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Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing in the DIRT... ^-^

Today Britt & I went to the Community Garden, picked our plot & filled it with dirt. It took us about an hour and a half to haul the dirt via wheelbarrow from the giant pile to our bed. Woohoo for exercise! =D

We then planted our squash, as the poor things needed to get into the ground & we needed to plant something to mark the bed as ours. Tomorrow we'll plant the rest of our garden, as we ran out of day light today... ^-^

I'll be hunting through the woods for good sticks to use to make trellises for our beans & peas in the morning, then as soon as Britt gets home from school we'll head over & plant our goodies! =D

I'm super excited & terribly happy that we're finally able to get things going... I was beginning to worry we'd be out of planting season by the time everything was finished... 0_O

But it's all working out nicely, and if I'm feeling energetic in the morning, perhaps I'll fill some more beds with dirt... perhaps...

Alrighty then... Back to my Guinness... so bitter... but strangely good too... Hope y'all have a lovely night & I promise pictures & a new garden post in the near future. ^-^


Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all of the wonderful women who are moms, whether to humans or animals, here's to YOU! Y'all are amazing & I appreciate each & every one of you. Celebrate today (and everyday!), 'cause you've earned it. ^-^

To my mom, who may or may not even know where to find this post, I love you. You are an amazing and wonderful woman. You've taught me so many things in life & have helped when you could during those tough lessons I had to learn for myself. You have an amazing strength in you, even if you're not aware of it. Looking back over the years, from my now slightly older & hopefully wiser point of view, I am able to appreciate & marvel at all you've done & continue to do.

It was never easy being the wife of a pastor, yet you managed it with grace & humor. You still do & I really don't understand how you do it sometimes. You constantly amaze me.

I've always been thankful that we had such a close relationship. I know that my last year in high school was a challenge especially & the years since I've come out haven't been the easiest for you. But you still love me & I still love you. We've made it work, no matter what.

There are many things I love, simply because you love them too. I am partial to violets & tea pots. I love that blue plaid flannel shirt I 'borrowed' from you in high school. I still have it, even though I rarely wear it anymore, due to several spots being threadbare from how often I wore it. It's still my favorite shirt. I can feel you hugging me when I wear it. Your chicken soup is still my standard for what chicken soup is supposed to taste like. Your Cornish pasty is still my favorite meal. I feel possessed every Winter to buy & set up a miniature village, like the one you've had since I can remember.

You've helped shaped the woman I am & am becoming, even though we are vastly different. I am still blood of your blood. I am your daughter. I am reminded of this in so many ways. From having your pinky toes to writing some of my letters the same as you do.

Mom, I love you & I am always thankful that you were the one who got stuck with me. ^-^ I've never wished for a different mother, and I never will. You are perfect and wonderful. A gift given to me, Tim & Mary Jo. We are the luckiest kids ever.

I hope you're having a wonderful day today & I wish I could be there in person to hug you & tell you how much I love you. It's days like this where a phone call just doesn't cut it for me. Truth be told, phone calls never really cut it, but I'm grateful I'm at least able to talk to you regularly, even if it's not in person.

So... Happy Mother's Day. You are a blessing and a gift, and I love you so very much.

PS... I'm going to try & find that picture of you dressed up in my PVC jacket & Britt's knee high platform boots... you know, the ones with all the buckles? Oh yeah, and the "I'm a badass" look on your face. It was on my fridge before we moved... I think it needs to go back up on the fridge... It made me smile every time I saw it.

Friday, May 06, 2011


Homework complete! =D And it didn't even hurt too much... So now, before I go to take a nap before heading into work at 2300, here's a pic I meant to post yesterday...



Ye gods, I love my cats! XD

Love & hugs & now off to bed!



It's still raining, and I'm stuck in the house... I'm supposed to be doing homework that's due by midnight tonight, but I'd rather be doing anything else... ick.

So I'm productively procrastinating by posting here... ^-^ Then I'll get to the homework. Blech.

I'm savoring my last cup of coffee with tasty creamer... it's going way to fast. I'm outta creamer & don't get paid for a week. A WHOLE WEEK. How will I ever survive??? @_@

I suppose I'll have to drink my coffee with milk (shudder) or with just agave (gasp)...

