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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organization Time!

The Mortician's Wife has issued a challenge! And although she's about half way through her challenge to herself, I'm joining in. I've been ruminating on how disorganized my apartment is... I can easily blame it on my lack of storage, cupboards, shelves, whatever. Or on my sweety, whose nursing books, notebooks, homework, random school shit, whatever, take up half the living room. Or that I've got too much craft shit for such a tiny apartment. However, the real reason our place is always such a fucking catastrophe is because we're disorganized & don't do the little things each day that need to be done in order for the mountains of dishes & laundry not to pile up. I'm hoping that getting some help getting organized will help get me motivated to keep things up better. ^-^

Also, there's the MOVE, looming ever closer. I've set a deadline for this. We'll be renting the truck for two days. June 30th we'll load up and then July 1st we'll drive down to Portland & unload. I feel good about having this date set, having a concrete deadline to work towards. I desperately want this move to go as smoothly as possible, so I know that getting my shit together & getting organized is key to this desire.

Thank gods & goddesses that there's a lady out there who is gifted with organizational skills! =D

Well then. This is Day 1's post, although I'm considering  yesterday Day 1.

Day 1 was making a list of pros & cons to doing this challenge. I've been mulling over these for the past few days, but I'm just now putting my pen to paper, so to speak. ^-^

*I'll have a place for everything, and I'll actually know where it is when I need it.
*I'll have less mess to deal with, because I'll have places to put things, and hopefully be able to weed out things I truly do not need.
*I'll feel better. It's true. When my house is a mess, I'm a mess. When my house is clean and organized, I feel mentally more stable & far happier. All the antidepressants in the world don't make me feel as good as I do when my house is loved & well cared for.
*I feel like crafting, painting, writing, etc. when my house is clean. When it's a mess, I don't want to do anything but hide under my covers in my bed.

*This will take work & dedication. Sometimes I'm incredibly lazy, and don't want to do anything.
*I'm good at getting things done (once I actually get around to doing them), but terrible at keeping them up. This is why my house continually cycles from clean for a few days to a disaster for a few weeks.

I feel my pros decidedly trump my cons, which are bad habits I need to eradicate from my life anyways. What better place & time to start?

And with that, we're on to Day 2!
Here I go, wish me luck! =D



  1. It is so worth all the handwork once your house is clean and organized :D! I am actually doing mine at the moment too since Imbolc is coming around I have been literally cleaning ceiling to floor, it's tiring, and I do half of each room at a time so I won't stress myself out and put things in places just to rush or where they don't belong. A clean and organized home can do wonders to your feelings *______* ah yea! lol

  2. I just giggled reading your reasons why you have a mess. I just moved half my stuff into a new writing studio. I've been pretending it is organized because, well, the mess is piled in the middle of the dining room area *sigh* I should probably follow a modified version of this challenge.

    Great luck with the move and with the finding a place for everything!

  3. good for you. We've been trying to get organized for a long time, but keep running into roadblocks: time, lack of oomph, uncooperative offspring... I suppose it's nothing that we can't train ourselves to overcome, but that's almost more work than organizing our mess! LOL

  4. Organizing is a wonderfully cathartic thing to do! Hope you'll have a space for a new deck of cards - because you won my giveaway!

    Pop me an email with your mailing address and I'll get them out to you - congrats!

  5. Thank you for your comment ^_^ It certainly made my day! Thank you for your advice ^_^ Gus Gus also says hi and thank you as well ^3^ *chu!


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