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Monday, January 30, 2012

This is ridiculous... (rant warning)

I'm so upset, I'm near tears. I called out sick from work last night, but my manager apparently doesn't use her cell phone on weekends & didn't get the message I left for her. Therefore, I got a call this afternoon from her asking why I decided not to show up for work last night.

Um, what?

I told her I left her a message. She told me I'm not supposed to use her cell on weekends, but her pager. Then she told me that she'd checked her cell, and there was no message from me. So essentially I get a no call, no show on my record. Fanfuckingtabulous.

It would have been nice to know I'm not only supposed to use her damn pager on weekends, but that I'm also supposed to call or text our pseudo-manager. Awesome.

When I first started, we called out sick to the Staffing office. Then, the ball got dropped & we had to call our staffing lead, who is kind of like our mini-manager. OK. Not a problem. Then, we were told we have to call out to our manager (so she can grill us on why we're sick). This is also fine, but now I'm told I need to call all of the above? Why the hell should I have to call all three places now to call in sick? This is completely asinine. On top of this, I'm apparently the only person who didn't know my manager doesn't carry her damn cell on weekends. Please pardon my lack of inherent knowledge of my manager's order of communicative devices, depending on day of the week.

Since my first job at 15, I have never, never not called out if I wasn't going to be there, and it's always been far sooner than the 2 hrs before shift rule. Always.

It's irritating to me that she expected me to know to use her fucking pager instead of cell phone (which she's previously claimed never leaves her side & to always call it), but the thing that I'm actually angry about is her claim that I didn't call her or leave her a message.

Fucking enraged at this. And hurt. I mean I know we're almost worthless to her as people, but really? This is even lower than I expected of her. Of all the shit she's thrown my way, this is the most insulting. And the best part? Even though I've got proof I was on the phone with her phone for 52 seconds on Sunday at 09:41 am, it doesn't matter. Because she's never wrong. Even when she is.


  1. Sounds like a control freak asshole to me.

  2. Soory to hear that your boss is doing this to you. i can't believe you have to go through all that just to call off.

    Hope all goes better for you.

    Blessings, V.

  3. you just get this off your chest,, thats a pretty bad situation,,maybe she will read your blog, any chance.

  4. Bosses.... wow, where do I even start with that? Some are cool, but some are just like, "are you crazy or something?" I had one manager except so much out of us, when rules changed, when things changed, when the menus changed, we were suppose to know... ALL on our own. No telling us or anything. I am so sorry about your manager =______= some people need to take that stick out of their ass.


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