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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Simple Womyn's Daybook

So now that Hippy Jersey Devil's gone & gotten my panties all in a bunch, Good Morning.

It's looking like we might have a nice-ish day today. Sweet. We were supposed to get rain, so I'm totally happy with the wee bit of sun that's shinning.

I need more coffee. Two cups just isn't doing it... I grabbed some cereal for breakfast, scooped up a bite only to realize that I forgot to put milk on it. Dur...

Ok I am now in possession of another cup of coffee. Also wondering if my cat (Vash) snuck a cup or two, as he's zipping all over, making weird growly meow noises & just generally freaking out. He chilled & got all lovey when I picked him up, but as soon as I put him down, he was back to tweaking out. Meh. Strange kitties I have, I tell you.

Anyways... I think this was supposed to be a Simple Woman's Daybook post... So here we go.

FOR TODAY (Wednesday, February 22, 2012)

Outside my window... OMG. Is that the SUN I see??? @_@ It is. This means as soon as I'm done here, I'm heading to Boulevard Park to visit the beach.

I am thinking... about a million things & nothing. I've got lists that need to be made, stuff I gotta do, blah blah blah... But half of my mind seems to be keeping itself apart from the rest. Perhaps this is why I haven't been able to focus as well the past few days. Half of me is someplace else. I think some zen time by the beach is in order.

I am thankful... for my parents. Their love & new found support of Britt & me is quite possibly the best thing ever. I was always close to my parents growing up, and have felt quite keenly the chasm that seemed to open between me & them after I came out to them. I am beyond grateful to have them back, especially knowing that I didn't have to compromise where I stand & who I am in order to have my family in my life. (Should you read this mom or dad, I love you. You're just the best.) <3

In the kitchen... wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...

There's a pile of dirty dishes waiting for my attentions! Ha! You totally knew that was coming, I know. And I just couldn't disappoint you, now, could I ? =D

I am wearing... Jeans & a tank top. And stripped socks. Of course.

I am creating... Um... let me see. I don't think I'm actively working on anything at the moment. I've painted a box to store my seeds in, decorated the box I keep my completed inchies in and decorated another little box that I keep the tiny folded paper stars I make in. I've also been working a bit in my BOS. I mostly finished one page & am about half way done with another page. ^-^

I am going... back to work tonight (bleh...), to the beach as soon as I'm done here (yay!), to move Portland on the first day of July (@_@).

I am wondering... Um, nothing (I don't think). My brain seems to be mostly checked out.

I am reading... Wolf Tickets by Ray Banks, Gluten Free on a Shoestring by Nicole Hunn, Recipes for Ostara & Recipes for Beltane by Nar. Just finished The New Death and others by James Hutchings, and will be reviewing it here in the immediate future. Mini review? Sure. IT FUCKING ROCKS. GO BUY IT.

I am hoping... that I'll be able to pull my brain together at some point this morning so I can be at least kinda productive today.

I am looking forward to... Next Wednesday, when I'll be on my next stretch off. Yes, I hate my job & am fucking thrilled to be done in four months. Actually, I don't really hate the job itself. It's who I work before/after that I dislike so intensely. And it's not that I dislike them as people (with the exception of a certain day shift clerk...). Some of them just shouldn't be trying to do a job they suck at (after working it for over a year), especially when the vast majority of their fuck ups mess up someone else's shift instead of their own. Meh. June 19th is my last night. W00t.

I am learning... just about every medication that Britt has to learn. My poor sweety's brain may explode. And why the hell do some people take these meds??? The damn side effects are far worse that what they've got to begin with. *facepalm*

And don't even get me started on psych meds & children... holy fuck. Go watch The Medicated Child, and see what I'm talking about. It's free to watch, btw, and is worth it. GO.

Around the house... Oh lordy... my house is a disaster area. There is nursing shit everywhere. Britt needs an apartment to house just her school shit. @_@
I am in total awe of how she does all the shit she does with school. And I am incredibly glad that I'm not going to be a nurse anymore.

