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Friday, December 14, 2012

Brain dump

A week ago we had to call the cops on our BIL. I'd written this post, and then never posted it. I felt like I'd gotten all the shit I needed to off my chest. But every time something happens, some hurtful thing is said to Britt, every time I miss my niece & nephew, I just get sad all over again... and then I get fucking pissed off. And then I sigh & hope that everyone involved gets the help they need, take responsibility for the shit they personally did & then can move on with life. Myself included.


The past few days have been ones I hope I never have to repeat. Ever, with anyone. We were over at Britt's sister's house & would have been heading home when her husband got home, but he was falling over drunk &; trying to take their 2 year old out for a dirt bike ride. Things escalated, Britt & I were standing by, trying to get Triston into bed & away from the impending fight.

Shit hit the fan & Britt's sister steered everything outside because by this time, Triston knew something was wrong & was screaming & crying & terrified. I grabbed him out of his mom's arms and passed him off to Britt & went outside to break things up.

I had to put my brother in law in a choke hold to get him to let go of Britt's sister the first time, then had to pin his arms behind his back because he lunged after her again. She was sobbing & ran into the house, later saying that it was the first time in her life she'd been scared of the one person she'd always counted on to protect her, to keep her safe. 

I stayed outside with the brother in law & his nice, but useless, friend, who kept looking at my brother in law like he's sprouted a second & third head. But I guess to a friend who'd never seen my brother in law's drunken assholeness before, perhaps he'd done just that.

I talked to my BIL for a bit, trying to talk him down. Trying to get him to chill. I thought it  was working, then he'd get angry again & then relax again & cry, then get angry... over and over. At one point, he was so angry he was hitting the side of the house. Then he punched the windows on the french doors they have, leading from the living room to outside. At this point Britt yelled that if he didn't calm down & stop breaking things, she was going to have to call the police. He broke more windows, and so she called the cops. 

By the time they arrived, he'd cycled through two or three more angry-calm-angry cycles, punched his truck, kicked things around the yard & cried some more. I heard gravel crunching & realized the police had arrived. Both his friend & I tried to tell the BIL to stay calm and to not be an asshole to the police. That so didn't happen.

I went inside to get the SIL at the request of the police. She had been trying to get Triston into bed, but he was still upset. Britt & her sister went outside & I stayed in & read the kiddo a bedtime story. I'd picked out Lady & the Tramp, as that was my favorite movie as a little kid. Then I tucked him in & went back into the living room to check on the baby, who'd begun to cry again. 

Britt & her sister came in while I was feeding the baby & the BIL went off to jail for domestic abuse & malicious actions (or something like that. For breaking the windows.)

He has a court date on the 12th. I'm going to babysit so that the SIL can go to the hearing. She wants him home. He's totally different when he drinks, like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. 


His court date's come & gone. The no contact order is still in place, although the judge did hear the SIL's testimony & took it into consideration for how long he extended the no contact order. He only extended it through the end of December instead of the usual six month minimum.

I ended up not going to babysit, which I'd suspected would happen, as the BIL wants Britt & I no where near his kids. He told the SIL that we'd never see them again. It's a low thing to use someone's family against them. But I know he's angry & still unwilling to take responsibility for his part in this shit storm. I know that it's easier to blame others than take responsibility for your actions. I know all this, but it still sucks.

The SIL is angry, the BIL is angry & the BIL's family is angry. Britt's been accused of trying to brainwash her sister, steal her sister & the kids away from the BIL & his family, etc, etc. I know these guys are all angry & afraid, and that sometimes fear leads to more anger, but it sucks having Britt on the receiving end of so much vitriol. Neither of us want the BIL gone. We love him & when he's not drinking, he's a good dad & husband. He's a good guy with a bad addiction. I'm not sure where he got the idea that we want to destroy his family. That accusation came out of left field, and probably was the most stinging.

And the SIL... the farther she gets from the event, the more she convinces herself that nothing really happened, the window was broken by accident when the BIL stumbled, and that Britt was overreacting and trying to be a "hero" but is nothing but an instigator of problems. She has a habit of posting things on facebook to no once specifically, but she know's they'll read it. It's very passive aggressive & hurtful, but when I've talked to her about it in the past, she thinks it's a perfectly acceptable way to communicate her issues with people. She posted something nasty this morning, aimed at Britt, and that's what set me off again today. I had been feeling pretty good, pretty done with all the emotions & grief, but apparently not.

How do you help someone understand that you didn't want to do something, but felt like shit had hit the fan hard enough that it was necessary? Britt told me that she didn't want to call the police. That she knew the consequences of her doing so would quite possibly make her sister hate her. But she called them anyways, because she was afraid for everyone's safety, including the BIL's. She felt that things had finally gotten far enough out of hand that outside help was needed. Neither she nor I are particularly fond of the Lynden Police, so calling them was a last resort.

I know that the SIL is going through an extremely difficult time. I'm trying really hard not to blame her, get mad at her, whatever, but it's HARD. I want to drive to her house and make her talk face to face, instead of nasty notes online, but I don't think that that would be something that would create a positive outcome right now.

Britt's trying to decide if she should address the nasty comment her sister made or let it go. She doesn't want to fight with anyone, but she doesn't want the relationship between her & her sister to collapse either. I am so grateful that Britt worked as an advocate for the local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services for a few years. Her training from them is invaluable in many situations, but especially in this one. It gives her insight & wisdom that I don't have, but wish I did, when it comes to dealing with these kinds of reactions. Not that is makes it easy for her, but at least she understands why people are doing what they're doing.

