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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Me & Nancy

Last night at work, Lauren showed me where piles of books reside in the ER waiting room, waiting to be taken home. She found several old poetry books & I nabbed an old book with no cover, missing pages & burn marks all over, as well as an old book written in German. From what I can decipher, it's about the physiology & pathology of Kinderkrankheiten... or children craziness. Published in Leipzig in 1836. I am in love.

I spent about four or five hours trying to figure out what the cover-less book is. I've finally figured out it's either the 10th or 11th edition (I'm betting on 11th) of the Edinburgh New Dispensatory. It mentions Aluminum, which was discovered in 1825, but no mention of any elements discovered after that, including Bromine which was discovered in 1826. The 11th edition was published in 1826, so that's why I'm betting 11th.

I am terribly pleased with my discovery. Also, there is no front cover, but there is a back cover. With doodles from the mid-1800s. In brown fountain pen. Of a man in a coat with long tails. I shall most definitely have to post a picture of this as soon as my camera battery is done charging. Have I mentioned I'm in love? <3

I love old books. I love how they smell, how they feel in my hands, how the paper is nice & thick & ever so slightly textured. I love even more finding writing in old books... the lovely cursive one so rarely sees anymore. It makes my heart all aflutter. You could woo me with lovely writing such as that...

Anywho...That's what I've been up to all morning... playing Nancy Drew. =D

Getting ready to head off to bed so that I can get up at a decent time to make some dinner before we head to work. Hope you're all having a marvelous Sunday! ^-^



  1. Wonderful finds! I love old books too - I have a little stack myself - as well as old photos. I love seeing & reading how people used to live!

  2. Ok, I'm going to attempt to post my comment... again.

    Finding treasures like that is so amazing. Old books with notations are the best.

    Old cookbooks with notations are the elite when it comes to stuff like that. I'm especially fond of the old ones put out by groups for fund-raising purposes. The older the better, and those with notes in them? They are like the Holy Grail of book finds.

    Enjoy your finds and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures (will you be posting them here?)

  3. Once while in a waiting room when my Ma was in the hospital, we found a 1960 something issue of Good Housekeeping under the old heater. The articles and pictures were hilarious.

  4. it's the smell and the tactile feel of old paper ready to crumble. i get it!

  5. Found you via Gypsy Dreams. This book and (imagery you supply)are marvelous! Do, replace those batteries and post pictures. I'll be back to see! Your new friend Storybookforest.


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