets to the rodeo, so we'll be staying to babysit the little crabapple (as he's affectionately called), who will be two in October, but hit his terrible twos at about one and a half... o_O

I'm doubly excited to head over, as their apple tree ( I have no idea what kind...) has ripe apples already! Yay!!! I'm gonna haul out the orchard ladder they have and go apple picking! Apple bread... apple butter... apple sauce... blackberry-apple fruit leather... apple pies, tarts, crumbles... Mmmmmmmm...

By the way, York Peppermint Patty creamer is just the most awesome thing ever... omnomnommy!

Britt made breakfast, which is now ready, so I shall bid you auf wiedersehen.


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  1. Sounds wonderful! Hope you had an awesome time!...Just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following...
    So nice to "meet" you!


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