I am pondering... my coffee. It's gone cold again. I don't have a microwave, so I can't nuke the shit out of it so I can drink it hot again. Contemplating putting it back in the almost empty pot to reheat it. I'm the only one home, so it's not like anyone else will have to drink it. Hmmmm... I think I will, and just scrub the pot extra well afterward. *Ended up drinking it cold... o_O

A favorite quote for today... comes from Chuck Wendig. "Profanity is my oxygen." Yup...

Actually, I have a second favorite quote... comes from Stephen Blackmoore (also via Twitter...):
"Today I vow to be happy and positive. Just as soon as I gut some random motherfucker for breathing. Then it's all unicorn shit and handjobs."

One of my favorite things... Is Ghirardelli's white chocolate powder. Get some, put it in your coffee & tell me it's not just the best thing ever.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, do dishes/clean house, drink coffee, tab meds for Britt in her drug guide, poke all the bloggers I love but haven't talked to in ages.

A peek into my day... Heading to the beach at Boulevard Park as soon as this is posted. There will be some housework done, possibly a walk around Lake Padden with Britt if she's feeling up for it after clinicals. Back to work tonight for seven days... ick. Also, I must find something to make for dinner tonight that doesn't have curry in it. I've been told that I cook too much curry... as if there could ever BE such a thing. Hm.

And here, for your express viewing pleasure, is the pic I jacked from Hippy Jersey Devil from her post this morning that got me all up on my soap box to begin with. Seriously though, please adopt if you're looking for a pet. Don't support the people who make their livings off of an animal's ability to procreate. It's disgusting. It's wrong. It's inhumane.

Also, I'm talking specifically about breeders here, not just anyone whose pet has puppies, kittens, whatever and decides to sell/give away the ones they can't keep. However, spaying/neutering your animal is a rather good idea. But this is a whole 'nother post altogether.

Point being: Adopt, don't shop!

Please vist The Simple Woman's Daybook to see all the other participants! <3



  1. Oh psychiatric medications, the bane of my existence yet they keep me from drooling in a corner or beating someone with a bat. The only thing I can say is to hang in there and the right cocktail will come along. I'm not sure what she is being treated for so I can't offer any opinions on that front.

    As for medicating children. I have so many opinions on that I would hate to clog up your comment section. Bottom line. Medicated children = lazy parents.

    That's right I said it. Unless your child is fucking schizo h/she should NOT be on drugs.


  2. You guys are moving??? You're quitting your job?/ What fucking rocks have we been under and why can't they have better interwebs so we can keep up with each other better? Geeeeze. That's so awesome about your parents! I'm so flipping happy for you I could have another margarita (but I won't, because I have a sadness inducing head cold.)

    Come poke me soon lady, I miss you bunches! Take care of yourself, give Britt and the kitties some huggles and enjoy the beach. xox

  3. I so agree with that last bit! My sister-in-law runs a cat rescue (although she does take other animals) and I have three cats. I like to joke that I have two and half rescues since my youngest cat was pretty much kidnapped from my sister. She wasn't doing a very good job of taking care of him, so I talked my sister-in-law into finding him a home while my husband and I fostered him. In the end, obviously, we kept him.

    Reading about your day was interesting! And I'm going to have to tip my husband off to the Ghirardelli's white chocolate powder. I like my coffee frozen, but he likes his flavored and hot. ^_^

  4. I am so proud of you, and I think you are going to do an amazing job! Thank you so much for your support. You inspire ME to keep writing!

  5. Don'cha just love unexpected sunshine around here? Of course, today we actually had a few flakes of s.n.o.w. (shh, we spell it out so it doesn't know we're talking about it).

    We've been attempting to de-stress, de-clutter, and decompress our lives, but thanks to circumstances outside our control, we've not been terribly successful. However, there will come a time when we'll have it more together and I'm looking forward to that. In the mean time, we'll enjoy what we can and make the rest better as possible.

    Thanks for spreading the word about adopting pets. It's a well-used soapbox of mine, too.


  6. I loved this post! Have a beautiful evening!


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