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Friday, August 12, 2011

Well hell...

Britt's email accounts got hacked. Apparently the passwords that were stolen were for blogger too. In my not-most-intelligent moment ever, I clicked on one of the links in one of "her" posts & it took me to a viagra page. Great. So I've reset all the passwords I can think of, but if you get an email from me asking you to click on a link, it's NOT FROM ME. Also, if you DO get an email from "me", shoot me a comment so I can go try & fix things again.

ye gods, I'm such a dork... *facepalm*

I'll be keeping an eye on my blog as well. So don't click anything promising to make your life better. They're full of shit. @_x

Here's to hoping I don't spread this to anyone else... yeesh.


  1. I haven't any dirty emails from you yet, I'll tell you if I do ;-)

    I am Ms. Paranoia when it comes to changing passwords.

  2. Dammit! I was hoping you'd send me that Viagra link. The SisterWife has advised the Husbandinlaw is in need of some. tee hee hee


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