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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Rambles

Britt & I are making good use of our last night with a car. In about 12 hours we'll be at Lauren's boyfriend's house, picking her up on our way to drop off the car at the auction place. Then we'll head back to Bellingham & proceed to enjoy whatever kind of vodka we decide to get. ^-^

We went to our storage unit this evening to try & salvage some stuff... There's quite a bit that doesn't have mouse shit on it, but there's so very much that does, and that just can't be adequately cleaned. Mostly craft projects & the like. Like my paper mache masks... and Britt's huge book she made in high school. I cried a little when she had to throw it away. The average shit we gotta toss due to mousey contamination is irritating, but not a terribly big loss. We had too much shit anyways. The craft projects & art, however, break my heart to have to throw out. Unfortunately, there's just too many diseases that mice carry that can pass with fatal results to humans. Hanta virus anyone? No, thanks though. @_=

Trying to look on the bright side, however, we both have learned a very valuable lesson about packing & storage facilities. We won't be making the same mistakes again. And the contamination is also making it far easier to go through & get rid of shit we really don't need.

We are, however, going to go over our contract with a magnifying glass. We're rather miffed that when they discovered the mouse infestation, they did fuckallnothing about it. Didn't notify the units adjacent to the one that had been storing food, didn't set traps or poison, didn't tell us when we moved in that we were in charge of providing our own pest control. I hate to have to kill the mice, but I really can't have them living (more specifically shitting...) in my stuff. Meh.

If we have to get rid of any of our furniture due to mouse damage, we're gonna be having a talk with the owner of the facility.

Anywho... I'm terribly excited to have a few days off before I head back to work for my seven on. For some insane reason, I agreed to work day shift the past three days. I must have taken temporary leave of my senses. Ye gods. I was forcibly reminded why I do not work day shift. As if I needed a reminder... XD

But at least I've got tonight, tomorrow & Tuesday night off. Yay!

Okies... off to make a grocery list & then go food shopping. And then to clean out the car the rest of the way. I may be getting rid of my car, but I definitely want to keep my inner tubes for the next time we want to float down a river. ^-^

Hoping all y'all are having a wonderful night. ^-^


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  1. that sucks about the mouse damage,, are we not protected when we store things,, wow, have a good next few days off, sounds like you will neeed the rest!


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