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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have spent all night baking. ^-^
Britt & I are heading up to her folks' house this morning & we're having our Thanksgiving dinner today. This way her sister, hubby & the teacup human can be there too.

Speaking of the teacup human... he's walking now. @_@
It's so super awesome. =D And he's getting more & more fun to play with... I can't wait to take him to the zoo!

Anywho... I baked an apple pie from scratch & made peanut butter bonbons... I do have pics, but my camera's packed up already. They'll have to make it into an upcoming post. ^-^

Well then... Just popped in to say Hi & bye for the weekend. I kinda hate not having internet at her parents' place... but oh well. I'm taking my book & my spinning with me. ^-^

Oh yeah... and Britt's dad said that we're going to have a Resident Evil marathon... =D
I haven't seen the most recent one, so I'm excited. I didn't especially like the 3rd one, so I'm hoping this one's better. We shall see!

I'm off to pack up my pie, but I shall come poke you all when I get back to my internet on Sunday night or Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!!! ^-^



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