I was ready to just say fuck 'em all & tell them to piss off, and move on with life, but Britt's right in saying that that's not a very good response to a situation like this. Sigh. I love/hate it when she's right. But I'm so sick of the shit her family pulls. We are both so ready to move away from here. We love her family, but it will be nice to have some distance.

So now we walk the invisible line of trying to not let the SIL & her grief & anger easily cut us out of her life, and still give her enough space to breathe & process everything, and in the end make up her own mind. Make her own choices.

I'm scared that the BIL won't get the help he needs & that he & this SIL won't get the marital counseling that the SIL was so adamant they needed. I'm scared that should this happen again, one of the kids is going to get seriously hurt or that the BIL is going to end up with his truck wrapped around a tree. The BIL won't let his kids ride in the car of anyone but him or the SIL, yet he thinks it's ok to drive them around while he's drinking. I don't get it. It makes me angry, and sad and kind of helpless feeling... which tends to make me angry. I hate feeling helpless.

I love all of them so much. I want them to be happy and healthy and prosperous. I want them to work out their shit so that they can be good parents and good spouses. I want them to be safe.

My dad does a lot of counseling and I remember when I was young him telling me that, "Hurting people hurt people", whether they mean to or not. I am trying really hard to keep this in the front of my mind and trying to not stay angry. I know I'll get angry, but I don't want to stay that way. I don't want to hate any of my sweety's family, especially not her sister.

There is also a tiny part of me that is terrified that the BIL or SIL will get angry enough that they'll try to press assault charges against me for restraining the BIL when he was going after Britt's sister. If I would get convicted of any kind of assault, I will have to kiss my nursing career goodbye. And start all my schooling over again from scratch. I'm so close to getting into a program. All of my goals & future plans rest on my getting through school, getting a good job & being able to pay off my debt. I know that just touching someone can get you charged with 4th degree assault. I'm pretty sure doing what I did to the BIL would qualify.

I also find myself wishing that I'd just held the BIL for a little longer in the choke hold, just until he passed out. Then there would have been no window broken, no cops called (probably) and that would have been that. But I know that that probably would have ended badly as well. What do you do when you're in a situation where all of the possible courses of action suck? Choose the least sucky course of action I suppose. And how do help the person you love most in the world feel better when she knows she made the right decision, but still feels like shit because she had to call the cops?

And through all of this, nothing has shocked me more than the pervasive belief by the BIL, his friends and family that it is the responsibility of friends and family to "take care of things" and never to call the police. Ever. The BIL & SIL have both said that if a different friend of the BIL had been there, he would have just tied the BIL to a chair until he chilled out.

What I want to know is why it's deemed ok to ever get so out of control that you need to be restrained or "dealt with" ? Why is this acceptable??? I am completely at a loss to understand this aspect of their subculture.

My coffee is cold now and I have a bedroom to get cleaned & organized. So I'm going to go listen to some good music, throw myself into cleaning & hopefully feel better. But first I need to re-heat my coffee.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Rambles

Good morning, my lovelies...

Very early morning... or late night. Whichever you prefer. ^-^

I'm sitting on the floor in my living room. All the lights are off except for the white lights on our tiny tree & the ones that we put up around the kitchen two years ago. We liked the lights around the kitchen ceiling so well that we decided to leave them up all year long. ^-^

The candles on my kitchen counter are lit too... the scent of apples & cinnamon swirls through my apartment.

Tomorrow is Cleaning Day 1 of 4. I'm going to tackle our bedroom... I want it to be a place that I like to be, instead of the place that we use for storage & occasionally sleep in. ^-^ I remember my room as a teenager as a place of refuge, safety & comfort. I loved to be in my room. It resembled a junk shop I suppose, with all the decorative boxes, knick knacks, candles, dried flowers & books, but I loved it. It felt like an extension of me. It was my place to go & just BE. To regroup, to zen, to relax, to read, to sleep, to do whatever... My room now is the antithesis of my former room. I'm striving to get my space back. ^-^

I got some great ideas from the fabulous Veronica Varlow... It was funny. I had been thinking about how to clean, arrange, decorate our room & then she goes & posts on her blog about cheap & easy ways to decorate a room. ^-^ I love when things like that happen.

One of my favorite things about the Winter holidays is... PEPPERMINT. At this very moment I'm happily nomming a candy cane. ^-^ And in the nifty shoulder bag my mom got for me there is a bag of Dove Peppermint Bark squares... Oh my holy holiday hallelujah... they are simply the best thing ever. I discovered them with my mom... and we were instantly hooked. Dark chocolaty peppermint addicts, I tell ya...

 Lhu apparently likes candy canes too... caught the little twit licking the candy cane that I'd set down. @_@
There is cat spit on my candy cane... o_O

I figure that tomorrow when I need a break from cleaning & rearranging our room, I can start making my wee Christmas village. ^-^ I've been meaning to make one for a few years... So now I'm going to.

