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Monday, September 12, 2011

Thieves in the night...

There's been a rash of break-ins at & around my apartment building. Fortunately, we're on the 2nd floor, so not quite as easily accessible as the ground floor tenants. The poor girl who lives across from our back porch, but on the ground floor was home in bed when the burglar broke in. Yeesh. Fortunately, he grabbed some stuff & left & she wasn't harmed. Several other apartments have been broken into, as well as a bunch of bikes stolen. Two from the landing right outside our front door.

Britt & I have been fortunate in that our bikes weren't taken & our apartment is still intact. But I'm worried that it might get broken into while we're at work some night. I'm not worried about people stealing my stuff, but I'm very worried that my cats could get outside. They're all inside only, and haven't lived outside since they were tiny kittens. They have no "real life" survival skills, and with where we live, we'd probably never find them.

Soooo... time to make sure all the windows get shut & locked whenever we leave. Time to update the protection spells around the apartment. And time to make that Witch's bottle I've been meaning to make to protect my home from both thieves & negativity.

Do any of you do anything special to keep yourselves or your homes safe, aside from the mundane common sense type things?



  1. My hubby chuckles at me but I keep a knife under the mattress on my side of the bed.

  2. I think I'm due for some magical protection as well. I usually clean, smudge and then sprinkle black salt around the outside of the house.

  3. Our house was broken into last spring(2010). After it happened I fortified! I made a mix of minty salt water in a spray bottle and sprayed around the windows and doors. I chanted for protection while spraying (you can enlist the help of deity, ancestor, elements or energies, too). You can bury three iron nails in a flower pot just outside your front door. In the pot include a teaspoon or so of graveyard dirt from the grave of a deceased (protective!) relative. This will make a fortress of your apartment. Stay safe!

  4. Hello there my friend! Sorry, you've probably forgotten who I am I've not been over in so long. I feel terrible about that - you really are one of my favourite blogging buddies and everything :( Anyway, how the hell are you? I'm glad to hear you've escaped the burglers so far. We were broken into a few years ago ourselves - it was when I was living back with my family for a while. I was in my bed one night and everyone else was out at a party. I thought I heard my parents and sister coming back in, but when they actually did come home we realised we'd been robbed! It was the robbers that I'd heard. The feckers took my guitar and antique camera, and a little wooden witch doctor we'd bought at the side of a hill in Morroco while on a family holiday when I was little. They took other more "valuable" things too, but those are ones that still annoy me. Plus the feeling that they were snooping around the house while I slept! I really hope you and Britt don't have to go through that. How is the old wife anyway? Hope you both are well and sorry again for not calling in for so long. I'm looking forward to catching up with your posts. I have to be quick (so busy these days) and I've used up all my time rambling on here, but I've already caught a glimpse of your gypsy post and I absolutely love it!!!

  5. That is incredibly scary for you. I have those same fears with break-ins for my own pets.

    Other than the usual sea salt in the doorways and on the windowsills, you might buy a grapevine wreath and decorate it with protection representations and colors. You might also buy collars for your kitties and add a protection spell just for them. Bast will always help with this, or Freya.

    Stay safe.

  6. Does making sure I'm armed to the teeth count as "something special?" ^_~

    Seriously, though, aside from the technology, most of the valuable items (dolls) in my apartment are a bit obscure, and not the kind of things that thieves usually go for. The hobby is actually full of stories about people's homes being broken into, and the thieves taking jewelry and computers and TV's, but walking right past the thousands of dollars worth of dolls sitting on the shelf. Also, they're hard to unload, since they're highly customized and the community of collectors is pretty tight, so selling them, especially without being caught, can be a problem.

    I'm glad you guys haven't been hit.

  7. I have Spirit Animals I have called upon in Ritual to protect my home.

    Also, having someone break into my home while I'm sleeping is one of my biggest fears. I have a knife on my nightstand. For Realz.


    When I felt scarred or threatened in my home, I visualized this white light casting from the floor all the way to the top, creating like a dome. This white light protecting my home. That's the only one I have done so far, I should do some more protection spells in my home.

  9. Oh no, That's definitely scary to know that is going on around you. I in the past had my car broken into at one apartment complex and my bike stolen at another. Now I have my own home though and though this isn't something you can do at an apartment we had protective window film installed (it's also energy efficient). It makes it so someone can't break a window to get in.


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