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Friday, October 14, 2011


Holy buckets, it's FREEZING outside this morning! I left my kitchen window cracked last night & awoke to an entirely too chilly house this morning. I suppose I'll have to bake something this morning to warm things up. ^-^

Got Britt off to her third day of clinicals about a half hour ago. Thank you so much to everyone who is sending her & her classmates good thoughts! I told her this morning before she left that y'all were sending her good vibes & she wants to make sure I tell you how much that meant to her. She got a wee bit teary... ^-^

So, thank you, my darlings, for this. It means the world to me as well, having friends that I can count on. =D

So... now for the more mundane things...
Today is payday which means it's grocery shopping day. This is proving to be one of the tasks that I miss having a car for. We used to hop in the car, drive store to store & get what we needed without too much forethought. Now, since I either take the bus or walk, I need to have a plan in place. Otherwise I end up trying to carry too much stuff home at once. o_O

I need to check & see if the veggie stand is still open, and then I'll probably go there & to Trader Joe's today. I also need to hit Hellmart, so I can load money onto one of those re-loadable debit cards they have. This is how I've been paying my online bills, to ensure I don't overdraft my bank account. It's working marvelously! ^-^

I'll also get some things like cat food & litter while I'm there. And toilet paper. I must not forget the tp... @_@

After my errands I'm planning to head to the garden & see if any of my yellow pear tomatoes are ripe yet... I think that there should be at least a few ready to come home with me today. ^-^

And then I'll walk back down to Albertsons to get a few things like coffee creamer. Tomorrow I'll go to the Food Co-op & get flour & the dried legumes I need to make soup, and probably some fresh peanut butter. There's just something so awesome about grinding one's peanut butter right there at the store. ^-^

Well then... I'm off to make a grocery list for the stores I'm hitting today & finish my coffee. I hope you all have a most wonderful day! It's FRIDAY! *Happy dance* Have some fun today & tell someone special that you love them. You are guaranteed to have a good day then. ^-^

You all are my special someones today. =D
You all have my love & unending happiness to know you. I am blessed to have each of you in my life, even though we've never met in person (something I'd love to remedy, should we ever get the chance!)
I thank the Goddess every day that we've woven webs between us & made ourselves into a community in its truest sense. Y'all make me so happy, I just wanna pop. ^-^



  1. Blessings to you and yours. Pay day and shopping day here as well. We don't have public transportation so a car I must drive. plus I hve to young girls in sports and what not. They keep me hopping. Hope your shopping trip goes well and you finds lots of good deals.

    Goddess Bless, V.

  2. oh, yes...i remember the days of shopping by bus! pain in the ass, especially with a young child in tow. nowadays, said child is grown, working, & going to school as well as providing me with 3 grandchildren! she plans as detailed as you do...gas is too expensive to be chitting it away with needless driving.


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