I'm also working away at making holiday cards... so if you'd like one, email me your snail mail address to:

Or you can message me on facebook. ^-^

My goal is to get them mailed off by Monday at the latest, to everyone I've got addresses for. If you get me your address after Monday, that's totally fine too. ^-^ I'll just mail your card as soon as I get your address. ^-^

Alrighty... since I'm still very much awake, I think I'll go clean off my desk. It's buried under about two feet of books, notebooks, bottles of paint, knitting projects, etc... my poor desk...

Oh! And I almost forgot... I finally finished the sugar skull painting that I've been working on for forever. ^-^

I apologize for the iffy photo quality... my camera is AWOL at the moment, so I took the photo with my iPod...

I paper mached over a canvas, painted it & then painted & inked the rest. ^-^

Hopefully I'll find my camera soon so I can get a better photograph. My camera is probably buried on my desk... o_O

Well then... I'm off to find my desk! Wish me luck & hopefully I'll be back soon-ish. ^-^


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Story City Carousel

Hola, my dearies!

I had originally planned to post every day while I was in Iowa, but lacked the internet to do so... o_O

So now I have a bunch of pictures that need posting and stories that need blogging... =D

I will start with the Story City Carousel... for I am in love with this tiny town's treasure.

As it's only open in the Summer, all my pictures had to be taken through the (dirty) glass windows. At least the building it's housed in was circular! ^-^

I'd also like to thank my brother for stopping so that I could run around taking pictures... he humored me and I dare say was amused by my excitement over the antique carousel. ^-^ I have the best little brother ever. =D

I was ecstatic to see that there were more than just horses on this carousel... Pigs!!! =D

Trying to figure out if the face on the sleigh was supposed to be Santa or what... he looks like Santa in a flag hat... o_O

If this is Santa, he's apparently traded in the reindeer for eagles... eek...

Santa is American? o_O

After a few minutes of snapping away, I realized that there were faces lining the top. They were creepy & totally awesome! ^-^

I think those two are dogs? I'd like a carousel with dragons, personally... 

More awesomely creepy faces... 

I like this one because it looks like there's a tree growing through the roof at first glance... 

And one more face, just for good measure. ^-^

I'd love to go there in the Summertime, when it's open to the public & ride around a few times. ^-^ I love love love carousels! I remember riding one once that was a double decker... it was amazing and so much fun! I think it was in Colorado... or maybe Utah? It was housed at the 49th Street Galleria.

Just googled it... It's in Murray, Utah. You know you've lived too many places as a child when the locations of the memories get confused... lolz...

So this isn't the exact carousel, but it was kinda like this. ^-^

Anywho... so that's the Story City carousel! I'll be back soon with more pictures of my trip. And of my new niece. ^-^ She is adorable. And loud. XD

Until next time...


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Airport Rambles

Good morning, my lovelies...

I'm writing to you this morning from gate N14 at the airport in Seattle. My plane leaves at 10:30, but since I had a choice of shuttle times from Bellingham that got me here at either 06:45 or 08:45, I erred on the side of caution & caught the earlier bus. 

So now I'm sitting at my gate with about an hour & 45 minutes until I can board, so I figured I'd get started with the first of many blog posts on this trip. 

My lady love specifically requested that I post lots of posts... one a day, to be precise. I'm aiming for that, but we'll have to see how successful this erratic blogger is. ^-^

Britt isn't able to come with me to Iowa, as her job couldn't let her leave for two weeks... they simply don't have the necessary staff. They work short most days anyways, so they told her they really couldn't let her have two weeks off... le sigh. 

So I'm traveling by myself to Omaha, Nebraska... where by younger brother now lives. He got a nifty promotion at work (go Tim!!!), so he moved last week or the week before. If I'm feeling nice (which I'm sure I will be...), I'll help him finish unpacking. ^-^

I should get there about 17:30 this evening & we'll spend the night at his place. He mentioned something about going out to sushi for dinner... Mmmmmmm... sushi.... *drools*

Then tomorrow we'll hop in his car & head to my parents' house in Britt, Iowa. I think it's about a four and a half hour drive, give or take. 

Speaking of the town my folks live in, when we were there last (for my sister's wedding), Britt & I ran all over the place taking pictures of her with the various signs with the town name on it... lolz...

After all, how often do you go to visit a place with the same name you have? If I can find some of those pics,  I'll have to post them. We had a blast. ^-^

Well then... I think I'm done rambling here.

Now to finish my coffee & do some knitting. ^-^


Monday, November 05, 2012

Someone grab an Ark...

Soooooo... this morning we got up, made coffee & breakfast & were getting ready to head to Seattle with Britt's folks to hit up the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Pacific Science Center... (more on this later.)

I went to empty the dish water out of the sink.

(yes, I was washing dishes by hand... and enjoying it. I have indeed lost it completely)

But instead of hearing the nice water-going-down-the-pipes sound, all I heard was


I shoved the drain plug back in & started swearing even more than usual, as from behind the cupboard doors beneath my sink gushed the dish water. Out onto my rug & the kitchen floor and my poor little feet. Ugh. Wet socks... wet rug... wet floor... o_O

I ran & grabbed towels, Britt brought me more & we got the cleaning stuff we keep locked under there out & everything dried off.

I stuck my head under the sink & swore some more as I saw THIS...

Aaaaaaaand a close up...

Aside from nasty gunk hanging out of my pipe, the only problem is that the pipe is no longer connected to the sink drain.

Wait, what? @___@

I am reticent to call our maintenance guy, as we called about our bathroom sink once before (it was leaking), he came & "fixed" it, and now I've got the hot water tap turned off (because it still wouldn't stop running.) And neither does the cold water... it drip, drip, drips...

