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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy Imbolc!

Happy Imbolc my darlings! =D

Today is such a wonderful day! We're half way through the Winter, almost to Spring. I love the Winter. I love the dark, the introspection... the feeling of everything sleeping, resting, renewing, waiting... But I am so excited for Spring, I might pop. Spring bursts forth after the Earth has a chance to chill out (no pun intended... o_O) and rejuvenate from all the hard work she's done in the past year. And burst forth she does!

It's like a dam bursting almost... it starts with a trickle... almost unnoticeable. A crocus here... some snowdrops there... tiny buds on the trees, so small you might not see them at all.

And then WHAM!

Spring explodes, the dam bursts wide & everything is filled with colors & smells of newness. How fucking awesome? Totally awesome.

Sooooo... What are you doing today (or yesterday or tomorrow or whenever) for Imbolc? Is there anything you do every year? Do you just wing it & do what you feel like? =D

I tend to fall into the last category of "winging it". I try to plan things to do, make a list of stuff I'd like to buy (usually candles are on this list...), but never make it to the store. Or the holiday I'm wanting to buy stuff for falls in between paydays and I have no money... lolz... story of my life, that. So anyways, I just wing it. ^-^

This usually works better for me anyways. I go in with an idea, a half formed thought, a daydream, and then weave my magic from there. I love it, it's terribly satisfying. ^-^

Sometimes I wish I were better at planning out rituals so I could write them down in my BOS... but that just doesn't seem to work for me... I partially love this & partially hate this, but it's the way it is & I've stopped fighting myself & have accepted it. ^-^

So! On my docket for today, in honor of Imbolc & becuase I love myself & my home & my family, it's cleaning day. Yay!

All the windows are thrown open, letting in the chilly, wonderful smelling air. I'm making a list of things that need to be done to get my home clean. And I mean holy-hella-uber clean. It's strangely become almost a ritual to me to deep clean our home. If feels like sacred space to me, when everything is well taken care of. I feel like when I keep my home clean, I have more room in it for things like laughter, joy, crafting & magic. When it's messy or dirty (like now), everything feels smothered & the energy is sluggish... to say the least. Blech.

Onto cleaning! Which, of course, is always accompanied by music, dancing around my apartment & loud singing... I almost pity my neighbors... almost. ^_~

Well then, I'm off. I hope you all have a most wonderful day today, whether you're celebrating Imbolc or not. I feel myself bursting with love & positive energy, the likes I haven't felt for weeks... or months. So I'm sending it through the aether to all of YOU. You who are my family, friends, loved ones, support group & cheer squad. You who give me lots of reasons to be happy & give me inspiration, whether mundane or magical. I madly love all y'all, and hope you can feel me smiling at you through your computer screen & giving you hugs & hearing me laugh with complete and utter joy.

Imbolc blessings!


PS... Thank you to everyone who gave me words of encouragement in my last post. I fucking <3 you. And I'll be outta there on June 19. W00t!


  1. Well, I hope you wing yourself into a bright and joys celebration!

  2. Imbolc blessings to you too! I am the Queen of everything being sacred and feel that my home is my heart. I've created a sanctuary that I am so lucky to live in daily.

    Also, gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl, wingin' it is the only way for me.

  3. From the Beginning reading this I could feel the happiness and excitement through this post! Lol I love it. Not much blogs I read can do that I LOVE IT I LOVE THE ENERGY!!!


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