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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Dreams

Hello my Gypsy darlings! Grab your favorite stockings & most comfy nightie or finery & come sit with me by the camp fire. We've got guitars & fiddles, drums & tambourines. Let's dance & tell stories all night... <3

I'm packing up my wagon to meet with all my gypsy sisters & brothers... a gathering of the likes not seen in years...

We've got the music...

So let's dance the night away...

At midnight, we'll sing a spell...

...and bind it with Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Our Gypsy spirits are united into one, glorious dance... Our love for freedoms of all kinds, but most of all to be ourselves, carries us with laughter through the night. Our spirit is indomitable & though we are both near & far, we are family with ties that bind us closer than blood.

So... Join in the merriment tonight, and keep that warm, bright spirit alive always. <3

I'm heading back to the fire to dance some more, so... come with me?



  1. I was all depressed because I always feel a bit down around 9/11, but your post made me smile. It made me want to dance. Thanks...

  2. What a party, so much dancing I'm worn of my feet, but then again maybe just one more dance, it's such a great eveing. Thanks for the invite, your party is magical.

    frith and wishes
    J. x

  3. Hi, thank you so much for the lovely party !!!
    I loved the clip. I never saw that before !
    Have a magical day.

  4. I LOVE your post.....dancing is always something to make you feel free and happy! I was SO happy to see you didn't forget your Striped Stockings!!! Thank you so much for participating!!!

  5. I'll come with you my love, we'll dance into forever.

  6. A beautiful post. I will gladly come dance.

    Gypsy Dreams Blessings.


  7. love your caravan! sorry i missed the dance.

  8. Wow, your youtube video entranced me. I shall be watching that again and again. Hugs Sara

  9. Sweet post! I, too, am digging the stockings.

  10. I love your stripey stockings and wonderful images!

  11. Lovely! Love the video! Will be back soon for the PMBP! Until then, keep the fire going, friend.

  12. I love those purple and black striped socks! :)

    Sweet gypsy dreams,


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