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Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm up when I should be sleeping... But with how shitastically I've been sleeping (or not sleeping, rather) as of late, at least I'm being productive, right? Sure. I tried to sleep earlier & managed about three hours of almost sleep. I figure I'll go water the garden (I knew I forgot to do something this morning after work...) and then see if I can sleep again. I got an Rx for ambien, or something along those lines, with an extended release. Falling asleep isn't my issue. Staying asleep, however, is. So as soon as my check gets here, I'll be filling that Rx. And my normal one as well, which I've only been semi taking, as there was a whole big hooplah over the doc refusing to give me a refill until I'd seen her for a med checkup, which until a week ago, I didn't have money for. Yep. Refill half of my Rx at the 40mg dose instead of the 60mg one I'd been told to "try out". Then refuse to give me enough meds to get me through the month, while making me pay for a full month's worth. That makes tons of sense. o_O
Whatever. I got things worked out & am seeing a different ARNP than the one who opted not to tell me beforehand that I needed to see her before refilling to get the full amount of my Rx at the proper dose.
In other news... I'm looking for a new job, as my current one is facing possible cuts. Which shift will go first? Night shift of course. Awesome how folks who've never worked my job or my shift are insistent that it won't matter if there's not night shift clerk to do all the shit I do. Ah well... It's been a great three years (ha...), but I was wanting outta there anyways. I was planning on sticking it out through nursing school, but now it seems I may not have that option. Soooooo... I'm looking for a new place to work, so I can be a step ahead. For once. ^_~ I'm hoping I'll find a place or two that I'll like working at.
But for now, I've sold my days off to my current job. I've picked up all the extra hours I can find. I'm working seven on, two off, three on, two off, seven on... Let's see if I can make it working three day shifts without killing anyone, shall we. ^-^
Alrighty... I'm off to poke more blogs & then go water my garden. ^-^ I hope y'all are having a wonderful day & that your weather's at least a lovely as mine is... Yay for Summer! =D
(I did buy some glittery Fall leaves a while back at JoAnn's & hung them around my desk... Shhh... don't tell. I love Summer, but Autumn is always in my soul.) ^-^


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