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Sunday, September 25, 2011

(Late) Practical Magic Blog Party!

Sorry, my sweets, for running so late! There are gremlins in my home internet... so here I am at work. ^-^

I'd been pondering for a while what exactly I wanted to post for this wonderful party today(yesterday...). I watched the movie again & the thing that stood out most to me this time was the theme of sisterhood throughout.

Whether it be Jilly & Sally's biological sisterhood, or the sisterhood between all the women at the end of the movie, the theme weaves its way through the movie.

Perhaps this stuck out most to me, as I've been missing my sister as of late. I always miss my family, but for some strange reason, especially my sister the past few weeks.

She and I are so very opposite. I'm always amazed that we can be related. ^-^

But like the sisters in Pracital Magic, I'd be there for her no matter what, even to help her bury a body (but let's hope it doesn't come to that...)

Becuase we are so very, very different, it's been hard for us the past eight years (since my family moved away & I stayed in Bellingham) for us to be close. Add to that the physical distance between us, and it makes it even more difficult.

As for a more general sense of sisterhood, y'all got me covered there. Even though we live all over the place, have probably never met in person and are all ages, we have a sisterhood that is strong & supportive & wonderful. ^-^

We give each other the strength & support that we all need.

We give advice, take advice, make eachother laugh & cry, give support, share our passions, loves & losses.

This is what sisterhood is about. We epically win. ^-^

Alrighty... enough with the serious stuff! This is a party, after all...

Grab your glasses my darlings, 'cause the Aunts are whipping up a big batch of...


Seconds, anyone? =D



  1. Thanks goodness someone is still serving margaritas. I'm still on party recovery mode and a needed something to pick me up ;-)

    Oh, and I'm kind of with you, I've been missing my best friend (she is like the sister I never had). I think I'll call her today and tell her that she needs to get her behind to New York. I went to visit her last...

  2. That is what sisterhood is. :)


  3. I'd like thirds, please!

    I can absolutely relate to how you feel about your sister, mine is nearly 1000 miles away and we are extremely different in a number of ways. We're also ten years apart, age wise. My big old close knit circle of sister-friends are back home too, so I'm all sorts of physically sister-less. But, like you, I fill that gap with all of my wonderful crafty/witchy sisters right here - we truly do have something special. If we were all to somehow get together in one place, I'm sure not only would we buy up all the tequila in a 20 mile radius, but we could move a mountain. xoxo

  4. My margarita tastes great!!! THanks for sharing

  5. Here's to sisterhood -- by blood or by heart! :)

    Magical Times,

  6. Cheers! You are so right. Bloggy sisterhood is wonderful.

  7. Great post! Yes, the theme of sisterhood runs throughout the story... Jet and Frances, Gilly and Sally, and Sally's daughters Kylie and Antonia. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hrad to read but a lovely post!

  9. The bond of sisterhood struck me too in the movie. My sister and I are VERY different (it's a wonder we get a long at all) and were never close while growing up. Thanks for the invite to your PM party!

    K. Michele

  10. I never had a sister however now I have 3 daughters so I hope their bond is strong!! Blessings!! Sorry I am visiting so late!


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