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Monday, November 28, 2011

Good morning...

I'm wondering if a person's negativity can be passed to someone else just by being near them... Britt had a really bad day today & now is sound asleep. I'm hoping she wakes up in a better mood, and I'm assuming she will, as her negativity seemed to jump from her to me as we slept today... o_O

On the bright side, even though I'm feeling super down & all emo, I'm not going to just wallow in it. ^-^
I'm finally going to bake that damn turkey (yay!) and get going on my itty bitty holiday village. =D

I've also got massive amounts of kitty muvs coming my way. I love my cats. I don't know what I'd do without them. ^-^

Enchiladas are cooking at the moment (only 16 minutes left...), and once I eat dinner I'll get going on the bird.

Alrighty... off to find my recipe from Witchin' in the Kitchen for Moroccan Spiced Honey Roast Chicken, so I can use it to make my turkey. ^-^ I'm soooooo excited to use this recipe for my turkey! I can't wait to tell you how it turns out. =D

Hmmm... already feeling less emo. Huzzah for blogging for therapy. XD

Hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving (or just a marvelous day, depending on where you live ^_~)

If I didn't say it before, I'm so very thankful for all the wonderful people & friends I've met via Blogger. You all enrich my life & inspire me. I love you all to pieces!

Have a most awesome night & I shall post pics of turkey & pie making soon. ^-^


Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have spent all night baking. ^-^
Britt & I are heading up to her folks' house this morning & we're having our Thanksgiving dinner today. This way her sister, hubby & the teacup human can be there too.

Speaking of the teacup human... he's walking now. @_@
It's so super awesome. =D And he's getting more & more fun to play with... I can't wait to take him to the zoo!

Anywho... I baked an apple pie from scratch & made peanut butter bonbons... I do have pics, but my camera's packed up already. They'll have to make it into an upcoming post. ^-^

Well then... Just popped in to say Hi & bye for the weekend. I kinda hate not having internet at her parents' place... but oh well. I'm taking my book & my spinning with me. ^-^

Oh yeah... and Britt's dad said that we're going to have a Resident Evil marathon... =D
I haven't seen the most recent one, so I'm excited. I didn't especially like the 3rd one, so I'm hoping this one's better. We shall see!

I'm off to pack up my pie, but I shall come poke you all when I get back to my internet on Sunday night or Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!!! ^-^


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hecate's Night

As the cold wind blows, shaking the last remaining leaves from the trees...

As the sky darkens & the steel grey clouds hold a promise of snow...

As the sun sets this evening, we honor the Goddess Hecate. Goddess of crossroads, magic, Witches & spirits. She who holds power over land, sky & sea. She who keeps Persephone company through the cold Winter months in the Underworld. The Triple Goddess who can see in all directions. Blessings to you all on this cold, windy night.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Simple Womyn's Nightbook

Figured I'd tweak the title to fit when I'm actually posting this. ^_~

For tonight, Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Outside my window... It's dark & cold. The sky was clear & gorgeous all day, so there's no clouds to hold in any tiny bit of heat. Brrrrr... But the stars seem to shine more brightly, twinkle more wonderfully, the colder it is.

I am thinking... About not a lot at the moment. I'm pretty relaxed. There's a few thoughts about permaculture & house cleaning bouncing around in my head, but nothing really at the forefront of my mind.

I am thankful... Tonight I'm thankful for the people at Jasper Hall, and all they are doing (and have done). People & places like Jasper Hall give me hope. (More on Jasper Hall later)

In the kitchen... The kitchen is quietly waiting for me to come & tidy up. Dishes to be done (as always), counters to be wiped down, but luckily I have a patient kitchen.

I am wearing... Jeans & a t-shirt. And orange & black stripped socks. Contemplating grabbing a sweater, as it's kinda chilly in here...

I am creating... 100 faces. A while ago I got the book Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists. It's super awesome, but I've been ignoring it for a while. So the other day I picked it back up, found a small sketchbook that wasn't being used for anything else & set out to create 100 faces in all kinds of ways. I've done about five so far I think. It's fun & relaxing, especially since there's no pressure to make the faces look realistic. Which is good, as me & realism don't get along so well... ^-^

I am going... nowhere in particular, and am quite satisfied with that.

