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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mad Tea Party!!!

Eek! Apparently the connections to the Aether aren't very good when one is underwater... Must've been that the Nautilus' walls were too thick?

At any rate, here I am and there you are and now it's time for tea!

You'll have to forgive the strange lighting... there is, after all, no sunlight when one is deep beneath the waves... and the parlor has gas lamps... so there we go. ^-^

Tea was a rather relaxed affair this year. Just the Captain and I, but then he was called away... so I was left to my book and my tea.

 I'd packed a few things with me for tea, but where on earth did the Captain find roses in a submarine?

 Tea? Yes please! It was quite late, though, so I had Honey Vanilla Chamomile... no black tea for me tonight...

One lump or two?

There's plenty, so perhaps you'd like three? ^_~

Just one lump for me...

Oh! And don't forget the cream! Mmmmmm...

And just in case you're feeling the need for a special additive... Kraken rum... (The dear Captain had a bit of this before he ran off... ^-^)

Ah... such lovely roses! Can you smell them?

And this was one of the things I made sure to bring with me (just for tea time!) My mum got these for me...
Is there anything better than a sugar bowl with feet? I think not...

Mmmmmm... hot tea...

Apparently the Captain keeps a cat on board... a cat on a submarine? Oh my...

 Thank you so very much for stopping in! If you never have read it, go grab yourself a copy of...

...and you can meet Captain Nemo for yourself, have tea beneath the waves and join in all the adventures...
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea!

Also make sure you stop by and grab a cupcake and some tea from Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist... Our most wonderful hostess would love to meet you! Be warned, you will probably end up covered in glitter and/or fairy dust... ^-^



  1. What a fun subterranean tea party!

    I especially love the Captain's cat, thanks for having me :)

    please do come take tea with me at mine:

  2. Love your party - especially your kittie!
    hope you can stop by my parties!

  3. What an interesting party. The roses are lovely.


  4. What a fun party; I've never been to a tea party under the sea before. There's a first time for everything, I suppose, and it was great fun!

    Feel free to stop by my party:

  5. What a lovely party, and the sugar bowl with feet is a supreme delight. Maybe next year I'll join in the fun. :)

  6. Thank you so much for the tea and a lovely time! I appreciate the invite!

  7. I have that same odd sugar bowl and creamer at my party! (and that same rum in my cupboard as a matter of fact)

  8. I have been trying to get to all of the bloggers in the mad tea party. It is hard to find the time. I enjoyed your interpretation of it though!

  9. Oooo! A Submarine tea party - I LOVE it! The sea is so special to me and a tea party in the sea is the BEST place for one! Thank you for inviting me (and the drop of Kraken rum made the tea perfecto!) Thank you! Blessings!


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