I've been trying to figure out how to fix that one on my own as well. My dad was going to help when he was here, but we got busy & forgot. Oops.

So tomorrow I'm going to bury myself in the interwebs & see if I can figure out a relatively not too difficult way to fix my damn kitchen sink, so I may wash dishes... and if not, then I'll be calling our property management company.

I suppose that the bonus of living in an apartment without any owner/manager supervision on-sight is great most of the time, except times like this... Actually, our entire 12 apartment complex is falling apart... le sigh...

I'm hoping that I can figure out an easy way to fix this myself (and my bathroom sink too...)

Anyone who knows anything about plumbing, either shoot me an email to

or leave a comment... ^____^

Any advice is welcome, even if it's along the lines of, "Dude, suck it up & call your maintenance guy."


Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, Saturday, November 03, 2012

Outside my window...

It is windy & rainy. The plants on the porch rustle in the wind. Some, mostly the herbs, are still green, while most have turned brown & withered in the cold. The harvest was small, but we still got tomatoes which were delicious. 

I am thinking...

About my cat, Kyo. I'm always teary right around Halloween & Dia de los Muertos, as I tend to miss him especially much around this time. He was very much a Halloween kitty... Bright orange & fluffy... when he sat propped up against the couch or wall or whatever, his pluffy tummy could have been a pumpkin. ^-^

I am thankful...

To have spent the past nine years with the same wonderful womyn. Britt & I celebrated our 9th anniversary on Halloween. ^-^ It seems like we've been together forever, like there was nothing before her, yet it also seems like no time has passed at all. We've got tentative plans to have a wedding-ish ceremony on our 13th anniversary... but no concrete plans yet. ^-^

In the kitchen...

Sit the roses I got for Britt on the stove top. The last of the tomatoes sit in a dish next to them. They are so good, those home grown tomatoes. Nothing beats tomatoes you've grown yourself since Spring. I think that next year I'll get a couple more tomato plants so I'll have enough to make & can some spaghetti sauce.

I am wearing...

 Jeans & a stripped shirt. And the fuzzy Halloween slipper socks that I wear around the house. ^-^ I will never have enough Halloween socks... or undies for that matter. I figure if I buy several pairs of Halloween undies every year, in a few years I'll have enough to wear ONLY Halloween panties every day of the year... I find this prospect exciting.=P

I am creating...

A few things... I'm knitting a scarf for Britt. It's insanely bright & awesome. ^-^ I'm also finishing up a painting of a sugar skull... as soon as I finish the marigolds & give it a clear coat, it will be done. Yay! Soon I hope... I have the on-going yarn I'm spinning with my drop spindle as well.

I am going...

To Nebraska & Iowa in less than two weeks! My younger sister is having her first baby (the first baby on our side of the family), and she asked me to be her doula. Her super awesome hubby will be her main support (Josh gets a gold star from me for this...^_~) and I'll get to be the support for them both. I am really excited & feel very honored to be able to support them in one of the most special events in life.

I'll also be there over Thanksgiving, which will be the first with my family since they moved to Iowa from Washington in 2003. I'm thrilled to be able to cook for them... I hope they bring their second and third stomachs to dinner... they're going to need them. =D

I am wondering...

If anyone has any good ideas of how to get rid of fruit flies. The little bastards came to visit on some fruit I brought home from the store about a week ago... and even thought the fruit's gone, they're still hanging out. Gaaaaaaahhhhhh...

I am reading...

A Game of Thrones, Violin, Women Who Run With the Wolves, Herstory, & one of my doula books.

Usually I stick to one book at a time, but for some reason I've found myself neck deep in books. ^-^
I'm not complaining...

I am hoping...

That the muscle in my back that is giving me such grief starts feeling better soon. I must be sleeping funny, but this stupid muscle now feels like it's pinching a nerve that leads down my arm & another one that goes up my neck. Gah. Britt said she'd put some Tiger Balm on it tonight. I am leaning toward carving it out with a spoon, but I suppose I'll try her way first... o_O

I am looking forward to...

Going to the King Tut exhibit tomorrow! =D

We're taking Britt's parents to Seattle with us for her Dad's birthday. He loves anything that has to do with archaeology, Egypt, mummies, etc., so we figured this would be the perfect gift. ^-^
Plus it will get her parent's out of their house for a while. They're even more reclusive that we are... lolz...

I am learning...

How to knit! I've got the basics (knit & purl (perl?)) down, so I'm excited to learn some other stitches. ^-^

Now that I've got the hang of using two needles at a time, I feel very accomplished. I still find crocheting easier, but knitting is no longer something to be feared... XD

Around the house...

My lazy cats are sleeping & at least one of them is snoring... I love kitty snores... they're so cute. =3

I am pondering...

The rest of my dishes. I have almost all of them washed. I know, please don't have a heart attack. I'm too poor to pay your ER bill. But between my dishwasher & washing them by hand (plus having de-cluttered a bunch of them), I think I'm getting ahead of things.

A favorite quote for today...

"Clear the mechanism." Snagged from Kirsten over at One Tough Mother's post that quoted For the Love of the Game. I think that it's a perfect quote for someone like me who needs to occasionally just chill the fuck out & ground & center myself.

One of my favorite things...

