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Sunday, September 25, 2011

(Late) Practical Magic Blog Party!

Sorry, my sweets, for running so late! There are gremlins in my home internet... so here I am at work. ^-^

I'd been pondering for a while what exactly I wanted to post for this wonderful party today(yesterday...). I watched the movie again & the thing that stood out most to me this time was the theme of sisterhood throughout.

Whether it be Jilly & Sally's biological sisterhood, or the sisterhood between all the women at the end of the movie, the theme weaves its way through the movie.

Perhaps this stuck out most to me, as I've been missing my sister as of late. I always miss my family, but for some strange reason, especially my sister the past few weeks.

She and I are so very opposite. I'm always amazed that we can be related. ^-^

But like the sisters in Pracital Magic, I'd be there for her no matter what, even to help her bury a body (but let's hope it doesn't come to that...)

Becuase we are so very, very different, it's been hard for us the past eight years (since my family moved away & I stayed in Bellingham) for us to be close. Add to that the physical distance between us, and it makes it even more difficult.

As for a more general sense of sisterhood, y'all got me covered there. Even though we live all over the place, have probably never met in person and are all ages, we have a sisterhood that is strong & supportive & wonderful. ^-^

We give each other the strength & support that we all need.

We give advice, take advice, make eachother laugh & cry, give support, share our passions, loves & losses.

This is what sisterhood is about. We epically win. ^-^

Alrighty... enough with the serious stuff! This is a party, after all...

Grab your glasses my darlings, 'cause the Aunts are whipping up a big batch of...


Seconds, anyone? =D


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When you're having a string of really shitastic days, and nothing you do seems to improve things, then what? What do you do? How do you pull yourself up & turn things around? I'm plumb out of ideas, good or bad, and am rather at a loss as to what to do. Thoughts?


Monday, September 12, 2011

Thieves in the night...

There's been a rash of break-ins at & around my apartment building. Fortunately, we're on the 2nd floor, so not quite as easily accessible as the ground floor tenants. The poor girl who lives across from our back porch, but on the ground floor was home in bed when the burglar broke in. Yeesh. Fortunately, he grabbed some stuff & left & she wasn't harmed. Several other apartments have been broken into, as well as a bunch of bikes stolen. Two from the landing right outside our front door.

Britt & I have been fortunate in that our bikes weren't taken & our apartment is still intact. But I'm worried that it might get broken into while we're at work some night. I'm not worried about people stealing my stuff, but I'm very worried that my cats could get outside. They're all inside only, and haven't lived outside since they were tiny kittens. They have no "real life" survival skills, and with where we live, we'd probably never find them.

Soooo... time to make sure all the windows get shut & locked whenever we leave. Time to update the protection spells around the apartment. And time to make that Witch's bottle I've been meaning to make to protect my home from both thieves & negativity.

Do any of you do anything special to keep yourselves or your homes safe, aside from the mundane common sense type things?


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Dreams

Hello my Gypsy darlings! Grab your favorite stockings & most comfy nightie or finery & come sit with me by the camp fire. We've got guitars & fiddles, drums & tambourines. Let's dance & tell stories all night... <3

I'm packing up my wagon to meet with all my gypsy sisters & brothers... a gathering of the likes not seen in years...

We've got the music...

So let's dance the night away...

At midnight, we'll sing a spell...

...and bind it with Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Our Gypsy spirits are united into one, glorious dance... Our love for freedoms of all kinds, but most of all to be ourselves, carries us with laughter through the night. Our spirit is indomitable & though we are both near & far, we are family with ties that bind us closer than blood.

So... Join in the merriment tonight, and keep that warm, bright spirit alive always. <3

I'm heading back to the fire to dance some more, so... come with me?


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lazy Day

Yup. That's been my day. Totally lazy! =D

And I've been loving every minute. I feel like I've been so busy as of late... it's nice to just do nothing.

I got up this afternoon, showered & then had tea & figs on the porch with Britt & Macha. Macha got water, not tea, but was perfectly happy. ^-^

The spider in between the mint & the rose was having tea with us as well, although I believe she was sipping on a bee that buzzed too close to her web. Tea, bee, what have you.

Another, far more careful, bee was also sipping from the Motherwort flowers I've let get away from me.

All in all, it was quite a nice afternoon. <3

What have I got planned for this evening you ask? Well, I shall tell you...

I'm going to spend the evening & most of tonight baking. Britt's dad is back in the hospital for heart issues, and is going to have open heart surgery on Friday. They're keeping him until then, as he was having quite the issues yesterday. Five nitro later, still no dice, so he went to the ER & got admitted back to CVU. Where he'll be until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Anywho, he's wanting oatmeal cookies, so after checking with his nurse, I told him I'd bake him some & bring them when we go to visit tomorrow. ^-^

Nothing like homemade cookies filled with love & positive energy to perk up one's stay at the hospital! =D

I'm also going to be making zucchini muffins & possibly some wheat muffins... I feel in the baking mood, I tell you!

I found via a Yahoo article a website call 100 Days of Real Food. Check it out, it's really nifty! I've so far made the enchiladas, tzatziki & cucumber dill pasta salad... all are phenomenal! This lady gives some good recipes!

Let me see... what else have I been up to? I've been doing quite a bit of walking lately, as we got rid of our car last month. It's been an interesting learning experience, but mostly quite nice. ^-^

Also, my garden plot is HUGE & BOOSHY. I've been promising pics all Summer long, but I promised my parents I'd post some here so they could see it, so now I'll actually have to remember to take my camera with me, then post. I'm not quite sure why getting those pics up is so hard... o_O

Anywho. I've gotta make my grocery list & head to the store, now that it's cool enough for me not to melt when stepping onto the pavement. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend, and I shall be back with pictures soon. Really, I will...