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Friday, August 05, 2011

Natural buoyancy... I has it.

Have got a killer headache that's been knocking about my head since this afternoon. I'm getting ready to head to bed in hopes that I'll wake up sans the pounding head. Or rather, sans the pounding IN my head. I would very much like to wake up with my head. Anywho.

Britt & I are set to go tubing down the Nooksack River later today. Whee! I haven't been tubing since I lived in Florida, and this time I won't even have to keep an eye out for gators. XD

She's never been tubing before, as her dad had some friends who drowned so she was never allowed to go. Yippee for adulthood & all the nice things you do despite one's parents' reservations.

I'm also terribly proud of us for going against our ridiculously hermit-like & anti-social natures. We are going with some people from work. Omg, Hell hath frozen over & I think a pig just flew by my window... @_@

So. I (hopefully) will be able to let you all know how this adventure goes after we get back tomorrow afternoon. I also have more plant pics to post, including some of my dragon beans, which are sprouting beans like there's no tomorrow. =D

On this note (drum beat in my poor head, whatever), I'm off to bed to vaguely worry about the possibility of drowning in a river and hopefully sleep. I am taking comfort in the fact that even if the river does try to drown me, my fat ass is terribly buoyant, so I'll probably float without much issue. And I can swim, so between that & my natural buoyancy, I'm sure I'll be fine... XD



  1. Sounds like great fun..have a wonderful time .

  2. have fun! tubing is a wonderful way to spend the day!

  3. Wear a lifejacket and have fun!

  4. Fuck headaches. Tubing is awesome (can't wait to hear how it went) and my ass could be used as a life raft.

  5. It's been YEARS since I've tubed down a river. Tam and I used to haunt the Green River, starting at a place called Flaming Geyser and ending at a bridge just outside the park (it took about an hour, but that's all we could manage behind her parents' backs.

    Have a blast, and yeah, natural buoyancy can be very helpful when you topple from your tube.


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