Is spaghetti squash. Is is silly to be over the moon about a squash? I don't think so. Especially since it's given Britt & I an uber healthy alternative to pasta. Woo & hoo. =D

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Work, finish cleaning my apartment, get my bedroom cleaned & organized (a task that will probably take much longer than cleaning the rest of my apartment... @_@), get ready to head to Iowa for two weeks. 

A peek into my day...

Halloween slipper socks of awesome miichyness. 

Be sure to visit to see all the other participants or to drop a note to our lovely hostess, Peggy. 


Friday, November 02, 2012


I can't believe another month has ended... and my favorite month at that.

Speaking of the end of October, sorry to anyone who was looking for a Halloween Party Post from me for Vanessa's 5th annual party. Life happened, as it occasionally does, and required my attentions elsewhere. Bleh.

But the good news is that Vash is feeling better, I'm feeling better & I think that Britt avoided getting sick as well. ^-^

I'm bummed I didn't get to show off the snazzy hat & shoes I've been working on, but I can always post a picture later. ^-^

I made some sugar skulls earlier in the night for my Dia de los Muertos celebration today. I ended up taking the ingredients from two different recipes, changing the amounts & then winging it... so we'll see how they turn out. ^-^

At the very least I'll take a few pictures after I decorate them, but before I try to move them. That way, if they crumble, I'll at least have some nice pictures. =P

It's always today that makes me regret the most how far flung my family is. How much of our history never got passed on to my parents' generation, and how even less has been passed on to mine.

I'm excited to hopefully get my photo album back from my mom when I go to visit in two weeks... She sent it to me, then needed to borrow it so she could make two more (one for each of my siblings) without having to try & remember who was who in all the photos... XD

I adore my mom. ^-^

I can't wait to see my family! I can't believe I'll be gone for two weeks though... and over Thanksgiving! This will be the first holiday I've spent with them in almost a decade... so I can't wait to cook for them. I'm gonna knock their socks off! =D

I only wish that Britt was able to come with me... but there was no way her job was going to give her two weeks (or even one...) off to come with. Sigh. And I think it would have been great for her to come, as I'm going because my little sister is having her first baby. It would have been really wonderful to have Britt there with me.

The last time I was gone for even almost this long was right after my family moved in 2003. I went to visit them for 12 days, over Christmas & New Year's. Britt & I had only been together for a little over two months. It was the worst 12 days possibly ever. I was so homesick, I cried every night. And since I hadn't come out to my family yet, I couldn't tell them why I was so homesick, when they thought I was "home" with them.


Fortunately, things aren't like that anymore. ^-^ I'm sure I'll have a good time with my family, and I won't forget to bring my cell phone charger with me this time... so I'll be able to call & text Britt whenever. ^-^

Anywho... I'm rambling on (and on) when I really need to get to bed so I can get up & get to the graveyard at a decent time tomorrow. ^-^

I'll be bringing Auntie Mel a sugar skull made especially for her. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Until next time...


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Almost Party Time! =D

I get off of work in 45 minutes... then to the store for DayQuil for the missus & then home to finish up fun things for a certain, spectacular party later today. ^____^ Yay!

Also will be keeping an eye on the youngest kitty, Vash, who was rather sick earlier this evening... scared the shit out of Britt & me... PTSD from suddenly losing Kyo a few years ago methinks. I'm still having a hard time shaking the feeling of icy dread that lodged itself inside me earlier when Britt called, near tears... But he's not throwing up any more, and has been playing a bit & is now snuggled up in bed with Britt. But I'm paranoid... so I'll keep a close eyeball on him for the next several hours. Little weenie, scaring us like that... ^_~

Anywho... back to work & then home to party prep! See  you soon!!! =D


Saturday, October 20, 2012

As if I could resist...

Or as if I'd ever want to resist! =D

It's almost time for Vanessa Valencia's annual Halloween Party! Yay!!!

So come join in all the fun & spooky shenanigans. ^-^

See you there! =D


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aunties Bzzz & Blblblbl

Life has been busy these past ten days... I can't believe it's only been about a week and a half since the Carnival... it feels like much longer. ^-^

We've been busy as can be, helping Britt's younger sister get ready for her baby. She had an easy birth this time around (YAY!!!) and now has a precious baby girl. Haylee Danae was born on October 13 at 9:36 in the morning... Good luck numbers all around. ^-^

Triston, her big brother, doesn't quite know what to make of her... he loves babies & kids, but is so, SO jealous. Poor kiddo... We're going to take him trick or treating this year if his mom & dad don't already have plans. ^-^

Auntie B (Britt) & Auntie Anna... times two! =D

And this November, it will be times three! My younger sister is also having a baby... her first! It's super exciting and I'm flying out to Iowa for two weeks to stay with her, be her Doula (unless the baby is early...) and help take care of her & the Mister while they get used to never sleeping again. ^-^

I'm really excited, as I haven't been with my family for Thanksgiving for more than 10 years... but also really sad because Britt couldn't get the time off of work to come with me. Meh... But we'll survive & I'll come home and never be allowed to leave for that long again... ^___~

Back to Triston for a moment though... He's almost two, and is finally talking up a storm. ^-^ We've always been Aunti B & Auntie Anna, but now he has his own way of saying our names... and it's so cute, I melt & giggle whenever he does it. 

He calls Britt 'Auntie Bzzzzz', because that's the sound a bee makes... lolz...