I am wondering... How many years it will be until Britt & I can get a house of our own. I love our apartment, but I'm craving a space that is ours, that we can do with what we like, and that I can have a nice BIG garden on. Someday... I know that much. Until then, I'll be patient & love my tiny apartment with the big porch. ^-^

I am reading... The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki. Several years ago I took a class called Engery: Uses & Consequences. Along with the Environmental Ethics class I took that same quarter, they are the single most influential courses I've ever taken. My class was encouraged to attend a lecture by David Suzuki, and it was amazing. I bought a book while there & he signed it for me. ^-^

I am hoping... that Britt & I will be successful in our efforts to live more sustainably. Yes, I know this seems to be a theme tonight, but what can I say... this is never far from my mind. I cleaned out our fridge earlier this evening before heading to the store, and I'm appalled at the amount of food I had to throw out. It made me sick to my stomach how much we wasted, mostly because it got tucked in a crisper drawer & forgotten about, or pushed to the back of the fridge & forgotten about. My goal for the rest of the year (and ever after) is to have zero waste due to food going bad because we forgot about it or 'lost' it in the fridge. This is no longer acceptable to me to have happen. Period.

I am looking forward to... Britt's Winter break from school. I miss my sweety! She goes to school 8 hours a day, then has several hours of homework. She's working so hard & doing so well, but we're both sick of not having very much time together. She's terribly excited for her break as well... yesterday she was all giddy at the prospect of being able to sit down & read a book that had absolutely nothing to do with nursing. ^-^

I am hearing... four kitties snoring up a storm. Lazy bums...

Around the house... all is quiet but for my clacking computer keys & soft little kitty snores.

I am pondering... why I tend to plan tons of fun crafts & art projects, but never get around to actually doing them. I'm working on this. An author I like (Chuck Wendig) tweeted a quote earlier this evening that could have been directly to me: "If we expend our energy trying not to fail, not only will we never succeed, but the result is artistic paralysis."

Truer words never spoken. This is why my 100 faces project is so important to me. I frequently get caught up in the way that my art seems to get stuck somewhere between my imagination & my hands, so never turns out quite how I intend it. This drives me bonkers. I'm working really hard on not letting it bother me, and just accepting what I create for what it is. <3

One of my favorite things... is candy cane hot cocoa. Liquid awesome.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I head back to work tomorrow night (well, tomorrow morning to be precise, as I've got a staff meeting at 0730. Ick...) Aside from that, I'm planning on finishing up my book, working on my 100 faces & making sure I cook dinner every night. This is very important to me, as I feel home cooked meals & sit down dinners are essential to familial happiness & well being. ^-^

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... Actually, it's a video. The video's about Jasper Hall. It's a half hour long, but it will be one of the best, most uplifting, hope inspiring half hours of your life. I am inspired & awed. If there's any kind of heaven, this is what mine will be. This is paradise. This is how I want to live, this is my dream, my heart's desire.

Jasper Hall

Jasper Hall, 2010, by Martin Voll 32 min from jasperhall on Vimeo.

I ran across this video on Subsistence Pattern, a wonderful blog. Check it out! They're inspiring as well ^-^

As always, thank you so very much to Peggy for hosting the wonderful Simple Woman's Daybook. Check out the link to see all the other lovely participants! =D

Hoping you all are snug as bugs in rugs as the weather turns icy & we forge on into the darkest part of the year. May you embrace the darkness & not fear it. We are creatures of both darkness and light, to deny any part of ourselves is to deny wholeness, fullness, completeness. Love the darkness & she in turn will show you love.

Love & hugs my darlings.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Simply Woman's Daybook

For today, November 3rd, 2011

Outside my window... Is me. I'm spending as much time on my porch as possible, even though it's chilly. Macha's out here with me, on her leash (just in case she takes a leap off the porch, I'll be able to reel her back in. Goddess forbid @_@) The sun is shining & there's only a few fluffy, white clouds here & there. It's so beautiful! the leaves on the trees are turning gold & orange & red. It smells crisp and clean and wonderful.