Anywho... I'm work tonight, build garden beds all day tomorrow & then work tomorrow night. The we have dinner at Britt's parents' house on Sunday for Mother's Day & her birthday. My next weekend is packed as well, and I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed... Ack.

But I shall just take deep breaths, calmly write down all the shit I gotta do & when I gotta do it by & I shall be fine... right? RIGHT? @_@


Well then, my beloved bloggy buddies, I'm off to do my damned homework & then the dishes... They're still taunting me... o_O

Welcome back, Dark Mother, I cannot tell you how ridiculously overjoyed I am that you came back. I luf you to pieces & the prospect of the bloggosphere without you was a grim one indeed.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011


So this is gonna be a pic heavy post. Yay! =D
I've been part of the planning committee for the new Community Garden that one of the local churches is building. Faith Lutheran has the space & wanted to do something for our neighborhood, so they decided to put in a garden. My friend Lauren's dad (Joe) called me up a few months back, asking if I'd be interested in helping out. They need community members who are not part of the church to sit on the board. I was ridiculously happy to participate! I'd been dreaming about a community garden for a while, but had no idea how I would go about starting one. Ask & you shall receive... And I'm thrilled. It's as if the universe looked into my heart & gave me exactly what I'd been longing for. I am feeling very loved. ^-^
So! We've been planning & digging & building for the past two or so weeks, and finally have most of the fence up. On Saturday we'll be building the raised beds, and hopefully either then or Sunday I'll be able to plant. My starts are getting impatient to get into the ground! @_@
So here are some pictures... Hope you likey & I shall of course post some more once the beds are built & my plants planted!


First, some cats... 'cause I just can't help myself. And Lhu's toes are just too cute.

Some Phiphi & Macha snuggly-ness

Now for my porch plants...
Here's our rosemary...

And now proof I didn't totally kill my lavender. T_T My poor plant...

And one of the newest additions, my Holly tree! =D I'm going to get him a nice, BIG pot to live in for the next two or three years. I'm hoping he won't grow too big too quick, so I can plant him on our property when we buy a house. If he does get too big for his new pot (not the one he's in now), we'll plant him up at Britt's parents' house. ^-^

The only one of our roses that survived the winter... At least it was our Lover's Lane... <3

And the indoor plants... Here's our Wandering Jew...

And my Ivy...

And now for our starts! I planted seeds, and look what I got! =D

Here they are on April 27th...

And here again today, May 4th!

Now for Community Garden photos! =D

Here's our fence. We'll be putting some smaller wire on the bottom, as soon as it arrives...

We tacked the metal fencing to the wood with U-shaped nails. They were kinda a pain in the ass to hold, but work wonderfully!

We set the posts by hand & then poured cement into the holes. I have awesome bruises from carrying the posts... XD

Britt came to bring me coffee one day while I was working... I have the best sweety ever. ^-^

Well then! That about sums up what I've been doing lately! And now I'm running late to my garden meeting, so I'll pop back in later & catch up on my blog reading.


Happy May!

Since the last post (the one before it, actually) in which I felt like I was completely losing it, I've chilled out considerably & have been feeling much better. Thanks to everyone who gave me support & hugs during my spaz attack. I luf you all.

I'm off in a bit to go take pics to post here of the work we've been doing on the community garden. Yay! We have most of the fence up, so I'm excited to share...

Kinda bummed 'cause Dark Mother has taken a leave of us, and her blog is one that I absolutely LOVE. I hope she returns soon... She will be missed.

In other news, I broke my tooth yesterday while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. o_O So I made a dentist appointment, went in & ended up having the damn thing ripped outta my head. Eek. So not what I was planning to do yesterday... @_@

So now I have one less cavity, one less wisdom tooth & a lot more achy-ness in my jaw. Ah well...

It's back to work tonight, and I'm so not wanting to go. I've been enjoying my days off...

Well then... I'm off to go take pics so I can post them this afternoon! I'll post some pics of my plant starts as well... I'm so proud. I grew them from seeds & they actually GREW this time! =D