And I'm 'Auntie Blblblbl', which is how he says 'banana'... XD (stick your tongue out & move it side to side while say this to get the full effect...)

Anywho... next time we go visit I'll get some pictures of my two cuties... 

Until then, I'm off to do some grocery shopping for dinner tonight. =D

Spaghetti squash & meatballs! The new favorite meal in this neck of the woods. ^-^

Hope you all are enjoying some nice Fall weather! See you soon!!!


PS... The only reason I'll torment you with this is that at 1:58, they make the sound that Triston does when trying to say my name o_O

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Le Mysterieux Carnival

It's time! The gates are open & visitors are being welcomed into Le Mysterieux Carnival. Come with me!!!

Just through the graveyard...

With her stones dark...

...and grey...

There is a path.

That will lead you to a wood where the spirits linger...

If you travel through that wood for a bit, you will find another path...

And if you walk for a bit longer...

And a bit further...

You will find a place that started out, long ago, for the living...

But has now become a place where the dead can ease into their new existence. 

But once a year, for one night in October, the living are invited to come mingle (if they dare) with those whose physical bodies no longer burden them.

So... come with me into the Haunted Wood?

Come join in the merriment this special night? For this night alone, we are promised safe passage in (and then out again)

As long as we keep our silver tickets in hand...

Look at this exotic beauty... she dances as if she's made of serpents...

And if we give the Lady Luna a visit, she'll tell our fortunes. Ask her a question... her cards never lie...

And the resident siamese twins... they're musically inclined...

The Captain is a fan of fire...

...and stilts.

Last, but not least, Ursula, the Mustachioed Lady. A great beauty... 

Time's running short... we need to be back out the gates by midnight... 

or else our tickets expire & we become a... permanent... addition to the carnival. We'd best be off!


Many thanks to our wonderful hostesses Anna & Marfi! Make sure you've stopped at their carnivals over at Frosted Petunias & Incipient Wings!

*NOTE* For any pics that aren't mine, I've linked back to where I found them. If they are yours & you'd like me to take them down, please let me know & I'll promptly remove them. No copyright infringement intended. ^-^

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Come play...

When darkness falls, the Carnival begins... See you tonight, my lovelies!


Friday, October 05, 2012

Do you have your ticket???

I have mine... Come join in Le Mysterieux Carnival this Saturday... See you there.


Thursday, October 04, 2012

30 Days of Get Your Art On - Day 4

Howdy folks! Today I lounged around my house and did nothing but knit and read. It was glorious. I stayed up until 4am watching Game of Thrones, so I got up later than usual this afternoon. ^-^

That's the first show I've actually sat down to watch since Warehouse 13's first episode in July... which I haven't watched any more of & need to catch up on. Anyways! Back to crafty type things!

I love to crochet. It makes me happy. Up until recently, I did not love to knit. I couldn't stop accidentally adding or dropping stitches & my tension was, well, deplorable. 
Then I found the most beautiful needles I'd ever seen. I told Britt I absolutely had to have them, or else I would simply shrivel up & die. 

Ok, I wan't really that dramatic, but you get my drift. They were gorgeous.

She told me I couldn't have them unless I was going to knit with them, and since I hated knitting, what was I going to do with them?

I promised I would learn to knit, and true to my word, I have. ^-^ I am so proud. I am no longer intimidated by using two needles at once. Someday, I will graduate to using several needles, and then knit socks. 

For now, however, I am knitting a scarf for Britt. ^-^ Since she was nice enough to get me the pretty needles & help me find good beginning yarn (that was waaaaaaaayyy brighter & more colorful than anything I would ever have picked...lolz), I decided to make her a scarf. ^-^

So here it is... It's about a quarter of the way done, and I'm going to have to go buy another two balls of yarn I think... we like our scarves long in this house... short scarves just won't do. ^_~

It's an accidentally striped scarf, as I forgot whether I needed to knit or purl next & then picked the wrong one... and proceeded to spaz out... Britt told me to chill my pants and just pretend I'd meant to do it... and then keep doing it & it would look intentional. 

I love my honey... she knows just what to say ^-^ 

Pictures!!! Here ya go...

The good news is that I found my camera (yay!)

The bad news is, my apartment has... challenged... lighting, so the colors aren't quite as bright here as in person. Oh well... At least I found my camera! =D

Alrighty... Everyone have a glorious night, I'm off to knit some more. 


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

30 Days of Get Your Art On

Technically, this is Day 3, but since I joined late (story of my life, right? XD) it's my Day 1... But we'll still pretend it's Day 3, mmmmkay?

So! Here we are...

Forgive the less than fantastic photo quality... my camera is MIA, so my iPod is standing in. =P

This is the biggest thing I've ever done... 16"x20". Collaged, painted & inked.

It's still going to get some painted marigolds... I'm just not quite sure where yet. ^-^
I'm also debating whether or not to outline in black the red & aqua dots...

Anywho... I finished outlining the skull & flowers today, and as soon as I figure out what the heck I'm making for dinner, I'll be free to paint marigolds to my little heart's content. =D


Hope everyone's having a riot today, whatever you're up to!


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Two posts in one day? Please, no one fall over and die of shock...