I am thinking... about a lot of things. About webs. About connections between people, places, all kinds of things. About words as webs, connecting all of us together online. Even the name, World Wide Web... very apt. About The Queen of Wands by Judy Grahn. I'm in love with her words.

I've also been thinking about personal relationships, and wishing I lived closer to my online friends & witchy sisters. I've read several posts or comments lately along these lines, and it seems as if we're all wishing our far flung webs of wonderful witchy wise women was not quite so far flung... ^-^

I am thankful... For this change in seasons. I love Spring & Summer for all that they bring, but Autumn is the season of my soul. Now through the Winter, I feel most at home. It's true, I hate being cold. But these seasons of introspection, planning, death & rebirth very much speak to me.

In the kitchen... I'm almost caught up on my dishes. ^-^ There's a load of laundry just about finished in the dryer (it just buzzed now), so another load is about to go in. I'm feeling very much like cleaning today, so I might just get everything accomplished that I've been trying to for the past few days.

I am wearing... A mishmash of warm fuzzy things... The awesome purple, red & white slippers my mom got me for Christmas last year, green & white plaid flannel pj pants that Britt's had longer than she's known me... my red, grey & black plaid flannel shirt underneath a sweatshirt & the fingerless gloves Jude (who I work with) knit for me last year. I'm a riot of flannel & color, but I'm warm. ^-^

I am creating... yarn at the moment. I've been doing a lot of spinning on my drop spindle lately. I'm spinning a blend of Merino, dyed dark blues & black. It reminds me of Winter, midnight & frozen lakes.

I am going... Nowhere today, and am thrilled. I'm going to clean & clean & then perhaps bake some bread.

I am wondering... what kind of Winter we'll have this year. I need to invest in good snow boots, as my main mode of transportation is my feet. I'm looking forward to walking in the snow... ^-^

I am reading... Everything I can find on my ancestors. I realized a few weeks ago that just because my immediate ancestors were very Christian, there were ancestors before them who weren't. So I've been researching what the Netherlands were like before the Romans & the priests came calling.

I am hoping... that I'll someday be able to find the missing parts of my family tree. My paternal great grandfather is just a name to us, as my great grandmother wasn't allowed to marry him (even though she was knocked up) because he wasn't Dutch. I know his name (Albert Lewis), but that's it...

I am looking forward to... Thanksgiving & the Winter holidays. I'm going to start early this year on my present making, so I can get my shit done. =D

I am hearing... traffic & the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees. Also hearing the kitties rampaging about the house... o_O

Around the house... There are kitties marauding & things that need cleaning. I am, however, not going anywhere near Britt's desk & her nursing school shit. @_@ She totally needs a room dedicated to her nursing stuff. Yeesh...

I am pondering... what I want to do with myself. I'd kind of settled on nursing, as nothing else was tickling my fancy. Nursing is a steady career, with almost guaranteed jobs. But my heart's not really in it. I know there would be things I'd enjoy, things I could be passionate about. But watching Britt go through school, seeing all the horizontal violence from instructors to students, nursing staff to students, students to students & working with nurses at the hospital already, I'm wanting to be an RN less & less.

It's kind of funny, but I've been thinking about the Culinary Arts program. Britt mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she's been wondering if I'd ever considered that program as well. We were both thinking about it at the same time. I love being connected at the brain stem with her. ^_~

So I'm giving it consideration. I would love to have my own little catering business... to have a bakery... to do something I love.

One of my favorite things... Is apple cider & candy cane hot cocoa (not together). Oh yes. And Chai-nog. I cannot LIVE without chai-nog during the Fall & Winter. ^-^

A few plans for the rest of the week: Make the most of my last two days off! I go back to work on Saturday for four days, then am off again for seven. I love working seven on, seven off... when I take a few days off in addition to my schedule, it's like having a vacation! =D

Also... need to check in with my lil bro to see if he's still coming to visit this month... I hope he is! ^-^

Make sure to visit for all the other lovely ladies' posts. ^-^