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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random blatherings to get myself back into blogging.

There's a bunch of stuff I should be doing right now... but I'm still kind of not wanting to, so I'm poking about here instead. ^-^
First exciting thing of the day: I got the two books I ordered from Amazon, written & published by none other than the lovely lady behind Witchin' in the Kitchen. Recipes for Ostara & Recipes for Beltane. I'm so excited, I could pop. ^-^ I plan on curling up with them later this afternoon & planning out my meals for these two holidays, making grocery lists for them & what not, so I'm all ready for once (ha!)

I feel like I've been crazy busy, but I don't really think I have been. I figured out how to fix the garbage disposal (thank you interwebs) & why the dishwasher was suddenly trying to fall over. I've crossed many, many things off my "To Do" lists, but my list keeps growing, so I'm feeling like I haven't accomplished much. I hate that feeling... o_O

Maybe I'll feel all accomplished once I do the dishes... Hmmm... This sounds familiar.

On the bright side, Britt found our poor, dead cell phone. It was missing for five or so days & we were considering filling out a death certificate for it, but do you know how hard it is to do that when there's no body??? Thankfully the little guy turned up. It had been hiding in plain sight, right next to the damn alarm clock... uh, oops?

Eh... I'm pretty out of stuff to ramble about. Soooo... until I have something better to talk about, I think I'm gonna go curl up with my new books. <3

Hope y'all are having a lovely week & I shall hopefully be back soonish. ^-^



  1. I hope you enjoy the menus for the sabbats :) I promise my next venture will be much, much longer!

  2. You must tell me how you like Witchin' in the Kitchen!


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