Ahem. At any rate, after poking around blogland for a bit this evening, I'm joining in the mess making over at Traci Bunker's blog and am going to give the 30 Days of Get Your Art On a go. =D

I've been trying really hard to make time for myself and time for the things I love to do... Whether I'm knitting or painting or cooking or whatever, I am happier when I'm doing something creative. ^-^

I think this challenge will be a good way to keep myself in line... I still forget for days on end to just sit and BE and then maybe dabble in something I enjoy. Especially on days I work... I usually work, do whatever absolutely must be done, and then occasionally I'll sleep...

In my desire for balance in my life, I think intentionally setting aside a half hour (at least) every day for me to be creative will help. ^-^

So... go peak at all the other people who are participating and then join in too, won't you? =D



Feeling kind of stomped on today... People are being snappish and I seem to be walking right into the line of fire... o_O

So I'm safely tucked away in my office, sipping my coffee & trying to stay out of everyone's way... Maybe there's something in the water? Who knows...

I really can't wait to get home tonight, curl up with a nice cup of tea and snuggle a cat or two... or three or four. ^-^

On the bright side, it's now OCTOBER!!! =D

I love Halloween... I love the Fall... Everything about them. Pumpkins, glitter, costumes, skeletons, bats, spiders, witches (naturally...), black cats... you get my drift. ^-^

There's so many blog parties going on this month! I can't wait to see what everyone is going to be doing. It'll be great fun.

Listening to Uriah Heep's album Sea of Light. I found it on youtube, in its entirety, along with a bunch of other music... yay! ^-^

In other news, everyone that I know is now obsessed with Game of Thrones. I've just barely begun the first book in the series, and haven't seen any of the show... So I think that I'll be starting that tomorrow perhaps... I've heard it's amazing and even people who don't usually like that type of fantasy are liking it. Sooooo... I'm way behind again. =P

Anyone here seen/read Game of Thrones? Are you as obsessed as everyone I know? =D

Alrighty then... back to work...

Happy Autumn!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I can feel it coming...

Autumn! I can feel it in the air... I had to pull out my coat this morning because it was so chilly. ^-^

I admit, as much as I love the summer and the heat, Autumn is my favorite season. I get lazy in the Summer, after that first burst of Springtime enthusiasm wanes. I feel as if my brain kind of goes to sleep or maybe into "Power-save mode" or something. Autumn is when I wake back up. I feel mentally sharper. More attuned to things in general.

My ears pricked up the other day when I felt the first hints of Fall in the air. Nothing too overt, just a slight change in the breeze, a slight change in the way the air smelled, a slight change in how the sunlight and sky look. I felt myself wake up, raise my head, open my eyes... uncurl my arms and legs, fingers and toes, throw back my head and laugh with sheer joy. My season is almost here... the season that fills my heart and soul to bursting.

I've been gone from my blog most of this year, and in some ways have missed it. I just haven't had much to say lately, so I just accepted it and occasionally posted here & there.

But now, now I feel awake and alive. I want to write and paint and create endlessly. I want to work on all the projects that have sat so long in various states of progress, but haven't been finished.

I'm currently dreaming of brewing a pot of tea when I get home this afternoon, cooking a tasty dinner, cleaning a bit and then painting the rest of the night. ^-^

The missus and I went on a wee camping trip this past weekend down the Oregon coast. We camped at Fort Stevens and then went to Seaside and Canon Beach the next day. We frolicked in the ocean (the REAL ocean! Like the one that touches other countries!) and laughed at how different it was from Puget Sound. Britt marveled at the waves, and I told her that someday I'd take her to Florida and we'd go play out in the water and body surf the waves back onto shore. I told her the story of when my siblings and I were playing in the water when we lived in Jacksonville and my brother got a fish caught in the netting of his swim trunks... we had a lovely trip, and I can't wait to have more time to go back. ^-^

I've been working in my art journal a bit, and have one page completed and two more partly done. I'm still working on my big (for me) painting/collage thing, but I plan to finish that up this weekend.

I went blackberry picking a few weeks ago at the cemetery and made two batches of just fabulous jam... perhaps this weekend I'll make some bread and open a jar. ^-^

Sooooooo... since I've been away so long, I've poked around a few blogs today to catch up, but what have you guys been up to?


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jam & Zucchini

Good morning! Afternoon, really, but I suppose it's all relative to when one gets up? I got to indulge my night owlishness last night and was up until a glorious 0430 planning jam and zucchini bread making for today. ^-^

The jam is, unfortunately, going to have to wait until tonight when we get home from the sis-in-law's house. We're headed that way in about an hour to help her bake zucchini bread. ^-^ She's not much of a baker, but grew a few humongous zucchinis this year & asked us to come over & teach her how to bake bread with it.

Later this evening she & her hubby have tickets to the rodeo, so we'll be staying to babysit the little crabapple (as he's affectionately called), who will be two in October, but hit his terrible twos at about one and a half... o_O

I'm doubly excited to head over, as their apple tree ( I have no idea what kind...) has ripe apples already! Yay!!! I'm gonna haul out the orchard ladder they have and go apple picking! Apple bread... apple butter... apple sauce... blackberry-apple fruit leather... apple pies, tarts, crumbles... Mmmmmmmm...

By the way, York Peppermint Patty creamer is just the most awesome thing ever... omnomnommy!

