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Monday, January 30, 2012

This is ridiculous... (rant warning)

I'm so upset, I'm near tears. I called out sick from work last night, but my manager apparently doesn't use her cell phone on weekends & didn't get the message I left for her. Therefore, I got a call this afternoon from her asking why I decided not to show up for work last night.

Um, what?

I told her I left her a message. She told me I'm not supposed to use her cell on weekends, but her pager. Then she told me that she'd checked her cell, and there was no message from me. So essentially I get a no call, no show on my record. Fanfuckingtabulous.

It would have been nice to know I'm not only supposed to use her damn pager on weekends, but that I'm also supposed to call or text our pseudo-manager. Awesome.

When I first started, we called out sick to the Staffing office. Then, the ball got dropped & we had to call our staffing lead, who is kind of like our mini-manager. OK. Not a problem. Then, we were told we have to call out to our manager (so she can grill us on why we're sick). This is also fine, but now I'm told I need to call all of the above? Why the hell should I have to call all three places now to call in sick? This is completely asinine. On top of this, I'm apparently the only person who didn't know my manager doesn't carry her damn cell on weekends. Please pardon my lack of inherent knowledge of my manager's order of communicative devices, depending on day of the week.

Since my first job at 15, I have never, never not called out if I wasn't going to be there, and it's always been far sooner than the 2 hrs before shift rule. Always.

It's irritating to me that she expected me to know to use her fucking pager instead of cell phone (which she's previously claimed never leaves her side & to always call it), but the thing that I'm actually angry about is her claim that I didn't call her or leave her a message.

Fucking enraged at this. And hurt. I mean I know we're almost worthless to her as people, but really? This is even lower than I expected of her. Of all the shit she's thrown my way, this is the most insulting. And the best part? Even though I've got proof I was on the phone with her phone for 52 seconds on Sunday at 09:41 am, it doesn't matter. Because she's never wrong. Even when she is.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organization Time!

The Mortician's Wife has issued a challenge! And although she's about half way through her challenge to herself, I'm joining in. I've been ruminating on how disorganized my apartment is... I can easily blame it on my lack of storage, cupboards, shelves, whatever. Or on my sweety, whose nursing books, notebooks, homework, random school shit, whatever, take up half the living room. Or that I've got too much craft shit for such a tiny apartment. However, the real reason our place is always such a fucking catastrophe is because we're disorganized & don't do the little things each day that need to be done in order for the mountains of dishes & laundry not to pile up. I'm hoping that getting some help getting organized will help get me motivated to keep things up better. ^-^

Also, there's the MOVE, looming ever closer. I've set a deadline for this. We'll be renting the truck for two days. June 30th we'll load up and then July 1st we'll drive down to Portland & unload. I feel good about having this date set, having a concrete deadline to work towards. I desperately want this move to go as smoothly as possible, so I know that getting my shit together & getting organized is key to this desire.

Thank gods & goddesses that there's a lady out there who is gifted with organizational skills! =D

Well then. This is Day 1's post, although I'm considering  yesterday Day 1.

Day 1 was making a list of pros & cons to doing this challenge. I've been mulling over these for the past few days, but I'm just now putting my pen to paper, so to speak. ^-^

*I'll have a place for everything, and I'll actually know where it is when I need it.
*I'll have less mess to deal with, because I'll have places to put things, and hopefully be able to weed out things I truly do not need.
*I'll feel better. It's true. When my house is a mess, I'm a mess. When my house is clean and organized, I feel mentally more stable & far happier. All the antidepressants in the world don't make me feel as good as I do when my house is loved & well cared for.
*I feel like crafting, painting, writing, etc. when my house is clean. When it's a mess, I don't want to do anything but hide under my covers in my bed.

*This will take work & dedication. Sometimes I'm incredibly lazy, and don't want to do anything.
*I'm good at getting things done (once I actually get around to doing them), but terrible at keeping them up. This is why my house continually cycles from clean for a few days to a disaster for a few weeks.

I feel my pros decidedly trump my cons, which are bad habits I need to eradicate from my life anyways. What better place & time to start?

And with that, we're on to Day 2!
Here I go, wish me luck! =D


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Just a quickie before I dash off to a friend's house to help her print photos at the drug store so she can make a collage for her hubby for their anniversary. ^-^

Guess what?!?!?!?!?

It's SNOWING!!! =D

I ate my first snowflakes of the year this morning when I got home from work. ^-^

For some reason, watching the snow fall relaxes me... unless it's a howling blizzard of course. Then not so much. ^_~

Anywho! My ridiculously over-caffeinated self is off to print pictures. Hope you all are having a fantastic day, and hopefully I'll be awake enough at work tonight to write a proper post. ^-^


Friday, January 13, 2012

Antidepressants & a Monkey.

I had many wonderful plots & plans for the beginning of this new year. Of course, nothing has turned out quite how I planned it (big surprise, I know...)

I finally chose my One Word, which is "Follow-through" btw, which is why if I promised you a holiday card, it's still coming... just late (another big surprise I'm sure.)

There's been so much going on that I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ok, completely overwhelmed, in ways I've never been before. I think part of this problem is that several weeks ago I went to the doctor for my med check up. Everything was going well and I was quite happy with my medication & dosage. Then the doc (she's actually a nurse practioner, but whatever) told me that the pharmacist had called her & told her that she'd put me on too high a dose of citalopram. Um, excuse me, what? Apparently the highest dose is 40mg, but she had me on 60mg. She said that even though I was suffering no adverse side effects, we either had to lower the dose (which hadn't worked & was why we upped it to begin with) or try a new medication. So now I'm taking buproprion. This seems to be working as far as I can tell, so I'm not complaining. My only problem is that now I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the citalopram.

My only symptom seems to be shockwaves that seem to run from my head out through my hands & abdomen. This is mostly just annoying, but now almost any time I move, stand up, sit down, whatever, the shockwaves just radiate out. If I move too much, they make me nauseous. I was doing some research & found that side effects from stopping SSRIs last from a few days to a few weeks or months. Usually not any longer.

I've also been feeling the past few days like bursting into tears at random. This is fine at home, where I can openly cry to my heart's content & have an understanding partner. When I'm at work, however, it's more difficult. In bed meeting tonight I'm almost had tears leak out. I couldn't get out of that room fast enough. Sigh.

I've been avoiding my blog, because I didn't want to write anything while I was feeling crappy & feel like I've once again let people down by not getting my holiday cards out on time. It's made me feel a wee bit better knowing that I'm getting them their cards, even if they're massively late. It also makes me feel better to know that everything I do this year will be done with my One Word in mind. That is my biggest goal, to finish what I start, to do what I say I will, and to do these things in a timely fashion, whatever that may be.

I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to come back to my corner here, and now sitting here at my desk at work I feel a little better. I'm trying not to cry again (this is getting ridiculous...) and have my mini laptop resting on the awesome valentine's day gorilla that Britt brought me. ^-^
He's awesome. Wearing red boxers & holding a rose. Her visit tonight perked me up considerably.

Ok... now that I've got all that shit off my chest, I feel so much better. I wonder why it is when I need my blog the most I hide from it? I don't know. But hopefully in the future I'll use my blog for the reasons I started it: as a place to clear my mind & a place where I can just be me, good, bad or ugly.

Here's me & my monkey:

Alrighty. I'm off to indulge myself & catch up on all the blogs I've been missing. My monkey & I are going to sit here & drink coffee & read blogs until I have to actually get to work. ^-^
I've missed you guys & am happy to be back here again.