Britt made breakfast, which is now ready, so I shall bid you auf wiedersehen.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Story of the Hare who Lost his Spectacles

Ran across this and just had to share it, as it made me grin like an idiot. ^-^


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My head is going to explode... o_O

Sitting up, drinking coffee when I really ought to be getting ready for bed. I have to be up at 3:45 tomorrow morning so I can leave by 4am and be to work by 5am. As long as it's not pouring, I'm going to walk. ^-^

But alas, my whirling brain refuses to let me sleep. I've been thinking for the past few days about my decision to go to school to be a pastry chef. And now I'm not so sure what I want to do... again. I can't seem to make up my mind. Meh...

One of my biggest concerns for that career path at the moment, is that after two years of (expensive) education, I'll be making less than I make now... I know that money isn't everything, but I want to make sure that I can live off of what I'm making. Adding several thousand dollars of student loans to my dept pile without assuring myself of an increase in pay once I'm done doesn't seem terribly wise at the moment.

What else am I thinking about doing? Well, I know that I do NOT want to be an RN in a traditional healthcare setting. However, I am interested and looking into Naturopathic healthcare... I would need to get my bachelor's degree before I'd be able to apply for the program I've been looking into. Britt pointed out that I'm only one class away from having all my RN prerequisites finished, and then if I get my RN and then BSN, that would cover my degree needed for becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.

But the very thought of going through nursing school makes me want to panic and die... Eek...

I've also got the problem that my GPA tanked when I was in school but really depressed. I massacred a few classes, and it'll probably take me a while to get my GPA back up to where it needs to be in order to be accepted into several of the programs in Portland (yeah, we're still eventually going to move... we're aiming for this coming Spring).

I'm feeling pressure (from myself) to figure out what the hell I want to do and then DO IT. I'm not getting any younger... and the thought that if I were to have to start all over, take 3-4 years to get my bachelor's then 4 more years to get my ND, I'll be 36 (at the youngest estimate) by the time I'm done. Yes, I know that 36 is still young... I'm just struggling with feeling like I've wasted the past 9 years waffling about what I do or don't want to do, and not really going to school for anything. I could just kick myself... meh...

There's also the option that I get my bachelor's in something other than nursing. The only requirement is that it be a BA or a BS. The upside of getting a BSN is that I'd be able to work as an RN while I'm in school, even if just an on call position.

I want and need to make a decision and then go with it. I'm scared, I think, to make a choice... I know that I'm not stuck in whatever I choose, but there are so many things I'd love to do, I don't know how to pick one and just DO it.

One thing I'm going to do right now is stop drinking coffee, take a shower and go to bed. My head hurts after all this... =_=

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Vegas Dress!

So Britt and I are going to a friend's wedding weekend after next... in Las Vegas. =D

Neither of us have ever been, so we're both excited to go someplace new. ^-^

The requirements for the bachelorette party were that our outfits needed to be black, so that the bride (who'll be in a white dress) will stand out. Sooooo... Here's the dress I'm getting. Now all I have to do is make myself a head piece with the requisite veil, and I'll be set. ^-^

I wish I could wear the gloves, but since my crazy friend wants to get married in Vegas in AUGUST, gloves are out... (The woman is lucky I'm consenting to wear clothes...) lolz...

I think I'll wear the peep-toes that I have (like the chica in the pics), but mine are red, so it'll add some color. ^-^

They look kinda like this...
...except that they're not made by Christian Louboutin, no matter how much I wish they were. I am in love with him... and his shoes. <3 p="p">

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


My eyes are burning with the need to sleep... I've managed about three hours a night the past several nights, but tonight I'll get a full night's sleep. Here's to my day off and not needing to get up at 04:00. ^-^

I am so excited to have two days off... I plan on cuddling with my cats and visiting tea parties... reading and painting and watching more episodes of Supernatural (I'm totally in love with Dean... =3 )

So I suppose until tomorrow... g'night. <3 p="p">

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mad Tea Party!!!

Eek! Apparently the connections to the Aether aren't very good when one is underwater... Must've been that the Nautilus' walls were too thick?

At any rate, here I am and there you are and now it's time for tea!

You'll have to forgive the strange lighting... there is, after all, no sunlight when one is deep beneath the waves... and the parlor has gas lamps... so there we go. ^-^

Tea was a rather relaxed affair this year. Just the Captain and I, but then he was called away... so I was left to my book and my tea.

 I'd packed a few things with me for tea, but where on earth did the Captain find roses in a submarine?

 Tea? Yes please! It was quite late, though, so I had Honey Vanilla Chamomile... no black tea for me tonight...

One lump or two?

There's plenty, so perhaps you'd like three? ^_~

Just one lump for me...

Oh! And don't forget the cream! Mmmmmm...

And just in case you're feeling the need for a special additive... Kraken rum... (The dear Captain had a bit of this before he ran off... ^-^)

Ah... such lovely roses! Can you smell them?

And this was one of the things I made sure to bring with me (just for tea time!) My mum got these for me...
Is there anything better than a sugar bowl with feet? I think not...

Mmmmmm... hot tea...

Apparently the Captain keeps a cat on board... a cat on a submarine? Oh my...

 Thank you so very much for stopping in! If you never have read it, go grab yourself a copy of...

...and you can meet Captain Nemo for yourself, have tea beneath the waves and join in all the adventures...
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea!

Also make sure you stop by and grab a cupcake and some tea from Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist... Our most wonderful hostess would love to meet you! Be warned, you will probably end up covered in glitter and/or fairy dust... ^-^